The Sunday Photo Album: July 20th

Race fans were treated to an entertaining and  exciting ENDURO 200 on Saturday night. There was lots of banging and thrashing going on and several “dust-ups” during the course of the evening.  We invite you to check out Max Roy’s photos from the second ENDURO of the racing season.



ENDURO action July 2014 It didn’t take long before the action picked up on Saturday night. On lap one Conrad Savoie in the V8 car spins out Chris Moore.

ENDURO action July 2014 A Geary Woods traffic jam! Pat Sharpe #51, winner of the first ENDURO back in June, avoids this early entanglement.

ENDURO action July 2014Two for the price of one! Carman McKeen #10 takes out two ENDURO competitors.

ENDURO action jJuly 2014Just passin through. Roger Slocum spins out Kim Barton’s “Holstein Express.

ENDURO July 2014Dale Gilbert #16 takes a wild ride courtesy of Nathan Gallant.

ENDURO July 2014Take that Mr. Street Stock champ! Kim Barton #21B gives Roger a rough go of it down in turn three.

ENDURO July 2014Eat my dust! ENDURO fans like to get close to the action. But sometimes they might be just a little too close for comfort.

ENDURO 2014Where you going Kim? Ms. Barton is headed the wrong way after this little dust-up.

ENDURO July 2014I can’t see where I’m going!

ENDURO actionDriver exchange doesn’t change anything! Courtney Barton takes the wheel of the the “Holstein Express” and welcomes “Rocket” Rodney Ness to the wild world of ENDURO racing.

ENDURO July 2014Race leader Jesse Madore #3 gets in on the action and sends a fellow ENDURO driver for a little spin.

ENDURO July 2014Pat Sharpe knew he would be a target after winning the first ENDURO back in June. Number 51 made several trips to “the beach” on Saturday night.

ENDURO July 2014How much more of this can I take? Carman McKeen’s car is bent, battered and bruised.

ENDURO July 2014It’s getting dark and scarey out here! The final few laps are intense under the lights at Speedway 660.

Jesse Madore ENDURO winner July 2014 Jesse Madore and the “Boys from Minto” bring the #3 car to the Riverview Ford Victory Lane aftering taking the checker flag in the 2nd ENDURO 200 of the year!

Pat Sharpe 2nd place ENDURO 2014Pat Sharpe and his team from Woodstock are pretty happy with 2nd, especially since Pat spent so much time hangin out at the beach!

Slocum & Ness 3rd ENDURO July 2014“Rocket” Rodney Ness (left) and Roger Slocum had a ball. They finished 3rd, but their car took a pretty big beating.

ENDURO podium July 2014 top threeThe podium finishers pose for a photo in the Riverview Ford Victory Lane.  These guys and the other ENDURO drivers treated our fans to an exciting show.

Thanks for checking out Speedway 660’s Sunday Photo Album and thanks to Max Roy for the nice pics!

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