Our Saturday Show Stoppers – Wade’s Weekly #6

Speedway 660’s Sportsman racing is always exciting and on Saturday night we will see one of this division’s best events of the year. The Martins Home Heating Sportsman 100 takes center stage and these guys will “bring the house down”. And you can take that to the bank!

Longer races in the Sportsman division are not to be missed, because anything can happen. They run thirty laps, during our regular events, and the few times a year they run 100 or more laps are mighty memorable.

A Back Seat To No-One
Speedway 660 is the only race track in our region to run pro stocks on a regular basis. The “Big Boys” get a lot of attention and publicity, but our Sportsman division doesn’t have to play second fiddle to anyone. A lot of times, during our weekly shows, the Sportsman feature is the race of the night.

Our Speedway 660 Sportsman drivers have even upstaged the Maritime pro stock tour a time or two! At SpeedWeekend, the Saturday Night O’Leary Pontiac Excitement Sportsman 150 is always a highlight of the year. We have seen last lap passes, more than once, and these guys always rise to the occasion to give our fans their money’s worth.

A Great Sponsor and Better Fans
Anne and Richard Martin are incredible race fans and through their love of the sport have sponsored a number of race teams. Several years ago, when the opportunity arose, they stepped up to take on the sponsorship of this division. The Martins Home Heating Sportsman Division boasts a weekly car count of 25 to 30 and is undoubtedly the most competitive racing in our region.

Expect the Unexpected
This Saturday night at Speedway 660 you had better keep your eyes open when the Sportsman drivers take over the track. It won’t be easy to pick a winner. Who knew that Dan McNeill was going to come from nowhere to win the O’Leary Sportsman 150 last SpeedWeekend. And who could have predicted that Myles Harris was going to make a late charge on the inside to pass the top four or five runners in the Martins Home Heating Sportsman 100 a year ago this weekend.

This division is so even that almost every driver who qualifies has a legitimate chance to win one of our region’s most prestigious Sportsman races. Even though the Speedway 660 talent pool is stout, there will likely be a few visitors come to see where they stack up against the best Sportsman drivers in the northeast.

It was great to see so many people come out for FANFEST 2010. Our regular fans, plus hundreds of wide-eyed first timers enjoyed themselves thoroughly. There was “lots of fun for everyone” and the racing was outstanding once again. Our latest Saturday Night Hero award goes to all of those fans who make it possible for us to do this week in and week out.

Tell your momma, tell your daddy, tell your uncle and cousins too. Tell everyone you know about the Martins Home Heating Sportsman 100. Don’t you dare miss our Saturday Show Stoppers at Speedway 660.

See you then and there!

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