Finally we got to see some racing! Wade’s Weekly ’13 #4

The Speedway 660 racing community finally got to go racing. Our fourth attempt to hold the Riverview Ford Season Opener was a hot, muggy Sunday afternoon, but it didn’t rain and that set the stage for some interesting and exciting racing.

First off it was really nice to see folks after the long off-season. Hanging around a race track for two decades you get to make some pretty good friends. And on Sunday everyone in the Speedway 660 family was smiling from ear to ear because we were where we wanted to be, enjoying our favourite form of entertainment.

“The sun is shining and we’re spending our day at Speedway 660 – life doesn’t get much better than that” is what Richard Martin told me Sunday afternoon. I couldn’t have said it better myself and couldn’t agree more!

By now everyone knows that Greg Fahey is running Sportsman this year. Greg is one of the most decorated drivers in Speedway 660 history. He won street stock titles in 2003 and 04; Rookie of the Year in sportsman in 05 and; the coveted pro stock championship in 08, 09 and 2011.

On Sunday the popular Charlotte County wheel-man won the Jensen Financial triple crown award – checkers in the heat, dash and feature! A pretty impressive return to the only division Fahey hasn’t won a championship in. Greg made it to Speedway 660 yesterday with the help of family, friends and a few loyal sponsors.

Some of our teams are fortunate to have great sponsors who make it possible for them to race every week. A few drivers probably have fairly deep pockets and self-finance their racing efforts. But many others, including Greg Fahey, are everyday hard working people like you and me. They love racing, but it’s difficult to show up every week, let alone be competitive, unless they have dedicated corporate sponsors.

Greg Fahey has won five Speedway 660 championship trophies since 2003. After several
succesful seasons in Pro Stock, the popular Charlotte Country driver, has stepped back to
run Sportsman is 2013. Fahey, like most of our drivers, needs a strong commitment from
corporate sponsors to be able to race every week.

That’s why every time I get a chance I remind fans to support the people who support racing at Speedway 660. They use racing to market and advertise their products and services. Their names are on race cars and sign boards. They are divisional sponsors and they are the people who make it possible for Speedway 660 to continue to bring racing fans exciting, affordable entertainment! 

I want to welcome Westwood Estate Apartments (Bandolero); DMR Auto Sales & Service (Street Stock) and; Re/Max Group Four Realty (Pro Stock) to our racing family. They join Fredericton Jewelers (Four Cylinder) and Martins Home Heating (Sportsman) as our divisional sponsors.

Riverview Ford Lincoln has expanded its marketing efforts at Speedway 660. In addition to providing the Ford F-150 Pace Truck and sponsoring the season opener, Riverview has acquired one of the most valuable pieces of real estate at the track. The new Riverview Ford Lincoln Victory Lane welcomes over 15 visitors every race night.

I mentioned Jensen Financial earlier and we also have Service Master Clean Cautions this year, which is a really nice fit for them and us. It was great to see that yellow truck and its crew participating in clean-up efforts on opening day.

From NASCAR to local race tracks, like Speedway 660, businesses recognize that race fans love their favourite sport. That’s why racing is the perfect vehicle for them to advertise and market their products and services. And that’s why it is also important for all of us fans to think about these businesses first when we head out to the market place to spend our hard earned cash.

Sunday’s season opener was also the first event for Speedway 660’s new owners. The Roy and Foley families are on a steep learning curve, but their hard work, dedication and business experience will serve them well. It’s not easy running a race track because no matter how many things you check off your “to do list” the list always seems to continue to grow.

There’s not much time to catch our breath after the Riverview Ford Season Opener. That’s because this coming Saturday night Speedway 660 hosts the Pro All Star Series only visit to Atlantic Canada. The PASS 150 is right up there with the Auto Value 250 as far as I’m concerned.

Some of North America’s hottest short-track racers are headed our way on the weekend. Race fans have circled this date on their calendars and they’ll be headed to the Geary Woods too for one of the best races of the year.  Come back to later this week because we will post a Conversation with PASS President Tommy Mayberry, an in-depth story about the Pro All Star Series Tour and an event advancer.

The Speedway 660 racing season is finally underway and I encourage you to invite your family, friends, neighbours, co-workers, class-mates and anyone else you run into this week down to the Geary Woods on the weekend. The PASS 150 is going to be a blast! We’ll see you at the races.            

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