Explosive Sportsman Action This Weekend! – Wades Weekly #10

It’s called the Firecracker 150 for a good reason. That’s because it is one of the most explosive evenings of racing of the year at Speedway 660. Our Sportsman drivers will go all out to win this prestigious event and do whatever it takes to be the ones celebrating in the Auto Pride Victory Lane this Saturday night.

Winning the Firecracker 150 is huge for a driver as well as their sponsors and fans. Just ask Glyn Nott who has won more than a few big Sportsman races over the years. Team Nott knows how to get it done and has to be considered a threat to do it again this weekend. But wait, there are lots of other teams who can make it happen too.

A Competitive Field
It’s a long race on a short-track and no one can predict how it is going to play out. At Speedway 660 we have seen amazing Sportsman racing ever since the track opened in 1994. That’s because of the parity in this Division. As of today, only 33 points separate first from tenth in the Martin’s Home Heating championship standings. And only 84 points separate first from 18th.

That means anyone of these guys has a realistic chance of pulling off a win in the Firecracker 150. On top of that, we probably will see a few out of towners attempt to seek glory at Speedway 660 this weekend. And that’s what makes Sportsman racing so outstanding in our neck of the woods.

Atlantic Cat 250
Some of our Pro Stock teams are headed to Halifax this weekend. They will race in the Atlantic Cat 250 at Scotia Speedway. It’s the 2nd Jewel in the great triple crown series. Of course the Crown Jewel of the series takes place at Speedway 660 during SpeedWeekend 2010.

Good luck to all of our pro stock teams who are headed down to Scotia. It’s really great to see the spirit of co-operation among Riverside, Scotia,   Speedway 660 and the Carquest Pro Stock Tour on this three race series. Drivers, fans and sponsors have embraced it and it has quickly become the premier stock car racing event in Canada.

Saturday Night Heroes
I have been picking my Saturday night heroes in this space all summer. This week it is time to acknowledge the families of drivers, crews and our volunteers and employees. We “go racing” because we love this sport and I want to thank all of our family members who stand by us here at Speedway 660.

Last weekend we were off. It was a long weekend and I hope everyone had a chance to spend more time with their families away from the track. I say that because between now and the end of SpeedWeekend on September 6th, those of us involved in the sport will be spending every weekend at the track!

We’ll see you on Saturday night when Speedway 660 explodes with the Firecracker 150.

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