Cummins 100 Photo Album

(July 4, 2016) Fans were treated to an awesome afternoon of racing when the Parts for Trucks Pro Stock Tour came to Speedway 660 last Sunday. Twenty pro stock teams put on a great show in the Cummins 100 and one team that hadn’t won in long time raced their way into victory lane. We invite you to check out the Cummins 100 photo album.

2016 Parts for Trucks Pro Stock Tour Day at 660


sharp shooter action 2016The Fredericton Gun Shop Sharp Shooters hit the track first and it didn’t take long for these little cars to start mixing it up in the Geary Woods!sharp shooter action 2016Some were able to drive away, while others headed to the infield or the beach.James McCou sharp shooter heat winner July 3, 2016James McCoy is really starting to get more comfortable and confident in his sharp shooter ride and took the checkers in the first heat race of the afternoon.Curtis Collins heat race winner July , 2016Curtis Collins, another young “Rock Star”, drove his Pub’s Bottle Exchange Sharp Shooter to victory in the 2nd heat.street stock action 2016street stock action 2016_DSC8201_DSC8209Matt Crocker takes a wild ride in the first street stock heat race. Crocker, who raced sharp shooters for the last couple of years, recently jumped up a division and is getting used to more horsepower and rear-wheel drive!Noah Gillespie street stock heat win July 3, 2016Noah Gillespie takes the win in the first street stock heat. Noah, another former sharp shooter driver, continues to improve every time out at Speedway 660. street stock action 2016Fans were keeping their eyes on the 2nd street stock heat race as competition continues to pick up and rivalries take center stage in our toughest division of racing. Rob Raynes street stock heat winner July 3, 2016Rob Raynes continues his streak of good runs at 660 by winning that heat race.  Raynes, the defending point champ, is determined to take the title again in 2016.PST action 2016Everyone came out to see the Parts for Trucks Pro Stock Tour on Sunday and as they began their first heat race there was a roar of engines on the track and a buzz from the crowd in the stands!PST action 2016Craig Slaunwhite, who participated in our latest Conversation on the 660 website, beaches the 99 in the first qualifying heat for the Cummins 100. That unfortunate incident relegated Craig to starting dead last in the big race later in the day. _DSC8235Donald Chisholm, the defending Parts for Trucks Pro Stock champion, wins the first heat race and that gives him the pole position in the Cummins 100!PST action 2016Darren MacKinnon drives his #18 past Dylan Gosbee to win the second qualifying heat race._DSC8264Speedway 660 fans were keeping their eyes on Matt Rodgers and his #42 on this beautiful Sunday afternoon. Matt is well known in these parts as a great sportsman driver, but this year has moved up a notch and is racing pro stock. Here Matt has a nice little battle with Shawn Turple.PST action 2016DJ Shaw takes the blue 97 to the outside to pass Sarah McKay to win the third heat race. John Flemming still owns the 97, but has stepped aside to put an incredible young talent behind the wheel. sharp shooter action 2016 Sharp Shooter feature time and on the first lap “Grey Owl” goes a little slide-ways down in turns three & four!sharp shooter action 2016Then Allison Hall crashes right into James McCoy in the hardest sharp shooter hit of the year!fire and rescue respond 2016Fire & Rescue and our Emergency Medical Teams respond immediately and everyone is glad to see Allison safely climb out of her car. James escaped unhurt as well.tow truck 2016This is not the way you like to end your day, but Allison went back to the pits in much better shape than her little sharp shooter. The 73 team will have to work hard this week to get their machine ready for competition on Saturday night._DSC8319Dunphy’s tow truck got a work-out in the sharp shooter feature. Bryan Suttie was having a nice little run until his car got tore up. The 51 team will also be burning the midnight oil to get the 51 back in shape.Kyle MacKinnon sharp shooter feature winner July 3, 2016  Kyle MacKinnon made an incredible pass for the lead with just a couple of laps remaining and won the Fredericton Gun Shop Sharp Shooter feature.Curtis Collins 2nd sharp shooter feature July 3, 2016Curtis Collins followed up his heat race win with a 2nd place finish in the sharp shooter feature. Curtis really enjoyed running a 25 lap feature on Sunday and is looking forward to the Sharp Shooter 40 in a little over a month.Tyler Crocker 3rd sharp shooter feature July 3, 2016How about Tyler Crocker? In just his second week in a sharp shooter Tyler ends up 3rd in the feature. Young Crocker took over the wheel of this car after his brother Matt jumped into a street stock. Nicely done Tyler!street stock action 2016Speaking of Matt Crocker, he is really starting to get comfortable in that double zero street stock machine. Matt had a great little battle with Courtney O’Blenis in the 30 lap feature. street stock action 2016Destiny Enkel takes a turn in the “spin-cycle” and ends up with a little damage on the front end of her Monte Carlo. Rob Raynes street stock feature winner July 3, 2016 Rob Raynes wins the DMR Auto Sales Street Stock feature for the second time in 2016. Rob’s streak of 17 consecutive podium finishes goes back to the beginning of the 2015 season. That consistency is keeping the 41 at the top of the street stock point parade. Roger Slocum 2nd street stock feature July 3, 2016Roger Slocum grabs second place in the street stock feature. He’s been struggling with this new car all season and on Sunday finally got it close to where he wants it to be. But Roger knows he’s got to work a little harder to catch Rob Raynes.Courtney OBlenis 3rd street stock feature July 3, 2016It was another good point day for Courtney O’Blenis who came home third. Courtney felt the car get a bit loose at the end of the race and was a little surprised to see that she ran the last couple of laps on a flat right rear tire! PST action 2016Donald Chisholm (#89) led the early laps of the Cummins 100 on Sunday, before Greg Proude challenged him for the lead. It took several laps, but Proude’s Dodge finally was able to make the pass.  PST action 2016Fans kept a close eye on Craig Slaunwhite, during the Cummins 100. After beaching the 29 in his heat race and starting dead last in the big race, Craig steadily moved toward the front. Here he grabs a spot from Shawn Pierce.PST action 2016Cassius Clark ran up front all day. Here he holds off last year’s Cummins 100 winner Cole Butcher in a battle for third.Greg Proude winner Cummins 100 2016At the end of the day it was Greg Proude who took the victory lap at Speedway 660. It was his first ever win in the Geary Woods and the first Parts for Trucks Pro Stock Tour win since 2010. Cassius Clark 2nd Cummins 100 July 3, 2016Cassius Clark ends up settling for second place on this day, but Clark the winner of two earlier tour races this season leaves Speedway 660 with the points lead in the Parts for Trucks Pro Stock Tour. Craig Slaunwhite 3rd Cummins 100 July 3, 2016Craig Slaunwhite passed the most cars on Sunday. After starting 20th in the Cummins 100, Greg brought his #99 across the finish line with an impressive third place finish.

Thanks for checking out the Cummins 100 photo album. We thank Max Roy for his photos.



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