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Dedicated to his home track!

There’s an old saying in sports that goes something like: “It doesn’t matter whether you win or lose, it’s how you play the game.” That means playing with respect for your opponents, the sport, the officials, the fans and yourself. All that is great, but it’s also nice to win once in awhile! In this week’s Conversation we meet a driver, who is dedicated to racing, Speedway 660 and our great fans. And this guy had a really big night back on June 4thContinue reading

Confident in the Geary Woods!

(June 28, 2016) The Parts for Trucks Pro Stock Tour rolls into Speedway 660 this weekend for the Cummins 100. The Maritime tour’s annual visit to the Geary Woods is one of our biggest races of the season. In this week’s Conversation we catch up with Craig Slaunwhite from Terrence Bay, Nova Scotia. Craig has run a lot of laps at Speedway 660 and won our biggest race in 2008.  Continue reading

The Season Opener: A Riverview Ford Tradition!

(May 11, 2016) This weekend everyone is excited to head down to the Geary Woods to kick off the 2016 racing season at Speedway 660. After a tech inspection and practice on Saturday, racing begins on Sunday at 2PM. For many years Riverview Ford has been one of our biggest supporters and marketing partners. We recently caught up with Everett Gilmore, from Riverview Ford, to talk about our sport.  Continue reading