Wade’s Weekly #5 – Fantabulous FanFest!

Where can you go to see three hours of extreme entertainment for free?  The answer of course is Speedway 660 and that’s because this Saturday night at seven o’clock, FANFEST takes centre stage. What an opportunity to introduce new folks to our sport, because everyone will be admitted free of charge!

Our fans are the best and we have seen some big crowds for our early season action. They expect great, non-stop action and over the years Speedway 660 has consistently delivered the goods. It’s not easy to pull off week after week, but our on-track product is as good as it gets anywhere.

Why is Speedway 660’s Racing So Good?
Someone once asked me why our racing is so exciting? The answer really is a combination of things. First off, we have a large car count and draw race teams from a wide geographic area. We have excellent corporate sponsors, for the race teams and the speedway. We have an unbelievably dedicated group of staff at Speedway 660 who take a lot of pride in what they do and our on-track product.

All of these things contribute to awesome racing, but the most important component of our success is the fans. Speedway 660 consistently draws the largest crowds in our region. They are knowledgeable and expect to see great racing.

That’s what motivates our drivers and teams along with the Speedway 660 staff to be the best we can be, each and every race day. And that’s why we came up with the FANFEST concept. It’s a way for us to honour our fans, who support us every week, by giving them a little break and letting them in for free. It’s also a way to introduce new people to the Speedway 660 product.

Supporting Our Troops
It sure was nice to see our soldiers and some of their awesome equipment during last week’s Military Appreciation Night. The Light Armoured Vehicle, the military wrecker, the big troop and equipment transport truck and the helicopter that flew over right on cue, as the national anthem wrapped up, were all highlights.

But the biggest thrill for us was having a chance to entertain and meet many of the military personnel from Canadian Forces Base Gagetown. Major Elizabeth Schofield was a wonderful spokeswoman for the Canadian Forces and Major Dunn did an excellent job co-ordinating the helicopter fly-by. It is abundantly clear that everyone at Speedway 660 appreciates our military and supports the work they do both here at home and around the world.

Great Racing Too
Last week was no exception and once again we witnessed more incredible racing. Maybe there were a few more A.L. Gullison Disaster Clean-up Cautions than some folks wanted to see, but the bottom line was that the racing was superb.

I have mentioned Ken MacKenzie in this space before, but his exuberance in the post race interview is second to no one! Ken, who has joined us full time this year, did have to settle for second in the Martin’s Home Heating Sportsman feature, but the Salisbury resident has served notice he will be a contender for that championship in 2010.

Our Latest Saturday Night Heroes
The real heroes at Speedway 660 last Saturday night were the members of the Canadian and American Forces. And that’s why it seemed fitting for Glyn Nott to drive the wheels off his familiar number 12 to win the Sportsman feature. Glyn has served in the military for almost 25 years and we know that he is more than willing to share our latest Saturday Night Hero designation with all members of the Canadian Forces.

Bring Your Friends to FANFEST
This year we have been encouraging you to tell your friends about our great racing entertainment. Its FanFest 2010, so please let everyone know there is free admission and get them down to Speedway 660 for a fantabulous time!

FANFEST 2010 Ticket Locations:

RV World
Riverview Ford Lincoln
Macleans Sports

Saint John
Leisure Time RV
Macleans Powersports

Moncton RV Center

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