The Weekly Photo Album

(June 26, 2016) Saturday night’s races provided lots of exciting action as drivers in all four divisions ran hard to accumulate as many championship points as possible. There were a few first time and  a few repeat winners on this night.  There was a little old school racing and there was lots of fun for everyone in the Geary Woods!

The Photo Album from the races on June 25th, 2016


Sharp Shooter action 2016Right off the get-go we get a major dust-up when the sharp shooters hit the track for their first heat race. It was a hot and dusty night at Speedway 660 with temps in the high twenties! Allison Hall sharp shooter heat winner June 25, 2016 Allison Hall won the first Fredericton Gun Shop Sharp Shooter heat race of the evening. The young lady from Oromocto is still looking for her first feature podium. Perhaps she’ll make that happen later on this night.Curtis Collins shap shooter heat winner June 25, 2016The second heat race goes to Curtis Collins. We had a Conversation with Curtis on the 660 web site last week. If you missed it, we encourage you to check it out, because Curtis gives us a little insight on what its like to drive one of these sharp shooters.Noah Gillespie Street Stock heat winner June 25, 2016The first DMR Auto Sales Street Stock heat race is won by Noah Gillespie. Noah was the sharp shooter rookie of the year in 2015, a year he graduated from high school and decided to move up a notch in his racing pursuits. street stock action 2016Things get a little crazy in the second street stock heat race!street stock action 2016Courtney O’Blenis kicks up some dust, Rob Raynes gets more than a little slideways and Destiny Enkel just tries to get through this mess without wrecking her car!street stock action 2016After that caution we get a restart and Raynes and O’Blenis, who were tied for the points lead both want the inside lane and make a little contact. street stock action 2016It gets rough and O’Blenis gets driven down to the infield along with Ryan Richard.  They call it old school racing and that was evident in this heat race Saturday night._DSC8111Veteran Rob Raynes came out on top of that scuffle with soon to be grade 12 student Courtney O’Blenis. Raynes claimed victory in the second street stock heat race with the outcome of the feature to be decided later on. _DSC8112Kyle Orr has got to be smiling behind that full face helmet. Kyle grabs the win in the first Martins Home Heating Sportsman heat.  We’re not 100 percent sure, but this may be the first time Kyle has visited victory lane in this tough division.Jacob Logan Sportsman heat winner June 25, 2016Jacob Logan just keeps getting better week after week. Logan takes the second sportsman heat race and continues a very strong rookie campaign in a division where his father Bradley won three titles.Dave OBlenis pro stock heat winner for Keven Moore June 25, 2016Dave O’Blenis is the first Re/Max group Four Realty Pro Stock heat race winner. Dave is “pinch-hitting” for Big Kevin Moore who had family commitments and was unavailable to drive the 88.Brent Roy PS heat race winner, June 25, 2016Brent Roy is on a roll these days. After a few struggles with the car, earlier in the season, Roy has gotten into a pretty good grove. He takes the checkers in the second pro stock heat race.  Adam Gavel sharp shooter feature win June 25, 2016Here’s a first. Adam Gavel wins the Fredericton Gun Shop Sharp Shooter feature for the very first time.  Congrats Adam, that  was a great run!Allison Hall 2nd place sharp shooter feature, June 25, 2016Here’s another first. Remember Allison Hall? The winner of one of the sharp shooter heat races finally gets her first feature podium finish. Allison was second and was pretty happy about that, but she has her sights set on victory lane and will likely win a feature some day soon.Bryan Suttie 2nd place sharp shooter feature June 25, 2016 Bryan Suttie drove the wheels off his little sharp shooter, but just couldn’t chase down the top two. Bryan was pleased to take third place and took time to congratulate Allison and Adam on their awesome runs.Street stock action 2016Rob Raynes was not a patient man on Saturday night. He is in a big hurry to get to the front and goes three wide to get around Ryan Richard and Chris Hanley.Courtney OBlenis street stock feature win June 25, 2016Courtney O’Blenis has been on the fast track in 2016. She celebrates her third feature win of the season with her Dad. Now the pressure is on Dave to have a good run in Big Kevin Moore’s car in the pro stock feature!Rob Raynes 2nd street stock feature, June 25, 2016Rob Raynes has yet another street stock podium. That’s at least 16 in a row for Rob, dating back to the beginning of the 2015 season. The defending DMR Auto Sales Street Stock champ is a strong contender to win the title again this year. Rick Cashol 3rd place street stock feature June 25, 2016Racing legend Rick Cashol drives home third in the street stock feature. The five time Speedway 660 champion has several podiums this year, but has yet to solve Raynes and O`Blenis who continue to dominate this division.sportsman action 2016Alexandra O’Blenis was battling Drew Greenlaw for second place in the sportsman feature when she broke an axle and the rear wheel flew off her car. Check out the top right hand corner of the photo and you’ll see her wheel and tire high up in the catch fence!dunphys towingEveryone appreciates the great work our infield crew does every week, but no-one wants to end their night at the races like this.Ryan Messer sportsman feature winner June 25, 2016Fifteen year old Ryan Messer parks “Big Orange” in victory lane after winning the Martins Home Heating Sportsman feature for the second time this season. The 2015 rookie of the year is making a drive for the 2016 sportsman title.Drew Greeblaw 2nd in sportsman feature June 25, 2016Drew Greenlaw, who is in a tight battle with Ryan for the sportsman championship, settles for second in the feature. Drew gave it his best shot, but Messer was just a little faster on this night.George Jamieson 3rd sportsman feature June 25, 2016George Jamieson was third in the sportsman feature and sits third in the point standings. George says Messer and Greenlaw are just too fast for him to catch right now, but he`s going to keep working on his Dodge to see if he can overtake the two kids. Speaking of kids, who is George’s little friend with the great smile?pro stock action 2016We saw some incredible side by side action in the pro stock feature. Dave O’Blenis, driving Kevin Moore’s 88, has a good battle with points leader John Rankin.Dave O`Blenis pro stock feature win for keving moore June 25, 2016Dave O`Blenis follows up his heat win with a victory in the Re/Max Group Four Realty Pro Stock feature. Dave has a pretty big smile, but Kevin is likely smiling about the outcome of this race too! Greg Fahey 2nd pro stock featureJune 25, 2016Greg Fahey had a steady run on Saturday night finishing second in the pro stock feature. Fahey figures it won`t be long before it`s his turn to park the 29 in victory lane. Greg is a six time Speedway champ and is looking to make it seven in 16.Brent Roy 3rd place pro stock feature june 25, 2016Brent Roy is having an impressive first season in a pro stock. He was third on Saturday night and also won the CRF Chassis Rookie of the Race Award, presented by GD Fabrication.

It was an entertaining night of racing at 660. Thanks for checking out our weekly photo album. We thank Max Roy for this week’s photos.




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