Competitor Rules

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The following is information on how Speedway 660 events are organized and the rules that govern them. Please read it carefully. Ignorance of the rules will not be accepted as an excuse for infractions. The successful presentation of racing events require that we each keep in mind that our first obligation is to the racing fan, who keeps us both in operation. When we consistently offer well controlled and entertaining events everyone will be successful. Success in presenting entertaining, crowd-pleasing shows rest on clear communications. The rules set forth conditions under which competitors will race. It is essential that you know and understand them. We will apply them fairly, and when necessary, interpret them justly.

DISCLAIMER The rules and/or regulations set forth herein are designed to provide for the orderly conduct of racing events and to establish minimum acceptable requirements for such events. These rules shall govern the condition of all events, and by participating in these events, all participants are deemed to have complied with all of these rules. NO EXPRESSED OR IMPLIED WARRANTY OF SAFETY SHALL RESULT FROM PUBLICATION OF, OR COMPLIANCE WITH, THESE RULES AND/OR REGULATIONS. They are intended as a guide for the conduct of the sport and are in no way a guarantee against property damage nor injury or death to a participant, spectator, or official. The Race Director shall be empowered to permit minor deviations from any of the specifications herein or to impose any further restrictions that in his opinion do not alter the minimum acceptable requirements.

NO EXPRESSED OR IMPLIED WARRANTY OF SAFETY SHALL RESULT FROM SUCH ALTERATION OF SPECIFICATIONS. Any interpretation or deviation of these rules is left to the discretion of the officials. Their decision is final.

1. DEFINITIONS Disqualification:

1.1 (a) Pre-race Technical or Safety Disqualification. The driver or car which fails to pass pre-race tech/safety rules will be unable to participate in any event until such time as the infraction/infractions have been rectified to the satisfaction of the race technical director.

1.1 (b) Post-race Technical Disqualification. The driver or car which fails post-race technical inspection will be subject to loss of credit for an official finishing position, including the loss of prize monies, trophies, and points for that race and may be subject to further suspension of the driver, car, car owner, crew or all of the above. Racing Procedures 2015

1.2(a) Competition Disqualification. (Black Flag) A black flag means disqualification. The driver/car being issued a Black Flag may be disqualified for just the current race or from the entire event depending on the severity of the infraction. ie: A driver/car may be black flagged in a heat or dash and still be allowed to compete in the feature.(refer to section 12.7) The driver will be notified by race officials which level of disqualification is accessed.

1.2(b) A driver/car issued a black flag in a heat, dash or feature race only shall be scored as a last place finish for that race.

1.2(c) A driver/car black flagged for the entire event shall be subject to the loss of credit for an official finishing position, including the loss of prize monies and points


2.1 All participants desiring admission to the pit area must personally PRINT, SIGN, and include CAR NUMBER on the Insurance Waiver before entering.

2.2 ALL DRIVERS must complete a Speedway 660 Entrant Registration Form.

2.3 Participants must be 18 years of age or older, or 14 to 17years of age accompanied by an approved Minor’s Release. Bandolero participants must be ages 8-15 and must have completed the approved Minor’s Release.

2.4 All participants are required to conduct themselves in an orderly manner not detrimental to the continuance of the racing event.

2.5 Drivers are responsible for the conduct of all persons signed in on their car. Penalties incurred by a crew member may affect a driver.

2.6 Anyone, who by word or deed disrupts, impedes, jeopardizes, or in any manner hinders the smooth and orderly presentation of the racing program, or anyone who commits, or causes to be committed, any action detrimental to stock car racing or Speedway 660 will be considered to have abused the privileges of entry or admission to the property and may be subject to the cancellation of these privileges or disqualification as determined by management or designated officials. acing Procedures 2015

2.7 Any person who has evidence of alcoholic beverages or chemical substances about his/her person, or who is seen by an official taking either during a race meet, may be either denied admission or asked to leave the property, and may be subject to further action at the discretion of Speedway 660 management.

2.8 Any person involved in a fight may be removed from the premises, disqualified, or suspended.

2.9 All cars and drivers must be registered before being allowed to participate in any event at Speedway660. All teams competing for a points championship in any weekly racing division shall have only one registered driver per car. Any team requiring a replacement driver must notify and obtain permission of the race director.

2.10 A driver will sign in to only one car per division. A driver will only qualify one car per night per division. Should one driver attempt to qualify two cars or race in two features in the same division on the same night using two different cars, he will forfeit all of that events points and winnings for both cars. Driver changes must be brought to the attention of the pit steward prior to the car going on the track. In the event of a driver change, Speedway 660 reserves the right to re-handicap the car and have that car start at the rear of the field.

2.11 Any car/driver that is registered and running for a points championship, in any division at Speedway 660,that requires a replacement driver, the replacement driver must drive the same car/chassis that is regularly driven by the driver that is being replaced. All driver changes must be brought to the attention of the track officials prior to participating in any race. Speedway 600 reserves the right to re-handicap the car and have that car start at the rear of the field.

2.12 Once a car has been signed into the pit for any regular event, the number may not be switched to another car nor can a back-up car be used. Any cars bought (or borrowed) in the pit area must not be raced under a different number until the next event. A double show on the same day will be considered one event for the rule.

2.13 Drivers, car owners, sponsors, crew members, or anyone associated with a car shall have no claim against the track, or its officials, agents, or contractors by reason of disqualifications, penalization, damage to either vehicles, personal property, or personal injuries.

2.14 Following the completion of each race, all drivers except the winner, and any others indicated by track officials, shall proceed around the track and enter the pit area slowly. Speeding or imprudent driving in the pit area at any time will not be tolerated.

2.15 No members of a team (pit crew) may leave the pits and enter the racing surface at any time without permission of the race officials. If members of the pit crew do not remain in the pit area at all times, the car they are signed in under may be suspended or disqualified. Refer to Section 10.7 acing Procedures 2015 2.16 No arguments with, or gestures toward tow truck drivers, first aid attendants, safety crews, officials, or other track personnel will be tolerated.

2.17 (a) Anyone who goes to the flag stand to protest or otherwise jeopardizes the flow of the racing program will be removed from Speedway 660 property at the discretion of the officials. 2.17 (b) Sandbaggers, ill-handling cars, cars that bring out three yellows in the same race by themselves, or any car that is deemed to be causing unnecessary interference to the rest of the field will be disqualified at the discretion of the race director.

2.18 No on track repairs of any kind are allowed on the racing surface. These will be treated the same as a pit stop. Cars may pit at any time. Should they re-join the field they must do so in a safe manner. If they re-join the field during a yellow or red flag period they must wait at the top of pit road until the field is lined up and/or they are instructed to join the rear of the field.

2.19 All cars must meet the minimum requirements, as outlined, for their division.

2.20 Any participant who has been injured, no matter how minor the injury, must report to the track management and the first aid attendants at the time of the accident.

2.21 If your car catches fire, drive into the infield as quickly as possible. The fire crew will then attend to the situation.

2.22 Jack stands, or similar safety devices, must be used when working beneath a vehicle.

2. 23 Any person in a restricted area who refuses to obey the request of an official may be subject to further action by Speedway 660 management.

2.24 Decisions of officials are final.


3.1 ILLEGAL DRUGS DEFINITION: Illegal drugs are those substances defined and prohibited by provincial and/or federal laws.

3.2 GENERAL PROHIBITION: Possession or use of alcohol or illegal drugs, or drug substances, as defined above, is prohibited in any form, by any Speedway 660 participant, either on race track grounds, or any area considered to be used in the operation of Speedway 660, such as parking lots or leased properties.

3.3 PARTICIPANT DEFINITION: A participant is any person taking part in any Speedway 660 event in any form, including but not restricted to drivers, car owners, mechanics, crew members, sponsors, track officials, or pit area observers. All such persons shall be considered public figures who have by their own choice become involved in auto racing events at Speedway 660, with full understanding that he or she must abide by the rules and regulations established and published or announced by Speedway 660. All participants are considered to be responsible for their personal conduct. acing Procedures 2015


4.1 Any person found to be in possession of or under the influence of an illegal drug or substance on any Speedway 660 property, SHALL BE SUBJECT TO THE FOLLOWING PENALTIES BY THE SPEEDWAY:

4.2 Suspension from competition and eviction from Speedway 660 property, and denial of further entry to the facility for a period to be determined by Speedway 660 Management.

4.3 RIGHT TO TEST: Speedway 660 reserves the right to test any participant for illegal drugs.

4.4 APPEAL AND HEARING: Any participant suspended for violation of these rules may be granted an appeal hearing by a board of officials designated by Speedway 660, provided the suspended participant requests such a hearing, in writing, within 14 calendar days of the date of suspension. It is the responsibility of the suspended party to make such a request if a hearing is desired.

4.5 REINSTATEMENT: A participant suspended for violation of these rules, may as a result of a decision reached through the hearing process detailed above, be reinstated, if it is mutually agreed that the participant, at his or her own expenses, will produce documentation from a physician licensed within the province, certifying that he or she is drug independent, as a result of random and periodical examinations of urinalysis testing, made at the request of Speedway 660 Management.


5.1 Whenever officials determine that continuing a race could be dangerous, the event may be stopped and terminated at any point, and declared a completed event.

5.2 If a race is shortened for any reason, car owners and/or drivers will be paid or credited only for those events in which the car participated.

5.3 After the initial rounds of qualifying (heats) are completed, on any given race date, no Rain Checks will be issued. Any remaining features will be rescheduled to another date if possible. Only cars in attendance on the postponed date will be eligible for the held over portion of any affected show.


6.1 All cars must go to the tech area for inspection. Cars will not be permitted on the racing surface until they have been inspected unless otherwise directed by the tech director.

6.2 The deadline for pre-show inspection is one half hour before the posted start time. Any cars that fail to clear inspection by the appointed time may be penalized by starting at the rear of any heat or feature. Any car that cannot make inspection in time due to unforeseen circumstances must contact the tech director to explain the delay. If an inspection line hinders a cars timely movement in tech then the tech director will notify teams as to anticipated completion time and allowances will be made. Racing Procedures 2015

6.3 Speedway 660 reserves the right to inspect any car at any time.

6.4 Any illegal parts or tires found fitted to a car may be confiscated by Speedway 660 management. If the illegal parts are found in post-race inspection, the car could be disqualified. Refusal to forfeit illegal parts, or refusal to tear down or be inspected, or weighted, will result in disqualification and could lead to suspension from further events.


7.1 All points will be awarded to the car.

7.2 The Main feature in Bandoloro, 4 Cylinder, Street Stock and Sportsman will award 100 points to the winner and decrease two points per position. The Main feature in Pro Stock will award 100 points to the winner and decrease two points per position.

7.3 The winner of the Dash for points will be awarded 10 points with all positions decreasing by one point back to tenth spot, which is worth one point.

7.4 Heats will award points to the top 5 finishers with the winner receiving 5 points with all positions decreasing by one-point to 5th spot, which is worth 1 point.

7.5 In the event of a tie for position in a race, the two positions will be divided equally for money and the higher points position will be awarded to both competitors.


8.1 All starting positions will be determined by handicap. The handicap is determined by dividing the total number of points accumulated by the number of events the car has participated in. For example if the car has 200 points and has raced on four dates (200/4) its handicap would be 50. Open style races or the initial race of the season could be handicapped differently.

8.2 The handicap will remain for the entire show.

8.3 High handicap cars will start toward the rear of the field. The winner of the Main Feature in the previous week will start at the rear of the high handicapped cars. Cars participating for the first time during the season will start from the rear for the first two events attended. Cars which did not participate in the most recent show will start at the rear. The higher the handicap of the cars in a particular qualifying race, the more cars that will advance to the various features and dashes. acing Procedures 2015

8.4 Any car which has legitimately broken in practice will be considered a participant for that event. Attendance will not be counted for handicapping purposes. However, it will count as far as any points money is concerned, provided the breakdown is accepted as legitimate by the race director.

8.5 Cars will be lined up in the pit line-up lane in their proper starting order. Any car that is called to the line-up and does not come immediately will be positioned at the discretion of the line-up man. The race that a car is listed as being eligible for is the only race it may enter. No car can join a different race. e.g. If you are listed as being in the second heat, you cannot start at the rear of the third. NO car will hot-lap at the rear of a race.

8.6 Line-ups will be determined from the list of cars which have been checked in and/or inspected by the deadline time (one hour before posted time). Any car that checks in after the deadline time must be inspected and will be placed at the discretion of the officials. Line-ups may not be adjusted to accommodate late-comers. The buddy system can be used for check-in with handicapper.

8.7 Line-ups will be listed on the pit line-up board. Drivers are responsible for knowing which event they are in and for getting to the line-up area on time.

8.8 Cars which do not make it onto to the track prior to the leader completing one lap shall join the rear of the field

8.9 Any car which has qualified for a particular feature or dash that fails to participate competitively, in the opinion of the officials, could have its handicap penalized as though it won that race.

8.10 Inexperienced drivers (ROOKIES) will be handicapped toward the rear of the field for a minimum of 5 weeks of initial competition. After this point a driver may continue to be handicapped toward the rear of the field if officials feel that car is not ready to be handicapped toward the front.



9.1 Heat race results will determine whether a car will enter the dash and feature or move to the last chance.

9.2 Qualifying formats are determined prior to the beginning of the event, based on the number of entrants in each division.

9.3 Heats for higher handicapped cars will have more cars qualifying for the main feature than will heats for lower handicapped cars.

9.4 When an odd number of entrants has to be divided into heats, whenever possible preference will be given to the higher handicapped cars at the discretion of the race director or handicapper.

9.5 The number of qualifiers from each heat race will be posted under the starting line-up for each race. acing Procedures 2015

9.6 Qualifying positions will stand for the entire event. NO positions may be bought, sold, traded, given away, etc.

9.7 If the field of cars is such that all cars still running make the main feature, any car legitimately crashing out or blowing up will be paid and given points for last place in the feature.

9.8 In lieu of qualifying through heat races, and/or by handicap, there could be occasions where qualifying would be determined by other means. Competitors will be informed of any changes to qualifying procedures prior to the start of the event.


10.1 Whenever the yellow flag is thrown, cars will be lined up in the order they were on the last completed lap, as determined by officials. Any cars involved in bringing about a yellow or red flag situation (why the race was stopped) will be placed at the rear of the field. Officials will not determine who caused the situation. Those involved go to the rear. Any car deemed by officials to have , spun to avoid, will be given its position back provided they do not require assistance to get going.

10.2 On red flag situations, line-ups will also be determined from the last completed lap.

10.3 Once one lap has been completed, anyone joining the field will be at the rear.

10.4 (A) On regular events lapped cars will be pulled out of the restart line-ups and placed to rear.

10.4(B) On open or invitational races, lapped cars will be pulled out of the restart around ¾ of the completion of the race at the discretion of the race director.

10.5 Once the field has been lined up, should someone pull out of the line-up the remainder of the field simply moves ahead. If the field is doubled up, the row that the car dropped out of simply moves up. No criss-crossing is to take place on the track.

10.6 Cars are to remain in single file on restarts until instructed by officials to double-up. All starts and restarts will be double file.

10.7 Crew members should remain in the pits at all times unless otherwise directed by officials. Cars on the track under yellow and or red flag conditions that receive assistance (push truck, tow truck, official,crew member, driver, etc) will be treated as if they made a pit stop and placed at the rear of the field. Cars on the track under a red flag situation that simply require a push (human or vehicle) to get them restarted once the red flag situation ends will resume their place in the field. (Bandolero cars not directly involved in bringing out the caution or red flag, but requiring assistance, shall maintain the position they had prior to the yellow or red flag being displayed.) This exception is due to the fact that all Bandolero cars generally require a push start. acing Procedures 2015

10.8 The lucky dog is available in any open or invitational race only. The first car one lap down to the leader is the only car with an opportunity to receive the lucky dog. An eligible car will be not more than 1 lap down to the leader. The eligible car cannot be involved in nor have caused that caution. The eligible car cannot pit during that caution or a subsequent caution on the restart. A car that has received a lucky dog will be ineligible for the lucky dog a second time ( 1 time only) for the event.

11. NUMBERS Drivers will be notified of any numbers that the scorers have difficulty seeing. If the numbers are not made more visible to the scorers, the car will not have any scoring checks honoured.


12.1 Green flag will start or restart all races. Lead cars will be responsible to hold the field at a reasonable speed and be even coming out of turn four. The green flag will wave as the lead cars approach the start line coming out of turn four. No one shall pass before the green flag is waved by the starter or before they cross the starting line on the original start of the race. Passes to the outside are allowed on restarts before the start/finish line provided the green flag is out. No passes to the inside are permitted before the start/finish line. False starts will be yellowed, and all cars will be expected to fall back in their start/restart line-up, as they were, immediately. The person or persons deemed responsible for the false start will be at the discretion of the starter or race director.

12.2 Yellow flag will be displayed when, in the opinion of the starter or race director, there is no immediate danger to anyone in competition and the field must be slowed to enable clean-up or removal procedures. All cars will fall into single file immediately and remain there until instructed to cross-over by track officials. The restart line-up will be determined from the running order on the last completed lap. Should the yellow flag wave after the leader has taken the white flag and the flagman deems it safe to finish the race, cars will be scored as they cross the finish line under the checkered and yellow flags.

12.3 Red flag will be displayed when officials want the race to STOP IMMEDIATELY. Restart line-ups will be determined from the last completed lap. Should the red flag wave after the leader has taken the white flag and the red and checkered flags are displayed, cars will be scored as they completed the last acing Procedures 2015 completed lap with those involved in bringing out the red flag being placed toward the rear. No working on cars under a red flag (2 lap penalty) unless directed by tech director.

12.4 White flag is thrown to the leader to indicate that he is on his final lap of competition. All other cars will be shown the white flag to indicate their final lap regardless of how many laps they have completed.

12.5 Checkered flag indicates the completion of the race.

12.6 Black and orange flag (meatball) is shown to a competitor who is having apparent mechanical difficulties (e.g. gas leak, bumper dragging, oil leaking, wheel pointing in wrong direction, etc.) The competitor must go to the pits. Should he be able to make repairs he can re-join the field at any time during the race.

12.7 Black flag indicated disqualification from that race. If, in the opinion of the officials, the black flag was thrown for a deliberate unsportsmanlike manoeuvre then the offending car and driver could be disqualified for the entire event and subject to further action at the discretion of the Speedway 660 management or officials. If, in the opinion of the officials, the black flag was thrown because of overaggressiveness or impatience on the part of the driver, then that car will be awarded a last place finish for that race only. Should the offending car and/or driver receive several black flags for rough riding throughout the season, the car and/or driver could be disqualified for an entire event or longer.

12.8 Blue flag with yellow stripe is an indication to the driver that the leaders are approaching and that he should hold his line (on the inside).


13.1 Only one class will practice at one time unless otherwise indicated by the official in charge.

13.2 Cars waiting to go on the track will line up on the pit line-up road.

13.3 Cars will enter the track on turn four and exit the track off turn three only.


14.1 All pays will be credited to the listed driver, and will be available the following week.

14.2 In order to get credit for a finishing position in a race, a car must have taken the green flag to the start the first official lap or the race unless the car is broke and the field is not full (over 24).

14.3 Cars that qualified to advance to a feature or a dash, but fail to answer the call to the line-up for the feature or dash for any reason, will forfeit their spot to the next car in line. Only those who qualified for a race can enter that race. Racing Procedures 2015


15.1 A rookie is any driver who is in their first full year of competition in any division as Speedway 660.

15.2 For the purpose of scoring a race, a rookie driver must start at the rear of the field in all races including heat, dash and features for a minimum of five races. After the completion of five races the race director will determine if the rookie is ready to receive his/her handicap position.

15.3 For the purpose of determining eligibility for “ Rookie of The Year Award” the rookie driver must not have competed in five or more races in the class in question during any previous year at Speedway 660. If the rookie driver has competed previously in the class in question at Speedway 660, he/she can not carry over these races to the current year. Example: If a driver has completed three races in the previous year he cannot carry these over and only have to race two races this year before he/she is allowed to have their handicap. All rookie drivers are subject to Section 15.2 15.2 All Rookies must display a yellow stripe on their rear bumper to signify to other drivers that they are rookies. This “Rookie Stripe” WILL stay on for the full season.


16.1 Pit gate opens 4-5 hours before posted start time. Please check each weeks information.

16.2 Pre-race inspection begins immediately after pit gate opens.

16.3 Practice usually begins 4 hours before posted start time.

16.4 Practice end 1hr before posted start time.

16.5 Pre-race inspection ends one half hour before posted start time.

16.6 Drivers meeting begins one hour before posted start time.

16.7 Line-ups posted one half hour before posted start time.

16.8 Line-ups begin 15 minutes before posted start time. Speedway 660 management reserves the right to alter any or all of these times when deemed necessary. acing Procedures 2015


17.1 Speedway 660 reserves the right of interpretation of all rules and specifications. Any situation not specifically covered therein will be decided upon by the race director or officials in charge.

17.2 The regulations are a guideline. Rules are subject to change with notice. NOTE: SOME EXCEPTIONS TO THESE RULES WILL BE MADE FOR ENDUO