NOTT does Military Proud!!

Fredericton N.B. -Saturday night was military appreciation at Speedway 660 with all military personnel receiving free entry into the speedway.

All divisions were active on this night with the Bandeleros starting things off with some great action.   D.J. Casey out of Nova Scotia took home his 2nd straight victory while Dawson McIntee held Casey off until only a few laps remained, finishing a strong 2nd place.  Rounding out the top three was Cole Boudreau in his #96 ride.

In the 4 cylinder division which turned out to be a very entertaining race it was Mike Weagle of Petitcodiac winning for the second straight night but not without some difficulty.   Just 5 laps into the feature the 60 of Weagle made contact with the 7 of T.J. Madore.  Madore stayed the course but Weagle lost valuable track position.  With just 10 laps remaining Weagle went from dead last to 1st place to take the win.   He even took the time to let the 7 of Madore know he didn’t forget what had happened on lap 5.  Weagle did get the 7 loose with just 4 laps to go as he approached but Weagle made the right decision and let Madore straighten things out.     Weagle eventually made the pass and finished first while Madore finished 2nd and Kevin Dunster rounded out the top three with a third place finish.

In the Leisure Street Stock division Jason Shannon took home the checkers with an impressive win which moved him to within 2 points of points leader Peter Gaddess.  Shannon who seemed to struggle in the heat and the dash made up for it in the 20 lap feature with a pass on the last restart to take home the checkers.   Shannon Brake in his #18 got his first podium of the year while fan favorite Smokin’ Joe Albert delighted fans with a third place finish.

In the Martin’s Home Sportsman division Glyn Nott in his #12 ride did his fellow military comrades proud with a victory in the 30 lap feature.   Nott made his way to the front starting deep in the field.  Off one of the final restarts Nott took the high line to get by Ken Mackenzie of Moncton.  Mackenzie said after the race he “could see that black car coming again!”, he went on to say “I won’t give up, and I am going to get by him eventually”.  Mackenzie did take home a respectable 2nd place finish while John Rankin, the 2009 Martin’s Home Heating Sportsman points champion took home his first podium of 2010 with a 3rd place finish.

In the Coastal Packaging and Blending Main event, the 40 lap affair turned out to be a great race with the 18 of Brian McNaughton and Greg Fahey going head to head for the better part of the race only to see them both go to the back after an on-track incident.  That paved the way for an already strong Kevin Moore in his #88 Chevrolet.  Moore who had blown an engine in last week’s event was thrilled with the win marking his first victory of the season.   Brent Wiggins and Chris Duncan both had strong nights capped off by finishing 2nd and 3rd respectively.   The finish kept points leader Greg Fahey off the podium resulting in a tight race for the championship early into the 2010 season.

Speedway 660 resumes action next Saturday night June 26th with Fanfest 2010.  The speedway will be allowing fans to attend the event absolutely free.   This is the second year for this event and a capacity crowd is expected.

Coastal Blending & Packaging Pro Stock – Feature
Finish Car No Driver Hometown
1 88 Kevin Moore Pepper Creek, NB
2 17 Brent Wiggins Fredericton, NB
3 97 Chris Duncan Hampton, NB
4 69 Brian Gillespie Nackawic, NB
5 20 Greg Fahey St. Stephen, NB
6 16 Jordan Gahan Lower St Mary’s, NB
7 18 Brian MacNaughton Lower Coverdale, NB
8 29 Robert Tomlinson Arthurette, NB
9 87 Matt Harris Fredericton Jct., NB
10 12 Michael Kyle Sussex, NB
11 1 Vinnie Bonnar Quispamsis, NB
12 2 Lloyd Garnett Dobson Corner, NB
13 24 Kevin Boyle Hampton, NB
14 55 Carl Raeburn Lower Norton, NB
Martins Home Heating Sportsman – Feature
Finish Car No Driver Hometown
1 12 Glyn Nott Burton, NB
2 85 Ken Mackenzie Petitcodiac, NB
3 28 John Rankin St.Martins, NB
4 5 Wade Harris Canal, NB
5 29 Matt Maillet Oromocto, NB
6 1 Micheal Banks Lake George, NB
7 70 Dave Biggar Lake George, NB
8 26 Brent Roy Hanwell, NB
9 80 Dan McNeil Douglas, NB
10 03 Steve Halpin Saint John, NB
11 07 Robbie Fraser , Riverview NB
12 99 Shawn Hyslop St. Stephen, NB
13 81W Jamie Weston Bains Corner,
14 40 Richard Atkinson Geary, NB
15 42 Matt Rodgers Smithtown, NB
16 41 Robert Raynes North Summerville, NB
17 88 Shawn Warren Waasis, NB
18 17 Joe Hoyt Waasis, NB
19 44S Steve Seveck Temperance Vale, NB
20 27 Bill Sommerville Barnesville, NB
21 44 George Jamieson Fredericton, NB
22 9 Derek Christie Fredericton, NB
23 43 Shawn McLean Petitcodiac, NB
24 34 Randy Moore Saint John, NB
25 11 Cal Hatfield Rothesay, NB
26 89 Bill Belleville Saint John, NB
27 30 Jaret Defazio Saint John, NB
Leisure Family Street Stock – Feature
Finish Car No Driver Hometown
1 28 Jason Shannon Hoyt, NB
2 18 Shannon Brake Quispamsis, NB
3 04 Joe Albert Minto, NB
4 20 Peter Gaddess Minto,
5 23 Mike Francis Saint John, NB
6 40 Bill Belleville Saint John, NB
7 11 Rodney Ness Hanwell, NB
8 15 Roger Slocum Quispamsis, NB
9 8 Benji Ruff Carlew,
10 10 Devin Snell Rowley, NB
11 2 Matt Matheson French Lake, NB
12 29 Kevin McKeen Upper Kingsclear, NB
13 83 Trent Noble Tracy, NB
14 13 Jack Lane Geary, NB
15 1 Heidi Cooper Fredericton, NB
16 99 Rob Pethick Nackawic, NB
17 5 Brad Slipp Saint John, NB
18 54 Rick Cashol Saint John, NB
19 4 Richard Hartley Saint John, NB
4 Cylinder – Feature
Finish Car No Driver
1 60 Mike Weagle
2 7 T.J. Madore
3 16 Kevin Dunster
4 77 Ira Farnell
5 3 Kevin Peterson
6 2 Robert Flowers
7 15 Sean Peters
8 89 Arnie Tays
Bandos – Feature
Finish Car No Driver
1 8 D.J. Casey
2 19 Dawson McIntee
3 00 Cole Boudreau
4 1 Ryan Messer
5 4 Peter Martin
6 3 Alicia Mowat
7 46 Dana Hamm
8 20 Nathaniel Gullison
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