(GEARY, NB – September 5th, 2021) – One year after her sister Courtney took home the victory, Alexandra O’Blenis (Boundary Creek, NB) captured a dominating victory in the Late Model Sportsman 125 at Speedway 660. The SpeedWeekend Saturday staple saw 20 cars begin the afternoon racing for the checkered flag with three drivers ultimately battling hard when the laps wound down at the end of the 125-lap distance.

O’Blenis took control of the race on Lap 13 and never lost the point en route to her first SpeedWeekend Sportsman feature win. Brady Creamer (Miramichi, NB) kept her honest on several late race restarts but had to settle for second ahead of a hard charging Drew Greenlaw (Eastport, ME). Luc McLaughlin (Geary, NB) led ten laps at the beginning of the race and finished fourth with reigning track champion Curtis Collins (Barnesville, NB) in fifth.

Heat races were won by McLaughlin and Richard Atkinson (Geary, NB). The Sportsman Showcase featured eight cautions and took one hour, 34 minutes to complete.

Chase MacKay (Bear Cove, NS) was the winner of the first leg of the TCM Bandolero Blast over Chase Livingston (Springhill, NS) and Tanton Wooldridge (Summerside, PE). The Maritime League of Legends Tour Cross Roads Cycles 40 was won by Craig MacDonald (Waverley, NS) for his second Tour win of 2021 over Danny Chisholm (Canning, NS) and Owen Mahar (Hubley, NS). The Passione Flooring & Interiors East Coast Mini Stock Tour saw a thrilling finish for the Pub’s Drive Thru Bottle Exchange 50 with reigning Series Champion Dave Matthews (Nine Mile River, NS) edge out Ryan McKnight (Sussex, NB) for the victory. Cody Byrne (Orwell Cove, PE) was third in the 19-car Mini Stock field.


Tim’s Corner Motorsports Bandoleros

A Feature – Bando (25 Laps): 1. 71-Chase MacKay[2]; 2. 39-Chase Livingston[6]; 3. 0-Tanton Wooldridge[4]; 4. 88-Caden Tufts[3]; 5. 13-Aiden MacDonald[5]; 6. 13X-Rory Coates[7]; 7. 41-Brayden Wadden[12]; 8. 5-Ethan Hicken[11]; 9. 23-Teagan Dempsey[13]; 10. 14-Samantha MacDonald[9]; 11. 9-Campbell Delaney[8]; 12. 24-Ayden Christensen[1]; 13. 77-Brooke Dowe[10]

Heat 1 – Bando (10 Laps): 1. 24-Ayden Christensen[5]; 2. 88-Caden Tufts[7]; 3. 13-Aiden MacDonald[2]; 4. 13X-Rory Coates[1]; 5. 14-Samantha MacDonald[4]; 6. 5-Ethan Hicken[6]; 7. 23-Teagan Dempsey[3]

Heat 2 – Bando (10 Laps): 1. 71-Chase MacKay[4]; 2. 0-Tanton Wooldridge[5]; 3. 39-Chase Livingston[3]; 4. 9-Campbell Delaney[2]; 5. 77-Brooke Dowe[1]; 6. 41-Brayden Wadden[6]

Maritime League of Legends Tour

A Feature – Legends (40 Laps): 1. 98-Craig MacDonald[4]; 2. 87-Danny Chisholm[2]; 3. 66-Owen Mahar[6]; 4. 38-Darren Sherwood[5]; 5. 20-Devin Wadden[8]; 6. 68-Michael Cormier[3]; 7. 12-Sam Rogers[1]; 8. 3-Dylan Dowe[7]; 9. 36-Devin Gallant[9]; 10. 116-Corey Little[11]; 11. 13-Wyatt McCulloch[10]; 12. 54-Zean Dutcher[12]

Heat 1 – Legends (10 Laps): 1. 12-Sam Rogers[1]; 2. 68-Michael Cormier[3]; 3. 38-Darren Sherwood[4]; 4. 3-Dylan Dowe[5]; 5. 36-Devin Gallant[2]; 6. 116-Corey Little[6]

Heat 2 – Legends (10 Laps): 1. 87-Danny Chisholm[1]; 2. 98-Craig MacDonald[5]; 3. 66-Owen Mahar[4]; 4. 20-Devin Wadden[2]; 5. 13-Wyatt McCulloch[3]; 6. 54-Paul Miler[6]

Passione Flooring & Interiors East Coast Mini Stock Tour

A Feature 4CYL (50 Laps): 1. 99-Dave Matthews[3]; 2. 46-Ryan McKnight[1]; 3. 67-Cody Byrne[5]; 4. 69-BJ Gillespie[2]; 5. 73-Lorri Hall[9]; 6. 37-Alex Landry[4]; 7. 16-Jesse Madore[7]; 8. 61-Wesley Harnish[14]; 9. 13-Austin Harnish[10]; 10. 06-Marshall Bezanson[15]; 11. 9-Evan Gallon[17]; 12. 75-Randy Titus[11]; 13. (DNF) 56-Jesse Sommerville[6]; 14. (DNF) 33-Matt Martin[8]; 15. (DNF) 92-Randy Storey[13]; 16. (DNS) 15-Alex Gallant; 17. (DNS) 51-Bryan Suttie

NBCC Dash 1 (6 Laps): 1. 15-Alex Gallant[2]; 2. 9-Evan Gallon[3]; 3. 06-Marshall Bezanson[6]; 4. 51-Bryan Suttie[5]; 5. 61-Wesley Harnish[4]; 6. (DQ) 83-Brian Maillet[1]

Heat 1 – 4CYL (10 Laps): 1. 46-Ryan McKnight[2]; 2. 99-Dave Matthews[10]; 3. 67-Cody Byrne[1]; 4. 16-Jesse Madore[3]; 5. 73-Lorri Hall[4]; 6. 75-Randy Titus[5]; 7. 92-Randy Storey[9]; 8. 06-Marshall Bezanson[8]; 9. 9-Evan Gallon[6]; 10. 83-Brian Maillet[7]

Heat 2 – 4CYL (10 Laps): 1. 69-BJ Gillespie[3]; 2. 37-Alex Landry[6]; 3. 56-Jesse Sommerville[1]; 4. 33-Matt Martin[5]; 5. 13-Austin Harnish[4]; 6. 51-Bryan Suttie[2]; 7. 61-Wesley Harnish[8]; 8. 15-Alex Gallant[7];

Sportsman Showcase

A Feature – SP (125 Laps): 1. 74-Alexandra O’Blenis[4]; 2. 10-Brady Creamer[6]; 3. 23-Drew Greenlaw[5]; 4. 11-Luc McLaughlin[2]; 5. 27-Curtis Collins[9]; 6. 85-Kenny Mackenzie Jr[20]; 7. 43-Hudson Weston[17]; 8. 48C-Courtney O’Blenis[12]; 9. 94-Ryan Raynes[10]; 10. 19-Charles Mercer[11]; 11. 54-Clark Moore[3]; 12. 29-Matt Maillet[7]; 13. 87-Nick Cudmore[14]; 14. 37-Jacob Logan[13]; 15. 30-Marcel LeBlanc[16]; 16. 44S-Brody Seveck[15]; 17. 88-Luc Bougeois[19]; 18. (DNF) 52-Destiny Enkel[8]; 19. (DNF) 40-Richard Atkinson[1]; 20. (DNF) 7-Byron Bartlett[18]

Heat 1 – SP (10 Laps): 1. 40-Richard Atkinson[2]; 2. 54-Clark Moore[1]; 3. 23-Drew Greenlaw[9]; 4. 29-Matt Maillet[6]; 5. 27-Curtis Collins[5]; 6. 19-Charles Mercer[10]; 7. 37-Jacob Logan[3]; 8. 44S-Brody Seveck[8]; 9. (DQ) 88-Luc Bougeois[4]; 10. (DQ) 85-Kenny Mackenzie Jr[7]

Heat 2 – SP (10 Laps): 1. 11-Luc McLaughlin[3]; 2. 74-Alex O’Blenis[5]; 3. 10-Brady Creamer[4]; 4. 52-Destiny Enkel[1]; 5. 94-Ryan Raynes[6]; 6. 48C-Courtney O’Blenis[8]; 7. 87-Nick Cudmore[2]; 8. 30-Marcel LeBlanc[7]; 9. 43-Hudson Weston[9]; 10. 7-Byron Bartlett[10]

SpeedWeekend 2021 will be capped on Sunday, September 5th with the 21st Annual RE/MAX East Coast Elite Pro Stock 250. The 250 is expected to draw the best talent from across Atlantic Canada to compete for the $10,000 top prize. The Atlantic Modified Tour will be back to contest their eighth scheduled point race on their 2021 season. The DMR Auto Street Stocks will race in a 100-lap feature presented by D. Gillespie & Sons Trucking. The Maritime League of Legends Tour Cross Road Cycles 40, Tim’s Corner Motorsports Bandolero Blast and the Heart of a Champion Hot Rod Classics Clash of the Classics presented by Steele GMC Buick and Fredericton Hyundai will round out the Sunday show. Qualifying begins at 2pm on Sunday, September 5th.

Advance tickets and campsites for SpeedWeekend 2021 are selling fast and are available now by calling the Speedway 660 office. For more information about SpeedWeekend 2021, or any event at Speedway 660, visit Speedway660.com, like @Speedway660 on Facebook or call the Speedway 660 Raceline at (506) 454-7223.

About Speedway 660:
Speedway 660 is one of Canada’s premier stock car racing facilities. Located in New Brunswick’s Fredericton region, it has attracted race teams and fans from the Maritimes, New England and Quebec since 1994. The Speedway 660 racing season runs from mid May until late September. SpeedWeekend, one of the most prestigious short track events in eastern North America, is the marquee event of the Speedway 660 season on Labour Day Weekend.

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