Our Racing Family Stands Together! – Wade’s Weekly ’13 #8

You keep hearing people say stock car racing is a family sport. Drivers, who have podium finishes, acknowledge their sponsors and the fans. But they also thank their families for supporting their racing efforts and encouraging them to have fun and be successful every time they come to Speedway 660. It is always amazing how this community comes together to support a member of our racing family when they are going through challenging times.

The racing family extends beyond our immediate families and you don’t have to hang around this sport too long before you figure out there is a real sense of community down in the Geary Woods. I know we see rivalries and hard-nosed racing out on the track, but when the last checkered flag comes out at the end of the night we are all proud to be part of the racing community. And that is what makes this sport different from so many others that I covered as a CTV reporter many years ago and as a coach and participant over the years.

And when a member of our racing family has difficulties and encounters a challenge in life, it’s amazing to see this family come together. This week one of our family members embarks on a trip to Toronto. He’s not off to see the Blue Jays or the CN Tower or a visit to the Royal Ontario Museum. He is headed to a medical center seeking treatment for an aggressive form of cancer.

After working in the health sector for several years, I know there are privacy issues around personal health information and I am more than a little uncomfortable attempting to write about this subject in a racing blog. But Steven Seveck let folks know that last Saturday night would be the last time he would strap into the seat of his Sportsman ride for awhile.

Steve Seveck (44S) battles George Jamieson in the Martins Home Heating Sportsman Division feature last Saturday night at Speedway 660. The Seveck Racing Team, from Temperencevale, also competes in the four cylinder and Enduro divisions.

He has faced lots of challenges on the track, but now he is facing the biggest challenge of his life. Our thoughts, prayers and well wishes are with the Seveck family this week and in the weeks to come.

It didn’t take long for the other Sportsman drivers, drivers in our other divisions, the visiting Parts for Trucks Tour teams, sponsors and fans to come together to support the Seveck family last Saturday night. A spontaneous collection raised a significant amount of money to help Steven and his family off-set some of the expenses they will incur. He will be away for several weeks, undergoing treatment for cancer, and family members will be going back and forth from NB to Toronto to spend time with him and support him in this huge challenge.

If you weren’t aware of the impromptu fund raiser last week, I encourage you to make a donation at the ticket booth or Speedway 660 office this Saturday night and we will see that it gets to the Seveck family.

Steven Seveck (2nd from right) celebrates a recent Enduro podium finish with his son Brody. His other son Tyler is a strong runner in Speedway 660′s four cylinder division.

We saw the best racing of the season last Saturday night. The Irving Blending and Packaging 100 was the best show the Parts for Trucks Pro Stock Tour has put on here in several years. Dave O’Blenis, our current points leader and defending RE/MAX Group Four Realty Pro Stock champ, almost got the best of a couple of dozen Tour stars.

Dave won the time-trials, the dash and the pole position for the big race. He led the first 42 laps, turning back several challengers. After a rear tire went down O’Blenis pitted under a caution, but was forced to restart at the back of the field. He made a mad dash toward the front and could have used a late caution, but the race stayed green for the final 42 laps and Dave settled for third.

Dave O’Blenis won the pole for the Irving Blending and Packaging 100 last Saturday night. The RE/MAX Group Four Realty pro stock point leader at Speedway 660 thrilled fans by leading most of the first half of the race. He made a strong run to the checkers and finished third after a flat tire forced him to pit and restart at the rear of the pack, during a Service Master Clean Caution.

O’Blenis has got to be wondering what he has to do to win one of these long races. He certainly had the best car last Saturday night, at least that’s how it looked from where I was standing. And a couple of weeks ago he had the dominate car in the Martins Home Heating Sportsman 100, before tranny trouble forced him to retire. His next big challenge will be in the Best of the Best Pro Stock 150 in three weeks.

You’ve likely heard the line: “Is there a doctor in the house?” Well last Saturday night the track lights went out at Speedway 660 and I had to ask over the PA system: “Is there an electrician in the house?” Five or six electricians in our crowd rushed to the rescue, changing a failed breaker and getting the lights fired-up so we could see an exciting finish to the Irving Blending and Packaging 100. I don’t know their names, but thanks!

Racing is a family sport. We are a tight-knit community. Drivers have rivalries, fans have favourites, but when all is said and done we are all members of a pretty amazing racing family. I am proud of this family and encourage each and every one of you to be thinking of Steven Seveck and his immediate family this week as they head to Toronto.

This Saturday we’ve got an awesome night of racing scheduled at Speedway 660. As much as I enjoyed the Maritime Pro Stock Tour last week, I did miss seeing our bando and four cylinder drivers. They’ll be back on Saturday night with the street stock, sportsman and pro stocks for another great night of points racing. We’ll see you at the races!

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