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From Cheerleading to Racing!

(June 6, 2017) The Fredericton Gun Shop Sharp Shooter division is a special brand of racing and attracts a special kind of racer. Many of them are young, hard working folks who love being part of the Speedway 660 racing scene. Every week they come to the Geary Woods to put a show for our fans. Allison Hall is one of our most popular Sharp Shooters and she’s getting ready for a 50 lap race this weekend. Continue reading

The Road to the Oxford 250 runs through Geary!

(May 31, 2017) This weekend all eyes in the northeastern North American short-track world will be on Speedway 660. A Pro All Star Series win in the only Atlantic Canadian PASS race would be a big deal, but six drivers are going to leave the Geary Woods happy. That’s because the top three Americans and top three Canadians in Saturday’s PASS 150 qualify for the 44th edition of the Oxford 250. Check out this week’s Conversation to find out what some of local drivers think about this weekend’s race.  Continue reading

This “Lincoln Outlaw” is a real sharp-shooter!

(May 16, 2017) Speedway 660 has had its fair share of characters over the past 24 years. The late “Smokin” Joe Albert was quite the boy and was loved by race fans near and far. Today there are still a lot of drivers down at the track who love to have fun and entertain the fans. In this week’s Conversation we catch up with Kyle MacKinnon, one of  our most exciting drivers. Continue reading

Say Hello to 660’s Maine Man!

(Aug. 30, 2016) Drew Greenlaw comes from a small town of about 15 hundred folks, best known as the easternmost municipality in the United States. Every week Drew and his family cross the international border on their way to Geary, where he races in the Martins Home Heating Sportsman division. In this week’s Conversation we talk with the only American driver to run full-time at Speedway 660. Continue reading

Say Hello to a 3rd Gen Driver

(Aug. 16th, 2016) Several of our Conversations this year have been with second, third and fourth generation drivers. We’ll continue that theme this week. Dustin Tucker is right at home in a race car and is becoming a pretty good pro stock driver, in his first full season in the big car. He’s the son of legendary driver Shawn Tucker and the grandson of Leroy Tucker, who was a great driver back in his day. Continue reading

Racing is fun at any age!

(August 9th, 2016) The Fredericton Gun Shop Sharp Shooter Division provides fans with some of the wildest racing you’ll ever see in the Geary Woods. This tough little division is an affordable form of racing that attracts drivers of all ages to Speedway 660. Bob Colquhoun is best known as the owner of Pub’s Drive Thru Bottle Exhange and sponsor of several drivers including Lonnie Sommerville. In this week’s Conversation we meet Bob, who goes by the name Grey Owl when he dons the racing suit!  Continue reading

Making Racing a Safer Sport

(August 3rd, 2016) Race cars are faster than they have ever been and drivers and race team members are using the latest technologies to make their machines even quicker. But innovations to our sport have not been about just speed and handling. Safety is a primary concern and we’ve seen big improvements in this area. In this week’s Conversation we meet Shawn Tucker, owner of Tucker Racing Products. Shawn knows a thing or two about winning championships and big races, but he also knows how important it is to make race cars safe. Continue reading