DQ Kids Night – At Long Last! Wades Weekly #12

DQ Kids Night is finally going to happen at Speedway 660. The most popular event for our youngest fans was originally scheduled for June 5th, but as all our kids know, it was washed out. They have been waiting for more than two months, but their wait is almost over.

Wic-Kid Fun
DQ Kids Night is a special time for our young fans. They get to go into the pits at 6PM for about 45 minutes to meet their favourite drivers and check out the race cars. Then there is the candy scramble on the front stretch during intermission and DQ always brings a freezer full of treats.
Kids have always been a big part of our racing family at Speedway 660. This year it’s even more exciting because some of our kids will be racing in their Bandolero cars. Although this division is only in its first year, it is fast becoming a crowd favourite. I know a lot of our fans will head straight over to the Bandolero cars and drivers as soon as the pits open.

Prime Time Street Stock
Our Street Stock drivers almost always play “third fiddle” to Sportsman and Pro-Stock racers. But this Saturday night we are going to see the ultimate “Creature Feature” as the Leisure Family RV dot com Street Stock machines race 75 laps. It’s hard on the drivers and hard on the riggin because these teams usually race 20 lap features.
There are some great rivalries in Street Stock this year and we are going to see a fantastic race this weekend. This is their big chance to take center-stage and show our fans what street stock racing is all about.

Hotter Than a Flame-Broiled BK Burger!
Dave O’Blenis sure picked a great time to get hot. The former Pro Stock 250 winner and multiple Speedway 660 Pro Stock champ has turned up the wick in the last couple of weeks. He followed up a top five finish in the Atlantic Cat 250, down at Scotia, with a big win in the Max 1 Advanced Synthetic 150.

On Saturday night O’Blenis was awesome, looking every bit as strong as he did back in his hay day. And he beat some heavy hitters too. Scott Chubbuck, from down in Maine, and Lonnie Sommerville had to be considered the favourites going into the 150, but it was Dave who earned the automatic spot in the 250 on SpeedWeekend.

Hot Fun in the Summer Sun
Sunday was another wicked hot day at Speedway 660 and the action was incredible as the Enduro drivers commandeered the track. It was great to see several front wheel drive cars compete in their own race, but it was one of our regular Enduro drivers who stole the show.
All of the drivers were primed for action and gave the big crowd lots to cheer about. But the loudest cheers of the afternoon went to Courtney Barton. The young gal from Minto brought her “Holstein Express” home in third place, but it was her ability to spin out the competition that impressed our fans. It’s hard to explain because you actually had to be there to see just how exciting she was.

Weekend Heroes
After the Max 1 Advanced Synthetic 150 it was obvious that Dave O’Blenis deserved to be our latest Saturday Night Hero. Everyone was glad to see Dave return to top form and set himself up as one of the favourites heading into the Pro Stock 250.

However, after Courtney’s performance I think it is only fitting to have a Sunday Afternoon Hero as well. Ms. Barton is incredible and proved that Girls Rule! Two different drivers in two different forms of racing made the weekend exciting for our fans. That’s why Courtney Barton and Dave O’Blenis are our Weekend Heroes.

Great Kids and Great Racin
DQ Kids Night is up next at Speedway 660. So this Saturday night round up a bunch of kids and come see us.

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