Girl Power at 660: A Conversation with Alicia Mowat

Race fans know there’s a real youth movement happening at Speedway 660 these days, but they may not know there are more girls on our roster than ever before. One of the fastest, most successful girls is Alicia Mowat in the Westwood Estate Apartments Bandolero Division. Wade Wilson recently spoke with Alicia about her racing career and future aspirations.

Wade: Hey Alicia, you have really done a great job racing your bandolero car the last couple of years. How did you get into racing?
Alicia: My family and I went to Florida in 2008 for a trip and rented go-karts at an amusement park. I’m pretty competitive and it wasn’t long before I blew by my Dad and a few other people who were older than me. I think my Dad was surprised at how quickly I caught on and how fast I was going. When we got home he found out there was go-kart racing at Speedway 660 and the next thing I know, he goes out and buys me my own kart. So that’s how I got started and ended up racing karts for three years. Then we found out about Bandolero’s and encouraged Speedway 660 to get that division going. Now I’m in my 4th and final season racing my bandolero.

Wade: So if this is your last year in bando, what’s next? I’ll bet you are going to continue your racing career.
Alicia: This year I want to end my bando career with a championship. It would be nice to be the first girl, in the history of Speedway 660, to win a championship. I am starting a driver development program with Lonnie Sommerville this summer and plan on being a Pro Stock racer at Speedway 660. If things work out, you might see me run two or three Pro Stock races this summer.

Alicia Mowatt is one of the top competitors in the Westwood Estate Apartments Bandolero Division. This will be Alicia’s fourth and final season in a Bando. She has plans to take her game to a much higher level in the near future!

Wade: Wow, that’s amazing news. What about your long-term racing dreams?
Alicia: Actually Wade, I would have liked to have been the first girl to race full time in NASCAR. But Danica Patrick got there ahead of me. But I will be OK with being the second girl in NASCAR. I’m going to try my best and take things one step at a time and see how far I can go.

Wade: Heidi Cooper in the DMR Auto Sales and Service Street Stock Division is a trail blazer at Speedway 660. For years she was the only girl racing in any of our divisions. I know she encourages all of the other girls and is excited to see you have success.
Alicia: I have always been a big fan of Heidi’s. She has supported me and encouraged me to be the best I can be, ever since I started racing. Heidi is a great role model for us younger girls and that’s why I like to follow her example and support all of the other female drivers.

Wade: Racing traditionally has been a guy’s sport and in the past it had a kind of macho image. But that appears to be changing.
Alicia: Yeah, you got that right! Times sure have changed haven’t they? I’m happy that more girls had the guts to race like Heidi did. Her commitment and dedication to racing has inspired a whole new generation of girls. And there’s an old saying that goes something like this: “Anything boys can do, girls can do better” and that includes racing!

Wade: It must be nice to see other girls get into racing. You’ve raced against Courtney and Alexandra O’Blenis, Sara Erb and Destiny Enkel. Have you made good friends in racing?
Alicia: I have became good friends with them all, we hang-out after the races in our campers together. 

Wade: And what about the boys? Some of those guys are pretty competitive. I’ll bet you like beating them out on the race track.
Alicia: Yes, I enjoy beating the guys to show that girls can succeed at what used to be an all boys sport. I know it must frustrate most of them to get beat by a girl. But I also have to give the boys credit because some of them are pretty fast and provide good competition for us girls.

Alicia Mowat is a frequent visitor to the Riverview Ford Lincoln Victory Lane at Speedway 660. Alicia encourages other girls to get involved in racing!

Wade: Who helps you do what you love to do and makes it possible for you to go racing at Speedway 660 every Saturday night?
Alicia: My father helps the most. He puts countless hours in making my car one of the fastest at Speedway 660. I also want to thank my Mom for making my car look great every year. To all of my sponsors, it wouldn’t be possible without you guys. Down Home Construction; Jim Gilbert’s Wheels and Deals – Troy Fasquel Sales; Swift Auto Repair; Emberley Electric; Corbin’s Grocery; Wayne MacBeth Contracting; KHJ Vintage Country; Chase’s Trucking and; Down Home Heating & Ventilation are great sponsors. I also want to thank Jeff & Kendall Sellar’s Racing from North Carolina. They are a big reason why I am running up front, because they have told my Dad a lot about the best set ups and other stuff to make us better. I also want to thank the Goodine’s, from Westwood Estate Apartments, for sponsoring the bando division. And of course I want to thank all of my fans for cheering me on each week. That helps a lot.

Wade: Speedway 660 fans are amazing and they love to see you girls have success. They always give Heidi a big cheer when she gets a podium finish and I know they love to see you and the other bando girls have great runs too. How does it make you feel when the fans let you know they appreciate what you do out on the track?
Alicia: It’s a great feeling to be liked and appreciated and not get booed. Knowing the fans are cheering for me inspires me to try my hardest to get a podium finish at Speedway 660.

Wade: Good Luck this season Alicia and I hope all of your racing dreams come true!
Alicia: Thank you, I’m going to keep trying my best to improve and become a  better racer. Racing is a lot of fun and I would encourage other girls to check it out. 


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