Cole Boudreau victory lane June 28, 2014

The Weekend Photo Album: June 28 & 29

It was the hottest weekend of the year at Speedway 660. The temps were in the thirties and the action on the track was just as hot as the thermometer! The Sharp Shooters were right on target Saturday night and the ENDURO 200 was a smashing hit on Sunday. We invite you to check-out on weekend photo album. Ashton Tucker Bando heat winner June 28, 2014Young Aston Tucker won the first heat on a hot Saturday night in the Geary Woods. The Westwood Estate Apartments Bandolero drivers always put on a show for the Speedway 660 fans.

Brewer & Tanner Bando battle June 28, 2014MacKenzie Brewer (#55) gets the inside track on Cole Tanner in Bando heat number two.  Heading into Saturday’s action Tanner was still looking for his first feature win of the season.

Matt Crocker Sharp Shooter action June 28, 2014Who is this guy? A new Sharp Shooter showed up on Saturday night. Matt Crocker (#00) wasted little time getting to the front and winning his heat race!

Courtney Barton action 2014Fredericton Gun Shop Sharp Shooter second heat action saw Courtney Barton (#21) dive to the inside and kick up a little dust.

Neil Miousse heat winner June 28, 2014But Neil Miousse held off Courtney and the other Sharp Shooters to take the second heat. The drivers of the little “four-bangers” are all ready for their big 30 lap feature.

Geoff Tugwell Street Stock heat winner June 28, 2014But first we’ve got some other division heat races to run. Geoff Tugwell wins his first DMR Auto Sales & Service Street Stock heat of the year. Nicely done Geoff!

Cashol vs. Madore Street Stock Action June 28, 2014Then in the second heat TJ “Hollywood” Madore roughs-up Rick Cashol. For some unknown reason, the young up and comer and the old veteran don’t seem to see eye to eye. These two have been involved in this kind of episode more than once in the last couple of years!

Casho & Madore street stock action June 2014Whoops! Young Hollywood spins out with the former Street Stock champ in the vicinity.

Peter Martin checkered flag June 28, 2014Peter Martin continued his great season by picking up the checkered flag in his Street Stock heat. Peter liked his visit to the Riverview Ford Victory Lane so much, that he just might come back again before the end of the night.Courtney O'Blenis first Sportsman raceJune 28, 2014Who’s that Lady? Courtney O’Blenis finally gets her wish. Big sister Alexandra had other plans last weekend, so Courtney got to substitute in the Sportsman car. Courtney also ran her own Bando car. Way to go girl!

Drew Greenlaw Sportsman heat winner June 28, 2014 Drew Greenlaw wins his Martin’s Home Heating Sportsman heat race. The 2013 Bando champ, from Eastport, Maine is very comfortable behind the wheel of the bigger car this season. Congrats Drew, nicely done!

Brent Roy Sportsman heat winner June 28, 2014Brent Roy wins the second Sportsman heat race. Brent was looking to be a frequent visitor to Victory lane on this night.

Matt Harris Pro Stock heat winner June 28, 2014Matt Harris won the first Re/Max Group Four Realty Pro Stock heat. He had a strong car, but ran into some tough luck later in the evening.



Paul Gahan wins Pro Stock heat race June 28, 2014 Paul Gahan had a really fast car on Saturday night. Paul roared to victory in his Pro Stock heat and looked like a contender for the 40 lap feature.

Peter Martin dash winner June 28, 2014Hey – you again? Yup – Peter Martin rolls into Victory Lane for the second time after winning the Street Stock Dash!

Brent Roy Sportsman Dash winner June 28, 2014Brent Roy follows Peter’s example and goes two for two by winning the Sportsman Dash. Nice start to your night!

Paul Gahan Pro Stock Dash winner June 28, 2014 Three can play this game. Paul Gahan wins the Pro Stock Dash. Gahan, Roy and Martin are all in a position to win Jensen Financial Hat Trick Awards. But they’ve got to win their features to do it!

Josh Langille Bando accident June 28, 2014After his front wheel flew off early in the Bando feature, Josh Langille’s #18 gets a unique ride back to the pits aboard the Service Master Clean “broom-crew” truck.

Cole Tanner Bando feature winner June 28, 2014freFinally, Cole Tanner wins a Westwood Estate Apartments Bandolero feature at Speedway 660. The kid from Shubenacadie  has had lots of podiums but this is his first feature win of the season. Atta-boy Cole!

Cory Hall Bando podium June 28, 2014Cory Hall has two feature wins this season, but had to settle for second on Saturday night. Cory says you gotta be loose to be fast and this is one fast kid!

Courtney O'Blenis Bando podium June 28, 2014 You gotta love that smile! Courtney O’Blenis is having a lot of fun at Speedway 660 in 2014. She pulled off another podium on Saturday night with a third place Bando feature finish.

Jeremy Doran Sharp Shooter action June 28, 2014 Hang on there young fella! Jeremy Doran gets “slide-ways” early in the 30 lap Sharp Shooter feature.

Crocker and Doran Sharp Shooter action June 28, 2014Jeremy gathers it up and takes the lead, but hold on a minute here comes heat winner Matt Crocker to challenge for the win.

Matt Crocker Sharp Shooter 30 winner June 28, 2014How did you do that? Matt Crocker hasn’t raced all season and just built this car in the last two weeks. Then he strolls into the Geary Woods and wins the Fredericton Gun Shop Sharp Shooter 30 – say what?

Ira Farnell Sharp Shooter 30 podium June 28, 2014Ira Farnell takes second in the big Sharp Shooter race. Ira is having a pretty good season, but wants to know who this Crocker dude is!

Brody Levesque Sharp Shooter 30 podium, June 28, 2014Brody Levesque picked a fine time to get his first podium of the season. Brody had a strong finish to claim third in the Sharp Shooter 30.

Kevin Peterson Street Stock action June 28, 2014Kevin Peterson (#3) battles Heidi Cooper in the Street Stock feature. Later on Kevin was involved in a bad wreck and was transported to the hospital in an ambulance after receiving care from Buddie Munn’s Emergency Medical Team. Fortunately Kevin was released from the hospital early Sunday morning.

Peter Martin Jensen Financial Hat Trick winner June 28, 2014A Jensen Financial Hat Trick Award winner! Peter Martin caps off a brilliant night of racing by winning the DMR Auto Sales & Service Street Stock feature.

Luc MacLaughlin Street Stock podium June 28, 2014Luc McLaughlin brings the orange 11 home in second place. The 2013 Street Stock Rookie of the Year is a championship contender this season. He’ll need several more podium finishes to reach his goal.

Justin Cole Street Stock podium June 28, 2014Justin Cole drove the wheeels off the 38 to get to the podium on Saturday night. Justin, who was a hat trick award winner earlier this season was the first to congratulate Peter on his accomplishment.

Rodgers Brothers Sportsman actionAndrew Rodgers (#14) tried to hold off big brother Matt in the Sportsman feature. Andrew is still excited about winning $3000 in the big 100 lap race on June 21st!

Brent Roy Jensen Hat Trick Award june 28, 2014Another Jensen Financial Hat Trick Award winner! Brent Roy goes three for three in the Martin’s Home Heating Sportsman Division on Saturday night.

Matt Rodgers Sportsman podium June 28, 2014Matt Rodgers had another great run at Speedway 660. Matt finished second in the feature and is right up there in the championship points battle.

George Jamieson Sportsman podium June 28, 2014 George Jamieson is a proud Dodge Man! He brought his Charger to the podium with a third place finish on Saturday night. George is having one of his best seasons ever and hopes to keep his Dodge up front in the weeks to come.

Matt Harris wreck Pro Stock June 28, 2014Matt Harris won his Pro Stock heat earlier in the evening, but got caught up in a wreck in the feature. That’s a lot of damage and a lot of work to be done in the Harris garage.

Cole Boudreau Pro Stock feature winner June 28, 2014Boy Wonder! Cole Boudreau, who just turned 17 in June, ran an incredible race and won the Re/Max Group Four Realty Pro Stock Feature! Cole, who was second a week ago, has become a “Rock Star” at Speedway 660.

  Kevin Moore Pro Stock Podium June 28, 2014Big Kevin Moore was happy to take second in the Pro Stock feature, but like a lot of the other veterans he’s wondering how “Kid Boudreau” is having such a tremendous rookie season in the Geary Woods.

Brad Mann pro stock podium June 28, 2014 Brad Mann, a three-time Speedway 660 Pro Stock champ, says he’s retiring after the 2014 season. Brad, who ran the Maritime Pro Stock Tour the last few years, wants to finish his career with us in the Geary Woods. On Saturday night Mann took third place in the Pro Stock feature.



IENDURO action June 2014It didn’t take long before the dust started to fly when the ENDURO 200 went “green” on Sunday afternoon. Shelby Hughes (#30) takes a trip to the beach courtesy of Jesse Madore (#3).

ENDURO action June 29, 2014Spin Cycle! Jeff Killan (#44) gets turned around by Dale Gilbert on the back stretch of Speedway 660 on Sunday afternoon.

ENDURO action June 29, 2014Pat Sharpe (#51) was the target of some “friendly abuse” during our first ENDURO of the season. Pat has had a lot of success in these races and his competitors always seem to seek him out on the track!

ENDURO action June 29, 2014Are you all-right in there? One of our Fire & Rescue squad members checks on Jeff Killam after he rear-ended another car. Jeff was OK, but the car needed a little TLC before coming back on the track.

ENDURO action June 29, 2014 Team Barton’s “Holstein Express” Gives Carmen McKeen a rough time. The “Cow-Car” raised havoc in the Speedway 660 corral on Sunday afternoon.

ENDURO action June 29, 2014How do you like me now? Jesse Madore (#3) figures turn-around is fair play as he spins out the Holstein Express – by the way the ENDURO cars ran the last 50 lap segment “the wrong way” around the track!

660_7831After taking a lot of abuse Sunday afternoon, Pat Sharp finally parked his ENDURO car in the Riverview Ford Victory Lane. That’s one burly lookin crew you got there Pat!

 660_7827 Team Barton, from Minto, brought the old “Cow Car” home in second spot. “Papa Bear” Kenny and daughters Kim and Courtney shared the driving chores on a hot day in the Speedway 660 barn-yard!

660_7828That was hard work! Nathan Gallant finished third in our first ENDURO of the 2014 season.  These Speedway 660 Gladiators will be back in action on Saturday, July 19th at 7PM.



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