Bandoleros on Track for 2010!

Officials at Speedway 660 announced today that they will be starting a new division of Bandolero cars to compete at Speedway 660 in 2010. For the first time in the history of the Speedway racers as young as 8 years old will have an opportunity to race on the oval as part of the Saturday night racing events.

The Bandolero car is built like a miniature stock car. It’s a turnkey spec series race car designed for drivers 8 to 15 years old. Safety is the number one concern starting with a shock absorbing frame design all the way to the mandated HANS device. The cars are manufactured by US Legend Cars in Charlotte, North Carolina and are being raced all around North America.

“This division will be a great addition to the Speedway and compliments our development plans very well. Introducing kids to stock car racing is a huge leap forward in developing future stars” said Speedway 660 co-owner Chris Johnston. Until 2010 racers had to be 14 or 16 to compete in stock car events.

“These cars are purposely built for the youngsters and have been designed so they are simpler to operate for youngsters then a full size stock car” added Johnston.

Although the 2010 schedule is still being finalized, it is expected that the Bandolero division will run 8-10 events this season. The Bandoleros will run as a division during regular racing events on Saturday nights at the Speedway.

Please contact Speedway 660 here for more information on the Bandolero Division.

More INFO:

Speedway 660 Driver Information Form and Car Number Registration.  Please complete this form if you plan to race in 2010.

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Steve Henderson

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