Fan Information

Pro Stocks

The Pro Stock division has a long history at Speedway 660. It is the fastest division and includes top level drivers and teams. These purpose built speed machines are powered by 604 crate engines, generating over 400 horsepower. Their low to the ground aerodynamics and advanced racing suspension means these cars can have incredible cornering speeds and still power down the straightaways faster than most.


The second fastest division at Speedway 660 is the Sportsman division. Powered by 350 Cubic Inch engines generating upwards of 350 horsepower, these cars are race cars based on factory frames with tighter regulations than the similar looking Pro Stock division to keep costs down. These cars provide some of the best racing the track has to offer.

Street Stock

When people think of grass roots racing, they think about Street Stocks. The street stock ranges in many different variations, but the basis is the same in all of them, taking a street car and turning it into a race car with a steel body. These cars are gutted of their interior, a roll cage and plastic windows are put in, and are set up and tuned to perform at the highest level at local short tracks.

4 Cylinders

The entry level division at Speedway 660 is the SharpShooter division. Under the same basis as the Street Stocks, these are domestic street cars that are built for racing competition. These cars are powered by 4 cylinder engines and are fitted with a roll cages and safety equipment but still use Street tires. This division is a great entry level for anyone getting started in racing as they require a lower budget and teach the fundamentals of setup and driving.