Familiar Faces Set for MAX 1 Pro Stock 150 – Fraser, Chubbuck and St. Peter!

Three names that are returning to Speedway 660 Pro stock racing this Saturday night have all had success here in years past, Frank Fraser, Scott Chubbuck and Dale St. Peter.

Frank Fraser will be driving Kevin Boyle’s #24 Debway Truck Bodies Pro Stock out of Saint John.  The last time fans saw Frank in a Pro stock was in the 2007 Peterbilt 250 where he sat on the pole and led 60 odd laps.

Scott Chubbuck is no stranger to the Geary woods.  Scott made his debut at Speedway 660 in a Cushman Competition Ford at the 2002 Peterbilt 250 and took home victory in the 2005 250.

Dale St. Peter’s success came years before the first 250.  Dale raced in the mid 90’s and actually wont the first ever Pro Stock 150 held in 1996.  Dale hales from Caribou Maine and has been focusing on family and business for the last several years and if now looking to return to the Pro stock ranks at Speedway 660.

Add these three guys into an already stellar field of Pro Stocks and this weekends MAX 1 Advanced Synthetic 150 is sure to be an event you dont want to miss.

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