Re/Max 250 runs at 10 AM today!

Rain forced Speedway 660 officials to postpone the Re/Max 250 on Sunday evening. The race has been rescheduled for 10 AM this morning. Weather permitting, the ENDURO 200 will follow the Re/Max 250 this afternoon. Speedway 660 appreciates the patience and understanding of race fans.  Dave O'Blenis Irving Oil Blending & Packaging winner 2014 Dave O’Blenis, the winner of Saturday night’s Irving Oil Blending & Packaging 150, will start from the pole position for the Re/Max 250.

660_5432Shawn Tucker will go for an unprecedented fourth win in today’s  Re/Max 250!  Tucker, who won the race in 2013, will face stiff competition from the 27 other drivers who qualified for the race. 

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