Matt Caissie Wins Enduro 200: Sharpe takes home Championship!

September 11, 2010- Due to Hurricane Earl during SPEEDWEEKEND the third and final Enduro race for the 2010 season in the Geary woods was held on Saturday night under the lights. The event saw 21 cars make their way to compete on the 1/3 mile asphalt. The winner on the evening was Matt Caissie in his #19. The last 50 lap segment was pure excitement with the #13 of Greg Hopkins doing a barrel roll and the #70 of Darrell Harris flipping on its roof. In the end the real winners on this day were the nearly 3000 fans who came bundled for the cool weather to watch the bumping and banging of their favourite drivers and at the end of the evening they were treated to a spectacular firework display.

The name of the game with the Enduros is action and the Barton sisters, Courtney and Kim, from Minto certainly supplied that in their numbers 21 and 21B again and again. The #72 of Rheal Kenny placed 2nd and rounding out the top 3 and taking home the Enduro Championship was the #15 of Pat Sharpe.

Speedway 660 also continued to introduce the front wheel drive/4cyl Enduro. Five drivers made it to the Geary woods with the #69R of Amie Harris taking home the checkers. The #4 ride of Jon MacEachern and Kevin Mehrmann took second and Thomas Veno in the #07 captured the third place.

This concludes the racing season for 2010 at Speedway 660. We look forward to another exciting year of racing beginning in May 2011.

Enduro 200
(200 laps)
# Driver Hometown
1 19 Matt Caissie Minto, NB
2 72 Rheal Kenny Wirral, NB
3 51 Pat Sharpe Woodstock, NB
4 13 Greg Hopkins Chipman, NB
5 15 Wade Thompson Minto, NB
6 21 Ken & Kim Barton Minto, NB
7 44 Brody Seveck TemperanceVale, NB
8 86 Andrew Betts Doaktown, NB
9 70 Darrell Harris Tracyville, NB
10 10 Carmen McKeen Harvey Sta, NB
11 34C Kayla Vallis Welsford, NB
12 9 Robert Nickerson Haneytown, NB
13 18 Nathan Gallant Fredericton, NB
14 16 Dale Gilbert Minto,NB
15 21B Courtney Barton Minto, NB
16 68 Todd LeClair/Brad Lewis Hainesville, NB
17 2 Cliff, Chuck & Randy Mercer Mt. Hebron, NB
18 82 Justin Kenny Hoyt,NB
19 4 Dale Hathaway Bath,NB
20 17 Josh Powers Minto, NB
21 38C Ed Vallis Welsford,NB
Enduro FWD 50
(50 laps)
# Driver Hometown
1 69R Amie Harris Tracy, NB
2 4 Jon MacEachern Kevin Mehrmann Oromocto/Beaverdam
3 7 Thomas Veno Tracy, NB
4 53 Peter Stewart/Brian Constantine Quispamsis, NB
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