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(GEARY, NB – August 13th, 2019) – Officials at Speedway 660 are excited to announce that registration for the 2019 McLaughlin Roof Trusses 250 is now open. In its 19th year, the 2019 edition of the event will be the featured attraction for SpeedWeekend 2019 and will take place on Sunday, September 1st with qualifying beginning at 2pm. Ryan Messer of Harvey, New Brunswick made history by winning the event in just his second attempt in last September’s Pro Stock/Super Late Model classic.

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Weagle Sharpest Shooter in Gunslinger 50

(GEARY, NB – August 12th, 2019) – Mike Weagle (Salisbury, NB) made the best of his first start in the 2019 season by driving to victory lane in the inaugural Gunslinger 50 presented by Fairview Jeep Ram and Fredericton Gun Shop Sunday at Speedway 660. Weagle took the lead for the final time with 11 laps remaining in the event and held off a frantic challenge from BJ Gillespie (Harvey, NB) for the win.

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Quick Results – 2019 Gunslinger 50 Presented by Fairview Jeep Ram and Fredericton Gun Shop

The following are Quick Results from the Gunslinger 50 presented by Fairview Jeep Ram and Fredericton Gun Shop, taking place on Sunday, August 11th at Speedway 660.

Watch for a recap of the action on Monday afternoon.

August 11th Results at Speedway 660

Fredericton Gun Shop Sharp Shooters – Gunslinger 50 presented by Fairview Jeep Ram and Fredericton Gun Shop

A Feature 1 (50 Laps): 1. 10-Mike Weagle, [10]; 2. 69-BJ Gillespie, [3]; 3. 1-Tony Urqhart, [12]; 4. 7-Tristan Harris, [2]; 5. 38-Jon Forsythe, [13]; 6. 05-Matt Crocker, [15]; 7. 71-Scott Kennie, [7]; 8. 32-Darren Wilcox, [6]; 9. 92-Randy Storey, [18]; 10. 16-Ryan Fukala, [16]; 11. 01-Jeff Rose, [22]; 12. 51-Bryan Suttie, [9]; 13. 41-Maggie Suttie [19]; 14. 61-Wesley Harnish, [25]; 15. 70-Tyler Seveck, [8]; 16. 75-Randy Titus, [1]; 17. 82-Clifford Biggart Jr., [24]; 18. 22-Ricky Arbeau Jr., [11]; 19. 11-Caleb Urquhart, [5]; 20. 83-Brian Maillet, [23]; 21. 73-Ryan Bernard, [4]; 22. (DNF) 60-Grey Owl, [14]; 23. (DNF) 8-Mike Brown, [21]; 24. (DNF) 33-Matt Martin, [17]; (DNS) 81-Kyle Boudreau,

Heat 1 (10 Laps): 1. 75-Randy Titus, 02:58.097[1]; 2. 73-Ryan Bernard, 02:59.392[5]; 3. 71-Scott Kennie, 03:00.049[7]; 4. 10-Mike Weagle, 03:00.180[6]; 5. 38-Jon Forsythe, 03:00.621[8]; 6. 16-Ryan Fukala, 03:05.060[3]; 7. 41-Maggie Suttie, 03:05.633[9]; 8. 01-Jeff Rose, 02:20.481[4]; 9. 61-Wesley Harnish, 03:10.645[2]

Heat 2 (10 Laps): 1. 7-Tristan Harris, 02:53.805[3]; 2. 11-Caleb Urquhart, 02:54.663[2]; 3. 70-Tyler Seveck, 02:54.909[5]; 4. 22-Ricky Arbeau Jr., 02:58.496[7]; 5. 60-Grey Owl, 03:01.800[4]; 6. 33-Matt Martin, 03:02.153[6]; 7. 81-Kyle Boudreau, 03:02.369[8]; (DNS) 83-Brian Maillet, 03:02.369

Heat 3 (10 Laps): 1. 69-BJ Gillespie, 02:56.239[7]; 2. 32-Darren Wilcox, 02:56.343[1]; 3. 51-Bryan Suttie, 02:57.269[3]; 4. 1-Tony Urqhart, 02:57.688[4]; 5. 05-Matt Crocker, 02:58.566[8]; 6. 92-Randy Storey, 03:00.678[6]; 7. 8-Mike Brown, 03:11.077[5]; 8. 82-Clifford Biggart Jr., 03:12.005[2]

Martin’s Home Heating Sportsman

A Feature 1 (40 Laps): 1. 27-Curtis Collins, [9]; 2. 23-Drew Greenlaw, [8]; 3. 40-Richard Atkinson, [1]; 4. 94-Ryan Raynes, [3]; 5. 41-Robert Raynes, [6]; 6. 31-Mark Harris, [5]; 7. 52-Destiny Enkel, [7]; 8. 54-Clark Moore, [4]; 9. (DNF) 43-Hudson Weston, [2]

Heat 1 (10 Laps): 1. 40-Richard Atkinson, 02:32.357[1]; 2. 43-Hudson Weston, 02:34.396[3]; 3. 94-Ryan Raynes, 02:34.484[4]; 4. 54-Clark Moore, 02:35.173[2]; 5. 31-Mark Harris, 02:35.431[5]; 6. 27-Curtis Collins, 02:38.881[8]; 7. 23-Drew Greenlaw, 02:35.905[9]; 8. 41-Robert Raynes, 02:36.176[7]; (DNS) 52-Destiny Enkel, 02:36.176

DMR Auto Street Stocks

A Feature 1 (30 Laps): 1. 38-Justin Cole, [6]; 2. 54-Rick Cashol, [2]; 3. 60-Eric Matthews, [1]; 4. 21-Courtney Barton, [5]; 5. 71-Chris Hanley, [9]; 6. 77-Riley Goodwin, [4]; 7. (DNF) 53M-Donnie Matheson, [7]; 8. (DNF) 09-Nick Cadger, [3]; 9. (DNF) 25-Christian Savoie, [10]; (DNS) 15-Roger Slocum,

Heat 1 (10 Laps): 1. 60-Eric Matthews, 02:46.965[1]; 2. 09-Nick Cadger, 02:45.423[2]; 3. 15-Roger Slocum, 02:46.528[6]; 4. 21-Courtney Barton, 02:47.040[3]; 5. 53M-Donnie Matheson, 02:48.552[5]; 6. 25-Christian Savoie, 02:46.965[4]

Heat 2 (10 Laps): 1. 54-Rick Cashol, [1]; 2. 71-Chris Hanley, [5]; 3. 77-Riley Goodwin, [3]; 4. 38-Justin Cole, [2]

RE/MAX East Coast Elite Realty Pro Stocks

A Feature 1 (50 Laps): 1. 29-Greg Fahey, [1]; 2. 87-Matt Harris, [4]; 3. 97-Chris Duncan, [3]; 4. 26-Brent Roy, [10]; 5. 52-Shawn Tucker, [6]; 6. 45-Calvin Rankin, [7]; 7. 24-Ben Pelletier, [2]; 8. 29T-Robert Tomlinson, [8]; 9. 81-Ian Rasmussen, [9]; 10. (DNF) 28-Shawn Warren, [5]

Heat 1 (10 Laps): 1. 26-Brent Roy, [5]; 2. 24-Ben Pelletier, [1]; 3. 97-Chris Duncan, [4]; 4. 28-Shawn Warren, [3]; 5. 45-Calvin Rankin, [2]

Heat 2 (10 Laps): 1. 29-Greg Fahey, [1]; 2. 81-Ian Rasmussen, [5]; 3. 87-Matt Harris, [4]; 4. 52-Shawn Tucker, [2]; 5. 29T-Robert Tomlinson, [3]


UPDATE 08/10 – Due to the forecast of rain and thunderstorms throughout Saturday, officials at Speedway 660 have postponed the Gunslinger 50 presented by Fredericton Gun Shop and Fairview Jeep Ram to Sunday, August 11th at 2pm.

A full format will be available this afternoon at

(GEARY, NB – August 8th, 2019) – Speedway 660 returns to racing this Saturday evening with the Gunslinger 50 presented by Fredericton Gun Shop and Fairview Jeep Ram as the main attraction. The event was scheduled to take place in June but inclement weather pushed the event back to this Saturday, August 10th. While the Fredericton Gun Shop Sharp Shooters will be in the spotlight, the RE/MAX East Coast Elite Realty Pro Stock, Martin’s Home Heating Sportsman and DMR Auto Street Stock divisions will all contest pivotal races in their respective championship chases. The racing action gets underway this Saturday evening, August 10th at 6:30pm. Should inclement weather interfere with Saturday’s racing card, a rain date has been added by the track for Sunday afternoon, August 11th at 2pm.

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Quick Results – Christmas in July

Quick Results – Speedway 660’s Christmas In July

(GEARY, NB – July 28th, 2019) – The following are quick results from the Christmas in July racing card held at Speedway 660 on Saturday evening, July 27th. Racing was held in all four house divisions, including the RE/MAX East Coast Elite Realty Pro Stock, Martin’s Home Heating Sportsman, DMR Auto Street Stock and Fredericton Gun Shop Sharp Shooters.

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(GEARY, NB – July 24th, 2019) – The Capital Region of New Brunswick might be in the heat of Summer, but a cool wind from the north will blow in a special guest to the Geary woods on Saturday evening, July 27th. Santa Claus and his friends from the North Pole will make a special appearance on Saturday for Speedway 660’s annual Christmas in July celebrations. In addition to Santa and his elves bringing treats for all the good fans and teams at Speedway 660, he will bring the chance for drivers to earn championship points in the four track house divisions. The bells will begin to jingle on Saturday evening at 6:30pm when the green flag goes in the air.

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(GEARY, NB – July 10th, 2019) – Speedway 660 is getting ready to host Street Stock teams from across Atlantic Canada on Saturday, July 13th at 6:30pm. Preparations are well underway for the second edition of the Ricky Bobby Street Stock 150 presented by DMR Auto with fans and teams alike counting the days until they see their favorite Saturday night heroes try to “git’r to the front” in memory of Rick “Ricky Bobby” Arbeau.

What can you expect to see at Speedway 660 during the biggest Street Stock event in Atlantic Canada? Here’s a small preview to get your motor running in advance of this weekend event.

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O’Blenis is “Best of the Best,” Takes Pro Stock 100 on Sunday at Speedway 660

(GEARY, NB – July 8th, 2019) – Dave O’Blenis (Boundary Creek, NB) was the quickest driver in the long run on Sunday afternoon at Speedway 660, ultimately saving his race car to race away with the Best of the Best 100. O’Blenis made the winning move on Brent Roy (Hanwell, NB) to take home his third RE/MAX East Coast Elite Realty Pro Stock victory of the year at the Geary, New Brunswick oval. The win is also the second straight Best of the Best 100 win for the No. 48 Irving Blending & Packaging team after winning the last 100-lap feature last July.

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POSTPONED to SUNDAY, July 7th @ 2pm – The “Best of the Best” Gather in Geary Saturday for Pro Stock 100

POSTPONED TO SUNDAY AT 2pm: Due to the forecast of showers in the afternoon and thunder showers this evening, coupled with an extremely high heat advisory, we will be postponing our ProStock Best of the Best 100 to tomorrow, Sunday, July 7th at 2:00pm.

It’s difficult to make these decisions, however this one is made out of safety for our track staff, racers and fans more than anything due to the extreme heat.

We will see you tomorrow at 2:00, for what’s looking to be a great show!


(GEARY, NB – July 3rd, 2019) – Speedway 660 will host their first extended distance Pro Stock event of the 2019 season on Saturday evening. The Best of the Best 100 will serve as a tune up for the Pro Stock 250 on SpeedWeekend in September and is expected to draw some of the top talent from across the province to race for the checkered flag. The Martin’s Home Heating Sportsman, DMR Auto Street Stock and Fredericton Gun Shop Sharp Shooters will play support. Racing begins on Saturday, July 6th at 6:30pm.

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