DMR Auto Sales 75 Photo Album

(July 10, 2017) – Saturday was a great night of racing at Speedway 660. The feature attraction was the DMR Auto Sales Street Stock 75, but fans were also treated to incredible Pro Stock, Sportsman and Sharp Shooter racing. We invite you to check out the photo album from our latest race date.

Justin Cole pit shot 2017The pits were a busy spot on Saturday, particularly for Justin Cole’s race team. Justin ran “double-duty” racing his Martin’s Home Heating Sportsman car and his Street Stock ride. So there were two 38’s for the Cole crew to take care of!Brent Roy pit shot 2017Pro Stock point leader Brent Roy has a cool idea for 2017. Every week a different sponsor’s logo adorns the hood of Roy’s Camry. This time out Roblynn Home Hardware Building Centre in Oromocto is Roy’s “sponsor of the week”.Greenlaw pits 2017Speaking of sponsors, Pub’s Drive Thru Bottle Exchange supports several drivers at 660, including Drew Greenlaw. Drew’s Dad Gerald is not camera-shy, he always closely checks out the car before his son takes to the track. BTW where is Drew?  Noah Gillespie pits 2017Noah Gillespie has got the hood up on the 69. Noah and his crew want to make sure everything is all set to go before they roll out for the DMR Auto Sales Street Stock 75. pits 2017It was a hot day in the Geary Woods and this crew member took a seat while airing up some Hoosier racing slicks.   Shawn Warren 2017Shawn Warren is the Speedway 660 Spotlight Driver of the week. Shawn, who moved up to Pro Stock this year after several seasons in a Sportsman, takes a drive in our weekly Parade Lap. Street Stock action 2017Time to go racin and first up we’ve got qualifying heats for the DMR Auto Sales Street Stock 75. Two of our fastest young lady drivers, Destiny Enkel (#52) and Courtney Barton (#21), have a nice side-by-side battle in the first heat.Matt Crocker Street Stock 2017Tim Elliott waves the first checkered flag of the evening for Matt Crocker who won the opening Street Stock heat race. Matt Crocker Street Stock heat win July 8, 2017Matt’s win sets him up in the pole position for the DMR Auto Sales Street Stock 75. Shawn Hyslop Street Stock heat win 2017 Shawn Hyslop is having a pretty good season after returning to 660 after a couple of years out of the driver’s seat. Shawn wins the second Street Stock heat and will start on the outside of row one for the big race.Sharp Shooter action 2017The Fredericton Gun Shop Sharp Shooters are up next and it doesn’t take them too long to stir things up. These little units provide fans with a lot of excitement as they go slip, sliding their way around Speedway 660!Matt Martin Sharp Shooter heat winner July 8, 2017 Matt Martin always has fun when he straps into his little Sharp Shooter. This time out Matt ends up in victory lane in the first Sharp Shooter heat race. Sharp Shooter action 2017The “Grey Owl” goes for a ride on the wild side during the second heat race.Sharp Shooter action 2017Fans have come to expect this kind of action when the Sharp Shooters get out on the track.Sharp Shooter action 2017When all was said and done the “Wise One” straightened out the little #60 and went on his merry way without even bringing out a caution flag. Nice little piece of driving Mr. Grey Owl! Looks like a “HOOT”.Kyle MacKinnon sharp shooter heat winner July 8, 2017Kyle MacKinnon, who has had his fair share of ups and downs in 2017 wins the second Sharp Shooter heat race. Broom crew 2017Members of our “broom-crew” are some of 660’s unsung heroes. Kyle Boudreau’s car dropped some racing fluids on the track in the last heat race and our sweepers had to put down some “quick dry” and work it into the track with their trusty brooms!Sportsman action 2017The Martin’s Home heating Sportsman division drivers roll out next and race hard in their first heat race. Alexandra OBlenis sportsman heat race winner July 8, 2017Alexandra O’Blenis has the “hot-hand” and takes the checkers in the first Sportsman heat race. Alex always seems to hit her stride when the weather heats up in the Geary Woods.Sportsman action 2017Rob Raynes and Curtis Collins let loose down in turn two, kicking up some dust and hitting the “spin-cycle” in the second Sportsman heat. George Jamieson Sportsman heat winner July 8, 2017George Jamieson takes the checkers in heat number two and will have a great starting spot in the 40 lap Sportsman feature. Greg Fahey Pro Stock heat race winner July 8, 2017Greg Fahey wins the first RE/MAX Group Four Realty Pro Stock heat race. Fahey returned to the Riverview Ford Victory Lane one week after winning the Cummins 150, when the Parts for Trucks Pro Stock Tour came to town.Kevin Moore Pro Stock heat winner July 8, 2017Big Kevin Moore dominates heat number two and takes the 88 to victory lane.Ashton Tucker pro stock heat winner July 8, 2017Ashton Tucker wins the third Pro Stock heat race. Ashton, the 2016 Pro Stock Rookie of the Year, is right in the thick of things this year as a championship contender. sharp shooter action 2017 The Sharp Shooters come out for the first feature of the evening. These little cars will run 20 laps.Sharp Shooter action 2017Kyle leads with a lap to go, but his buddy Brody is knockin on the door… Sharp Shooter action 2017…make that knockin on the back bumper coming through three and four for the very last time. Sharp Shooter action 2017Both drivers make a mad dash to the stripe, but on this night Kyle gets there first and Brody settles for a hard fought, close second. Now that’s racin!Kyle MacKinnon Sharp Shooter feature win July 8, 2017Kyle MacKinnon and his family celebrate the feature win. The defending champ has had some good runs in 2017, but has had mechanical issues at other times. But this is another good run and it’s time to enjoy the moment in victory lane.Brody Levesque 2nd place sharp shooter feature July 8, 2017Brody Levesque is Speedway 660’s “Mister Podium”. Second place on Saturday night gives him yet another top three finish and keeps him atop the Sharp Shooter point standings.Matt Martin 3rd place sharp shooter feature July 8, 2017Matt Martin is making a habit of landing on the Fredericton Gun Shop Sharp Shooter podium. This night Matt comes home third and is pretty happy with the result, but says he’s gonna have to dig a little deeper to beat Kyle and Brody.Kids Club ride July 8, 2017Its intermission and that means it time for the Weekly Kid’s Club ride. This week young Pierson jumps in with his favouritie driver Ryan Messer. Ryan will be back on the track in a bit for the Pro Stock feature, but right now Pierson enjoys riding with his hero! Sportsman action 2017The Martin’s Home Heating Sportsman 40 lap feature is next and in the early going Jacob Logan climbs the bank down in turn three.tow truck in action 2017Our capable and speedy infield crew snaps into action and in no time flat Jacob’s 37 is taken back to the pits by the Dunphy tow truck. Sportsman action 2017 Alexandra O’Blenis (#74) sprints out to the early lead. Alex would be challenged by several drivers before all was said and done.Sportsman action 2017O’Blenis chooses the high side of the track which gives Andrew Rodgers(#14) a clear shot at the inside groove and an opportunity to challenge for the lead.Sportsman action 2017Andrew drives deep into turn one, spinning out and allowing the other cars including Alexandra’s sister Courtney (#48) to drive right on by leaving Rodgers behind in a cloud of dust and smoke. Drew Greenlaw and John Rankin suffered the same fate as they tried to make the inside pass on the 74.Sportsman action 2017Alex goes on to win the race by a few car lengths, but this is how close it was for second spot.Alexandra OBlenis 2017Alex rolls into victory lane and this shot gives race fans a close-up look at the roll cage inside her car. Safety is priority number one at Speedway 660 and these sturdy cages, full face helmets, Hans devices, safety seats and harnesses and other equipment are all designed to protect our awesome drivers.Alexandra OBlenis Sportsman winner July 8, 2017 featureAlexandra is all smiles after climbing out of the car. She’s been successful every step of the way in her racing career. From Bando to Street Stock to Sportsman and even in Pro Stock this young lady has done amazing things in a race cars. Congrats on your latest win. Curtis Collins 2nd place sportsman feature July 8, 2017Curtis Collins was awesome on Saturday night picking up his first-ever podium in a Sportsman car. Curtis celebrated his 18th birthday in style with a second place run in the Martin’s Home Heating 40 lapper. Happy Birthday and congratulations to a great young man and incredible race car driver!Drew Greenlaw 2nd place Sportsman feature July 8, 2017After challenging for the lead, spinning out and going to the back of the pack, Drew Greenlaw worked his way back into contention, grabbing third place. A great point night for the kid who has finished second in the points in each of the last two years.Pro Stock action 2017Greg Fahey and Kevin Moore battled for the lead in the RE/MAX Group Four Realty Pro Stock feature. But early on mechanical issues forced Greg to give up the fight and retire to the pits.  Pro Stock action 2017Things got a little sketchy when Robert Thomlinson got crossed up in front to Shawn Warren, our Spotlight Driver of the Week. Ryan Messer avoids this episode and drives right on by.Pro Stock action 2017Then Dave O’Blenis gets an inside run on Kevin and ends up taking the lead and holding onto it for most of the race.Pro Stock action 2017With the laps winding down Brent Roy (#26) comes to life and starts passing cars and heading toward our race leader.Pro Stock action 2017Catching a five-time champ is one thing, passing him is another. This is how close it was when the white flag flew! Pro Stock action 2017And here’s what the final few feet of lap number 50 looked like. The Camry Kid gets it done and heads to victory lane.Brent Roy Pro Stock feature win July 8, 2017Brent Roy picks up the feature win in remarkable fashion. The Camry Kid might just want to leave the Roblynn Home Hardware Building Centre logo on the hood for good luck next time out!Dave OBlenis 2nd place pro stock feature July 8, 2017O’Blenis settles for second place on Saturday night. More often than not Dave is the one making a last lap pass for the win, but on this night the shoe was on the other foot so-to-speak. But O’Blenis, a true gentleman, took it all in stride and congratulated Brent on the victory.Ryan Messer 3rd place pro stock feature 2017Ryan Messer continued his impressive rookie Pro Stock season on Saturday night with a third place finish. Ryan has a habit of staying out of trouble, staying cool and being there at the end of the race for a great finish.Street Stock action 2017It just starts to get dark as the DMR Auto Sales Street Stock 75 gets underway. Matt Crocker (#00) goes out front early and dominates the race. Street Stock action 2017Matt was challenged a time or two on restarts after cautions but always managed to hold onto the lead. Matt Crocker victory street stock 75 july 8, 2017 later dqedMatt went to victory lane where he was surrounded by youngsters who participated in a DMR Auto Sales special promotion.  (*Note: Crocker’s car failed to pass a post-race inspection. Fourth place finished Benji Ruff was also disqualified.)Roger Slocum 2017 Street Stock 75 winnerRoger Slocum, who crossed the stripe second, was eventually awarded the win. Roger claimed a $300 bonus from C.B. Warren’s Auto Care in Oromocto for the victory.Destiny Enkel 3rd place Street Stock 75 2017Destiny Enkel ends up with a second place finish and is congratulated by the boys from DMR Auto Sales. Street Stock action 2017Luke Dukeshire never got to go to the podium, but was awarded a 3rd place finish in the big race. It was his best finish of the year.

Thanks for checking out this week’s Speedway 660’s photo album and thanks for being a fan of our awesome brand of racing. We thank all of our fans, race teams, marketing partners, staff and volunteers  for making it all happen. And a big thanks to Michelle Roy for her photos! 





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