Fan Appreciation Night Photo Album

(Aug. 21st, 2016) Race fans were treated to  great entertainment at Speedway 660 last Saturday during Fan Appreciation Night. It started off with an on-track autograph session and ended with hard fought feature races in all four weekly divisions as drivers scrambled for as many points as possible in the second last point race of the season. We invite you to check out our Fan Appreciation Night Photo Album.

Greg Fahey fan appreciation night 2016We’ll start things off with Greg Fahey who has just signed an autograph for this young race fan. It’s amazing how a driver can be so calm, cool and collected just prior to racing hard and chasing a championship in our top division.Fan Appreciation Night 2016It’s always pretty cool to see all of the cars, drivers and race teams on the track at the same time. Fan Appreciation Night is a pretty special race date for everyone at 660!Fan Appreciation Night 2016This young lady got to sit inside the “Grey Owl’s” race car. Maybe in a few years we’ll see her out on the track running the wheels off a race car!Tom Gilmore pace truck driver fan appreciation 2016Maybe this young lady would like to have Tom Gilmore’s job and drive the Riverview Ford F-150 Pace truck.Fan Appreciation NightFans kept Brent Roy and our other drivers pretty busy signing autographs. Our drivers enjoy Fan Appreciation Night just as much as our fans.Fan Appreciation Night 2016 Halloween in August? Kids love getting autographs but they also come prepared to get a shopping bag full of treats that our drivers hand out on Fan Appreciation Night.Courtney OBlenis Fan Appreciation NightKids weren’t the only ones out to get autographs. Courtney O’Blenis signs one of her driver’s cards for a new fan. fan appreciation 2016Someone had better call security before this crowd gets out of control!Fan Appreciation Night 2016Everyone enjoyed meeting the drivers and their teams as well as seeing the race cars, but we all came here to see some racin, so let’s get this show on the road!sharp shooter action 2016First up, the Fredericton Gun Shop Sharp Shooters. Nice little battle for the lead gets the fans on the edge of their seats.Grey Owl sharp shooter heat win Aug 20, 2016And the winner is Grey Owl, who makes his first ever visit to the Riverview Ford Victory Lane. Or is it? Maybe it’s that little girl we saw in the car during the autograph session!Sharp Shooter action 2016The 2nd sharp shooter heat was also hotly contested with Brody Levesque beating Kyle MacKinnon to the stripe for the win. Look for these two dudes to continue their rivalry later on in the feature. Destiny Enkel street stock heat win Aug 20, 2016 Destiny Enkel wins the first DMR Auto Sales Street Stock heat race of the night. Destiny is one of a growing number of talented young ladies who have taken our sport by storm over the last few years.Riley Goodwin street stock heat win Aug. 20, 2016 Riley Goodwin wins street stock heat number two. This young 4th generation driver has been on a roll the last month or so. We’ll soon find out if he can keep the momentum growing when the street stocks return for their 30 lap feature.Wade Harris Aug 20, 2016How did this picture get in here? It looks like Wade Harris, but he hasn’t raced in over five years! It is Wade and he’s back! Jordan Viennotte sportsman heat winner Aug 20, 2016Jordan Vienotte, whose home track is Scotia SpeedWorld, drove up from the Ocean playground to play with our Martins Home Heating Division drivers on Saturday night. Jordan plays hard and wins the first sportsman heat race. Nicely done JV.Sportsman action 2016A couple of Lads from Harvey get after it in the second sportsman heat race.Jacob Logan sportsman heat winner Aug 20, 2016 Jacob Logan beats Justin Cole to the stripe and gets to take the 37 to victory lane. Could this be the night young Logan captures his first feature win? Stay tuned to find out. pro stock action 2016Glyn Nott takes a wild ride in the first Re/Max Group Four Realty Pro Stock heat race. dust-up 2016There was another “dust-up” in that first pro stock heat, but it’s pretty much impossible to tell who was involved in this one!Dave OBlenis pro stock heat win Aug 20, 2016When the dust cleared Dave O’Blenis drives into victory lane. Dave hasn’t been in the pro stock in over two months because he’s focused on supporting his two daughter’s racing effort. Could this be a little “shake-down” for the MacLaughlin Roof Trusses 250. We’ll have to wait until SpeedWeekend to find out. Dustin Tucker pro stock heat win Aug 20, 2016Dustin Tucker has a fast car and gets it done in the second pro stock heat race. BTW we had a Conversation with this 3rd gen driver on the 660 web site last week. If you missed it we invite you to check it out after you finish the photo shooter action 2016Sharp Shooter feature time. Grey Owl is getting awful racey after winning his heat race. If you wonder how that’s going to work out for him just keep on scrolling!sharp shooter action 2016Hang on a minute. Is this any way to treat a 60 year old man?sharp shooter action 2016Oh my, this can’t be good. Better just hang on and hope for the best!sharp shooter action 2016This looks like rush hour at the new traffic circle in up town Fredericton. Who’s got the right of way here? Curtis Collins sharp shooter feature win Aug. 20, 2016After all of that, Curtis Collins wins another Fredericton Gun Shop Sharp Shooter feature.  Curtis and his Dad Corey are showing three fingers for three wins, but those crew members are only showing two. What’s up with that? Oh, perhaps they grew up in the sixties and are flashing peace signs! street stock action 2016What goes on when the sun goes down? In this case it’s a little “get-together” in the DMR Auto Sales Street Stock feature.street stock action 2016Riley Goodwin leads a lot of laps early, but later in the race here comes the “Belle of the Ball”.Riley Goodwin 3rd street stock feature Aug 20, 2016 Riley had another great run and follows his heat win up with an impressive 3rd place finish in the street stock feature. That’s two podiums in a row for Riley, next time he’s gonna aim for the Riverview Ford Victory Lane!Rob Raynes 2nd place street stock feature Aug 20, 2016Ho-hum – another race day, another podium! That’s 24 in a row for Rob Raynes who comes home 2nd. Rob’s podium streak runs back to August of 2014. He hopes to run the streak to 25 on the Night of Champions and take home his 2nd straight title.Courtney OBlenis street stock feature win Aug 20, 2016For the 6th time in 2016 Courtney O’Blenis wins the DMR Auto Sales Street Stock feature. She just may have to win number 7 on the Night of Champions if she hopes to over-take Rob and win the championship.Ryan Messer sportsman feature win Aug 20, 2016Ryan Messer has got lots to smile about after parking “Big Orange” in victory lane. That win brings Ryan one step closer to the Martins Home Heating Sportsman Championship. BTW Ryan’s two little friends are about the same age he was when he started racing bandos. How about it boys? We want to get that bando division back in action next year and you guys look like you’d be pretty good little drivers!Jacob Logan 2nd place sportsman feature Aug 20, 2016Jacob Logan led much of the sportsman race before Ryan got him with a few laps to go. But Jacob was pretty pleased with 2nd place and knows his time is coming.  His little friends look happy too.Jordan Vienette sportsman feature 3rd place Aug 20, 2016After finishing on the podium at Scotia on Friday night, Jordan Vienotte and his team traveled up the big highway to 660 to “shake-down” the car before the McKay Builders 150 on SpeedWeekend.  Both car and driver looked pretty good and Jordan came away with a 3rd place and rescue action 2016Our infield crew was busy during the pro stock feature dealing with a few on-track incidents, including this one with Jonathan Gahan.Matt Harris 3rd place pro stock feature Aug 20, 2016Matt Harris got caught up in a wreck early in the race, but a stellar effort by his crew got him back on track in time to earn an impressive 3rd place finish.Derek Christie 2nd pro stock feature Aug 20, 2016Derek Christie had his best run in a couple of years and finished 2nd in the Re/Max Group Four Realty Pro Stock feature. Derek is looking forward to SpeedWeekend and hopes to run strong.Ashton Tucker top rookie pro stock feature Aug 20, 2016Ashton Tucker finished 5th and picked up the the CRF Chassis Rookie of the Race Award, presented by GD Fabrication. Nice job Ashton!Greg Fahey pro stock feature winner Aug 20, 2016We started the Fan Appreciation Photo Album out with Greg Fahey signing autographs, so it seems only fitting to end with Greg and his family celebrating a win. Fahey will go into the Night of Champions with the point lead in the Re/Max Group Four Realty Pro Stock Division but knows he’ll have to go hard to capture that title.

Thanks for checking out the Fan Appreciation Photo Album. We thank Michelle and Max Roy for their excellent photos.



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