The Americans are Coming! Wade’s Weekly #3

Don’t PASS up your opportunity to visit Speedway 660 this weekend. We are hosting the Pro All Star Series for its only visit to our region, and it’s guaranteed to be one of the best races of the year.

The PASS event was clearly one of our top three races last year. The other two show-stoppers occurred during SpeedWeekend 2009. So fans of great racing are all headed to Speedway 660 on Saturday night for some early season fireworks!

Short Track All-Stars
The racing Rowe family is off to their usual fast start this season. Father Mike, who has won one of two PASS North races, leads the point parade and son Ben sits third. Mike, who will turn 60 later this summer, doesn’t travel as much as he used to but let’s hope his early season success encourages him to make the trip north.

Other top contenders will be Trevor Sanborn, second in points, and Johnny Clark, a race winner this season and a former SpeedWeekend 250 champ, who sits 4th in PASS points. We will most likely also see Cassius Clark, Brad Leighton, Adam Bates, Travis Benjamin and Derek Ramstrom. Almost forgot, Scott Chubbuck a former SpeedWeekend 250 winner loves running with us!

We expect to see more than a few Speedway 660 and Carquest Maritime Tour pro-stockers jump at the chance to race with the PASS boys. That always makes things interesting and gives our guys a chance to see how they match up against the Americans.

Last year, three of our former 250 winners were extremely competitive and all were in the running for the win. Lonnie Sommerville, Shawn Tucker and Kirk Thibeau are all fan favourites here and gave the
“all-stars” all they could handle. Sommerville, who became the first two time 250 winner at SpeedWeekend 2009, settled for seventh after a tire issue took him out of contention for last years PASS win.

As Good as it Gets
The PASS Tour is pure short-track professionalism. These guys get it, they know what fans want and always deliver. The Pro All Stars Series sanctions and promotes five racing series in the eastern United States and Canada. 2010 marks the series’ tenth anniversary.  Tommy Mayberry and his entire PASS team are committed to giving us one of the best races of the year this weekend. And it’s your only chance to see them, unless you are planning to travel stateside.

High or Low
In week one at Speedway 660 we saw a great pro stock battle between Shawn Tucker and Greg Fahey. Tucker was committed to the outside groove and made it work for the win. In the last couple of years the high side has been the place to run.

Veteran fans will remember how the low groove was the preferred line at Speedway 660 in the 1990s and the early years of this decade. Drivers would battle to get to the inside and battle even harder to keep it. But then a young, talented and determined Scott Fraser found a way to use the outside groove and rattled off a string of impressive wins.

A year ago, when the PASS Tour came to Atlantic Canada’s best racing facility, everyone wanted the outside, everyone that is except Ben Rowe. The Richard Moody Racing legend, determined to visit victory lane, worked some low groove magic to get the win.

Spirited Fans
We were all disappointed about the wet weather last weekend. Our fans just hate to lose a race day and who can blame them. Speedway 660 has the best racing in our region and probably the best short track racing in all of Canada. So our Saturday Heroes from last week are our awesome fans who wore out The Weather Channel looking for racing weather.

We’ll see everyone this Saturday night at Speedway 660 for the PASS race – it will be one of the best events of the season.

Ben Rowe hopes to win for the 2nd straight year when the PASS tour rolls into Speedway 660 this weekend. John Flemming (left) was 3rd a year ago while Adam Bates came home 2nd.

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