Cummins 150 Photo Album

(July 3, 2017) The Cummins 150 was delayed by a day because of rain, but fans were treated to one of the best-ever Parts for Trucks Pro Stock races at Speedway 660. Our own Greg Fahey became the 34th different driver to win a tour race and did it front of his home track fans. What a day and what a win! We invite you to check out the photo album from the Cummins 150.

Greg Proude pit shot 2017There’s always lots going on in the pits on race day. Greg Proude, last year’s winner of the tour race here, has the 29 up on jack stands for a little work before heading out on the track.Cole Butcher pit shot 2017They are making a few adjustments on Cole Butcher’s car too. Cole is the defending Parts for Trucks Pro Stock champ and a former winner of the annual tour race in Geary. _DSC2836Not everyone has to crawl under a car to do some work. This creative person finds a unique way to fashion a chair out of a couple of Hoosier racing slicks! Greg Fahey in the pits 2017There was a lot of activity around Greg Fahey’s car in the pits. Greg has had some really good runs when the Tour comes up our way, but has never been able to close the deal. _DSC2856Hey what’s the deal here? Is this a new member of our infield team? Or is she just finding a little shade on a hot, muggy day.Flags in victory laneBut there is a little breeze to send the flags a fluttering. A reminder that Canada is celebrating it’s 150th. Happy Birthday Canada, you don’t look a day over 140!Matt CrockerMatt Crocker is our Spotlight Driver of the Week and goes for a ride in the Parade Lap. Matt says he spends all of his extra time working on the car and all of his extra money buying stuff for the car. He says he’s so busy racing that he doesn’t even have time to have a girl-friend!Sharp Shooter action 2017Let’s go racin! The Sharp Shooters are up first and it doesn’t take them long to stir things up.Sharp Shooter action 2017Oh this can’t be good. Grey Owl takes the weekend off and gets Tyler Crocker to run his car and young Tyler takes the 60 up the bank to do a little agricultural racing!Brody Levesque heat winner July 2, 2017When the dust and smoke clears, Brody Levesque emerges with the first Fredericton Gun Shop Sharp Shooter heat race win. Brody leads the points but has yet to with a feature in 2017. Kyle MacKinnon heat win July2, 2017The second Sharp Shooter heat goes to Kyle MacKinnon when our official starter Tim Elliott throws the checkers when the 22 reaches the stripe to complete lap number 10. Kyle MacKinnon sharp shooter heat winner July2, 2017lAnd here’s Kyle shot in victory lane. MacKinnon is the defending Sharp Shooter champion, but is chasing Brody for the crown this season. Matt Crocker street stock heat winner July 2, 2017Our Spotlight Driver of the Week wins the first DMR Auto Sales Street Stock heat race. Matt Crocker was very succesful in a Sharp Shooter before moving up a notch on the Speedway 660 roster.Street Stock action 2017Hey it’s Michael Cormier in a Street Stock! Michael has almost outgrown his little Bandolero and jumped into a Street Stock. Nice to see Michael come visit us from down Moncton way and we hope to see him come visit us again soon.Luc McLaughlin street stock heat winner July 2, 2017Street Stock point leader Luc McLaughlin rolls into victory lane after winning the second heat race. Luc is having a dream season so far in 2017.Pro Stock Tour action 2017Time for the Parts for Trucks Pro Stock Tour qualifying heat races. Dylan Gosbee (#91) has a side by side battle with Shawn Turple. Pro Stock Tour action 2017Gosbee, who won a RE/MAX Group Four Realty Pro Stock feature, earlier this season, wins the first heat and qualifies on the pole position for the Cummins 150. Pro Stock tour action 2017Greg Proude (#29) wins a hotly contested heat number two. Last year Greg became the first Prince Edward Islander to win a Parts for Trucks Pro Stock race at 660. This heat win will give Greg a great starting spot for the Cummins 150.Pro Stock tour action 2017Defending tour champ Cole Butcher (#53) is in a tight side by side battle with little brother Jarrett, who is a rookie on the tour this season. Dylan Blenkhorn (#67) leads the points heading into the fifth stop on the 2017 tour schedule.Cole Butcher Pro Stock tour heat winner July 2, 2017Cole prevails and gets the win in the third and final heat race. He’ll start third in the 19 car field for the Cummins shooter action 2017The Sharp Shooters take the green flag and dive down into turn one in the first lap of their 25 lap feature.Sharp Shooter action 2017Bryan Suttie leads that first lap and point leader Brody Levesque (the white & orange car) has got some work to do.  He runs alongside Kyle MacKinnon, the defending champ.SHarp Shooter action 2017Eventually Levesque catches Suttie and attempts to make the pass on the high side of Speedway 660.Brody Levesque sharp shooter feature win July 2, 2017Brody makes it happen and wins his very first Fredericton Gun Shop Sharp Shooter feature of the season! He continues his impressive streak of five straight podium finishes and most important leaves Speedway 660 with the Sharp Shooter point lead. Bryan Suttie Sharp Shooter 2nd place feature finish July 2, 2017Suttie settles for second place. Looks like we might have a future driver ready to take the wheel of the 51 in a couple of years! Bryan is a pretty good wheelman and although he is only running part time in 2017, he has been getting great results.Kyle Boudreau 3rd sharp shooter feature July 2, 2017Kyle Boudreau grabs third place in the feature. The 2015 Sharp Shooter champion is in hot pursuit of this year’s point leader.Sharp Shooter action 2017 Kyle congratulates Brody on the feature win. Even though these guys all race each other hard, its good to see this level of sportsmanship on display in our Sharp Shooter division.  Street Stock action 2017The Street Stocks roll out next and although these guys weren’t up at the front they waged war for most of the 30 laps. Street Stock action 2017Hello it’s Me! Matt Crocker (#00) introduces himself to point leader Luc McLaughlin. Actually these guys are pretty good friends, but that doesn’t mean they don’t race each other hard when the green flag flies.Street Stock action 2017 While the battle raged a little further on back, young Riley Goodwin sprints out to the lead and crosses the stripe first for his second DMR Auto Sales Street Stock win of the season. Nicely done young man!Riley Goodwin street stock feature win July 2, 2017“Mister Checkers or Wreckers” is pretty pleased with the win. Riley has won the street stock feature twice, but landed on his roof one week and suffered a mechanical failure another week.  Young Goodwin hopes this win leads to more good results in the weeks to come. Roger Slocum street stock 2nd place feature July 2, 2017Roger Slocum takes second place for another 2017 podium finish. The 2013 Street Stock champ is quietly going about his business this season and another good finish or two will put him right up there in contention for another crown!Destiny Enkel 3rd street stock feature July 2, 2017Destiny Enkel and her Dad celebrate a third place finish. This young lady loves Street Stock racing and doesn’t mind mixing it up with the guys out on the track!Riley Goodwin feature winner street stock July 2, 2017Here’s the winner’s shot. The Goodwin clan is pretty pleased with Riley’s big win. Next week our Street Stockers will go all out in the DMR Auto Sales 75! Pro Stock action 2017Sarah McKay and the other Pro Stock drivers come out for a parade lap prior to the Cummins 150. They all displayed Canadian flags for a couple of laps before stopping for driver introductions.Tim Terry 2017Tim Terry, the voice of the Parts for Trucks Pro Stock Tour and the ultimate Master of Driver Intros, gets ready to introduce the 19 drivers in the Cummins 150. Dylan Blenkhorn 2017Dylan Blenkhorn, the tour’s point leader, waves to the crowd. Dylan is getting ready to extend his string of four straight 2017 podium finishes. BTW Speedway 660 is the only track Dylan hasn’t won at on the Parts for Trucks Pro Stock Tour. Greg Fahey 2017Greg Fahey takes it all in and gets the biggest cheer when Tim introduces the “Pride of Charlotte County”. Greg, a four time RE/MAX Group Four Realty Pro Stock champ at 660, has never won a tour race.Pro Stock tour action 2017With the pomp and circumstance of the driver introductions completed, drivers and fans are all amped up for the Cummins 150, under sunny skies! Pro Stock tour action 2017Pole sitter Dylan Gosbee (#91) takes the early lead, but it doesn’t take Greg Fahey too long to catch Dylan and begin to challenge for the lead.Pro Stock tour action 2017Fahey makes his move and Dylan drops to second. Cole Butcher (#53), Shawn Turple (#0), Dylan Blenkhorn (#67) and Craig Slaunwhite (#67) are all within striking distance of the leader. Pro Stock tour action 2017There were only five cautions on the day, including one for a brief shower and another for debris on the track. Once the little shower passed the cars stopped on the front stretch while crew members cleaned the windshields. Pro Stock tour action 2017Greg used his vast experience at Speedway 660 to his advantage maintaining the lead over the best Part for Trucks Pro Stock Tour drivers in Atlantic Canada. Greg Fahey PST winner 2017And there you have it. Greg dominates the Cummins 150, crosses the stripe first and wins his first-ever Parts for Trucks Pro Stock Tour race.Greg Fahey burn out July 2, 2017A post race burn-out for the fine fans at Speedway 660 is in order. What a day and what a win!Greg Fahey PST win July 2, 2017Greg climbs out of his Patterson Toyota Camry totally exhausted after 150 action packed grueling laps of racing on a hot, muggy day. Dylan Blenkhorn 3rd place PST July 2, 2017Dylan Blenkhorn makes it five podiums in a row on the Parts for Trucks Pro Stock Tour. Dylan comes home third and although it’s not his first-ever win at 660, he does leave here with the tour points lead.  Dylan Gosbee 2nd place PST July 2, 2017Dylan Gosbee has a great run and finishes second. BTW Gosbee and Blenkhorn showed a lot of class and sportsmanship by congratulating Greg Fahey on his win. Greg Fahey winner PST July 2, 2017 Fahey accepts the winner’s trophy. He’s the first non-regular driver to win on the tour in 2017. Greg will be going to Riverside International Speedway in a couple of week for the IWK 250. Greg Fahey PST winner July 2, 2017It’s a joyous occasion for the entire McLaughlin Roof Trusses race team. Team Owner Andy Fox is proud of his driver and entire race team for this incredible win.PST podium 2017Here’s your Cummins 150 podium shot. Greg Fahey flanked by Dylan Gosbee and Dylan Blenkhorn. The 2017 Parts for Trucks Pro Stock Tour race at Speedway 660 will long be remembered! 

Thanks for checking out the Cummins 150 Photo Album and thanks for being a fan of racing at Speedway 660. We thank Michelle Roy for the awesome images for this week’s photo album. 


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