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2 thoughts on “Speedway660”

  1. Hy there, great fans of your track. Have suggested in the past that your great track announcer is very hard to hear during the race for obvious reasons and never received a response to our question. Have you looked at the possibility of having him call the race on a race frequency? This was enacted at Barrie Speedway in Ontarion to great success. Most fans have race radios anywyas or would likely rent them on raceweekends.

  2. No Gus, most fans don’t have radios and they are really expensive to buy and rent. It costs enough now for a family to go to the races without making it even more expensive.

    Just a comment for the Speedway…even Nascar doesn’t race on Mother’s Day. Thanks a lot for having opening day on a day when dads and children should be spending time with their wife/mom.

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