Sharpe Wins race and Enduro Championship!

Fredericton, NB – The final checkered flag has fallen for the 2009-racing season. It was a beautiful day for the last race of the season, the Enduro 200. This was second race of the season for the Enduro drivers.  There were a couple more races on the schedule but had to be cancelled due to rain.  This weekend there was no rain in site. You could not ask for a better weather for the 2009 Speed Weekend.  The weekend was absolutely perfect for today’s Enduro 200

There were 18 cars ready to take the green in the first 75 laps until the 21 of Kim and Courtney Barton had to be pushed to the pit because her car would not start. It was the # 10 of Carmen McKeen who started on the pole.  He led for many laps until he was challenged by the # 8 of Dale Hathaway.  The # 72 of Justin Kenny took the lead for while. There were a few lead changes.  The dust was sure flying this afternoon as these cars for a little anxious and ended up in the beach a few times.

Everyone was waiting in anticipation to see if the #21 of Kim and Courtney Barton were going to put on a show like they did in the first Enduro 200.  The two changed drivers back and forth a few times.  The #21 had its share of problems as it was in a few on track mishaps.  The #21 was in the infield late in the race and the # 15 of Jimmy Robinson came in to help push the car back on track. Unfortunately the # 21 was going the wrong way and got clipped by another car. This was the end of the day for the # 21 of Courtney and Kim Barton.

The #86 of Andrew Betts gave the fans a little excitement with his signature move of the day.  Andrew liked driving his car in reverse a few times.  He had a little trouble with his hood coming up on one side. This was something you don’t usually see on the track.

It was all Pat Sharpe for most of the race. No one seemed be able to touch him. He had some great momentum going and it got him to the Auto Pride victory lane for the second and final time this season.  Finishing in second was the # 70 of Tyler Seveck. Rounding out the top three was last year’s champion the # 38c of Ed Vallis.

This is the end of the 2009-racing season at Speedway 660 and was it ever a good one. Last weekend we crowned two new champions Brain Fox in the Coast Tire Street Stock, John Rankin in the Martin’s Home Heating Sportsman and we had a repeat champion in the Irving Lubricant’s Pro Stocks.  If that wasn’t exciting enough, Speed Weekend sure was. 670 campers, Sterling Marlin, Travis Kittleson, a huge car count, Dan McNeil winning the O’Leary Pontiac 150 and Lonnie Sommerville being the only 2 time Peterbilt 250 champ.  The list could go on and on.  There was a record amount of fans in the stands. It was an absolutely spectacular 2009 Speed Weekend. Stay tuned for more information about the upcoming season.

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