Fans and Champions – Wades Weekly #13

Saturday is a special night for fans and champions at Speedway 660. It’s our chance to thank you for your support and to see who will win the 2010 point championships.

Speedway 660 has always been fan friendly because our goal is to deliver an exceptional entertainment experience. We know we are successful when we see large crowds come through the gates every week.
At six o’clock Saturday night all of the race cars and drivers will be out on the front stretch and you are invited to a very popular “meet and mingle” session. During the evening we will draw for lots of prizes, provided by our sponsors and race teams.

Championships Galore
The excitement is building for teams in every division as they get ready for their final championship point race. Just when it looked like Rick Cashol was a shoe-in for another Street Stock title, Peter Gaddess got hot and now is only two points behind.

In Sportsman, Mike Banks leads the way by seven points over Ken MacKenzie. In Pro Stocks Greg Fahey, looking for a third straight title, is only up by three points over Chris Duncan. But there’s more than just championships at stake, because good runs this weekend could catapult some teams into top ten or top five positions. We will crown our first ever Bandolero and Four Cylinder champs too.

The Auto Value 250
We got great news last Saturday night with the announcement of a new sponsor for the biggest and best stock car racing event in our region. The Auto Value 250 will be the highlight of SpeedWeekend 2010. It’s fantastic to see that one of the world’s largest auto parts distribution and marketing organizations has wisely decided to increase its profile by teaming up with Speedway 660.

Auto Value has over 5,200 parts stores throughout North America.   Auto Machinery, one of the parts stores, has the largest automotive parts inventory in Fredericton.

Auto Value prides itself on responding to the individual automotive needs of each customer and providing proven, quality parts and service and Speedway 660 prides itself on great sports entertainment. The Auto Value 250 has a nice ring to it and we look forward to a great long-term partnership.

Saturday Night Hero
When the dust finally settled last weekend, Mike Francis was the driver I chose as our “Saturday Night Hero”.  When Mike slammed into a cement wall, in turn four during his heat race, everyone was concerned about the safety of the street stock driver. But Mike and old number 23 proved to be as tough as nails.
Mike Francis came back and was having a great run during the Street Stock 75 lap feature when he had a tire go down. He got it changed during a caution and came up thru the pack again to get an impressive podium finish. Both driver and car were wearing battle bruises at the end of the night.

Championships and Fans
You don’t want to miss the final championship point battles this weekend. It’s also a special night for fans and we are looking forward to seeing you this Saturday Night at Speedway 660.

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