(September 2nd, 2023) – Ashton Tucker woke up Saturday morning planning to spend the day practicing for the 23rd Annual Pro Stock 250. In a twist of fate only SpeedWeekend at Speedway 660 could provide, Ashton would go to bed having won his Sportsman debut, claiming the biggest race of the season in the Riverview Ford Sportsman 150 on SpeedWeekend Saturday.

Tucker initially crossed the line second behind fellow Miramichi competitor Brady Creamer (#10) – someone he grew up watching race. However, upon post-race technical inspection, the win would be awarded to Tucker in a race that was filled with attrition.

Starting eighth, Tucker would drive up to third at the halfway break but was collected in a massive incident on a lap 79 restart. Not being the cause of the caution, Ashton would assume the lead only to pit moments later under a yellow flag for a flat tire. Restarting at the rear of the field, Ashton would drive up to second, fending off Courtney O’Blenis (#48) for the eventual win. When things wrapped up, O’Blenis ended up second and Charles Mercer (#19) would round out the podium, with Brandon Carter (#65) and Kyle Bent (#27) completing the top five.

It was a race where every single driver in the field faced adversity during the second half of the event. The first half of the race featured a stellar cat-and-mouse duel between Creamer and Drew Greenlaw (#23). Greenlaw led most of the laps, but Creamer kept the pressure on before capitalizing on a one-lap restart sprint into the halfway break to claim the $500 Modern Electric Halfway Award.

The second half of the race commenced with the defining moment occurring on the lap seventy-nine (79) restart. Brady Creamer and Drew Greenlaw (#23) were the classes of the field, but they would spin on the entrance of turn three in front of the field triggering a multi-car pile-up. The wreck collected many contenders, leaving some unable to finish, and others with heavy damage.

Moments after the restart, another big collision occurred with Courtney O’Blenis and Marcel Leblanc (#30) connecting while battling for second. Leblanc would spin before getting broadsided by Justin Beers (#3) in a massive impact. On the final green flag run, Creamer would methodically cut through the field and reclaim the lead when Alexandra O’Blenis (#74), chasing her first win of the season, had her hood pop up forcing her to pit while leading the race. Creamer would assume the lead and cruise to a half-track victory prior to post-race technical inspection.

Justin Beers and Drew Greenlaw picked up heat race victories. There were ten lead changes amongst four drivers, with Greenlaw leading the most laps. Sixteen drivers were in attendance.

Dave Matthews (#99) earned his second career SpeedWeekend Mini Stock victory, besting an ultra-competitive field in the Pubs Drive Thru Bottle Exchange Mini Stock 50. Matthews exchanged the lead with Ryan McKnight (#46) and Mike Weagle (#10) on several occasions and held off Nick Brun (#01) through lapped traffic to take the win. Brun and McKnight rounded out the podium, with Rob Poirier (#0) and Bruce Hache (#35) completing the top five.

Weagle and McKnight took heat victories for the fourteen (14) car field.

Danny Chisholm (#87) repeated at SpeedWeekend on the CrossRoads Maritime League of Legends Tour. Chisholm swept the event in 2022 and kicked off the 2023 version in victory lane on Saturday night in a convincing victory. Josh Langille (#18) and Caden Tufts (#00) also completed the podium in the twenty (20) car field.

Chisholm and Tanton Wooldridge (#0) picked up heat race wins to start the day, but Wooldridge ended up in the beach in an incident during the feature. Twenty CrossRoads Maritime League of Legends cars were in attendance. Official results will be published by the Maritime League of Legends officials.

Landon Pierce (#19) conquered part one of the Bandolero Blast on Saturday, claiming a convincing win on a final restart. Sam MacDonald (#14) would finish second with Hudson Ruff (#83) driving back to a third-place finish. Mandi Lee (#41) finished fourth, ahead of Bristol Matthews (#99) in fifth.

The wildest moment of part one of the Bandolero Blast came in the heat race when William Silliker (#2) would end up in the dirt to avoid a car that spun out, with the car catching the dirt and doing a cartwheel. Silliker would return to the race part way through the feature. Hudson Ruff took the heat race victory.

Sunday is the biggest day of the year at Speedway 660. The 23rd Annual Pro Stock 250 will headline the final day of SpeedWeekend 2023, with NASCAR Craftsman Truck Series driver Stewart Friesen (#52F) being part of the field. Ashton Tucker will be vying for history with a fourth 250 win, while also attempting to be the first driver to sweep the weekend. Action begins at 2pm, if you can’t make it, the race will be broadcast live on FloRacing.

Riverview Ford Sportsman 150 Results

  1. Ashton Tucker #11
  2. Courtney O’Blenis #48
  3. Charles Mercer #19
  4. Brandon Carter #65
  5. Kyle Bent #27
  6. Richard Atkinson #40
  7. Michael Cormier #68
  8. Alexandra O’Blenis #74
  9. Marcel Leblanc #30
  10. Justin Beers #3
  11. BJ Gillespie #69
  12. Drew Greenlaw #23
  13. Koven Lewis #46
  14. Brayden Tingley #37
  15. Brody Seveck #44

DQ – Brady Creamer #10

Heat Winners – Justin Beers, Drew Greenlaw

Pubs Drive Thru Bottle Exchange Mini Stock 50 Results

  1. Dave Matthews #99
  2. Nick Brun #01
  3. Ryan McKnight #46
  4. Rob Poirier #0
  5. Bruce Hache #35
  6. Michael Savoie #20
  7. Randy Titus #75
  8. Brian Maillet #83
  9. John Richard #7
  10. Evan Gallon #9
  11. Curtis Tremblay #9
  12. Randy Storey #92
  13. Brian Crossman #70

DQ – Mike Weagle #10

Heat Winners – Mike Weagle, Dave Matthews

Bandolero Blast 20-Lap Feature Results

  1. Landon Pierce #19
  2. Sam MacDonald #14
  3. Hudson Ruff #83
  4. Bristol Matthews #99
  5. Mandi Lee #41
  6. Lily Whynot #2
  7. Will Silliker #2x
  8. Wyatt Peters #33
  9. Tylar Dempsey #22

DNS – Bo Warren #28

Heat Winner – Hudson Ruff #83

CrossRoads Maritime League of Legends CYV Chevrolet 40 Podium

  1. Danny Chisholm #87
  2. Josh Langille #18
  3. Caden Tufts #00

Heat Winners – Danny Chisholm, Tanton Wooldridge

Note – Official Results will be published by Maritime League of Legends management

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