Riverview Ford Lincoln Season Opener Results

Fredericton, NB – After a long awaited season, Speedway 660 opened up with a BANG! Showing off their new logo and spreading the word about their new name, the Riverview Ford Lincoln Season Opener race has proven to be a WicKID kick off to the 2008 season. After giving away bumper stickers, free t-shirts and tons of other prizes, the fans were treated to another great night of racing in the Geary woods.

Starting off the evening was the Coast Tire Street Stocks with their heats. At the beginning of the night it looked like Matt Matheson in the #2 was going to take home a Robin’s Inn Hat Trick Award by winning both his heat and dash. Matheson started the feature in the pole position and began his on going fight with returning champ, Mike Francis, in the #23. For twelve laps the two drivers raced competitively for the win until a series of unfortunate events lead Matheson to spin out on the final lap in turn four. Matheson finished the race in eighth while Francis took home the win. Finishing in second was the #54 of Rick Cashol and rounding out the top three was the #41 of Robert Raynes.

In the Martin’s Home Heating Sportsman division the #5 of Wade Harris put up a great fight to hold off past champion Bradley Logan in the #37 and the #44 of George Jamieson. For the first twenty laps of the feature race Harris held his ground and drove as hard as he could to keep Jamieson and Logan from catching the feature win. Unfortunately Harris’s car wasn’t fast enough to hold off Logan, who took the lead on lap twenty one to bring on home another feature win and the charging Glyn Nott in the #12. Nott finished in second spot while Harris had to settle for third.

Sporting a new division sponsor, the Irving Lubricants Pro Stocks put on a great show with some familiar faces returning while new faces appeared. Irving Lubricants has hoped on board to sponsor the Pro Stock division after partnering up with Speedway 660 in previous years with the “Best of the Best” series. The Pro Stock division always puts on an awesome show and tonight wasn’t any different. Greg Fahey in the #20 looked as if he too was on his way to a Robin’s Inn Hat Trick award for winning his heat, dash and what looked liked to be feature. Fahey lead the majority of the race while fending of drivers such as rookies Mike Kyle in the #12, and Brian MacNaughton in the #18 along with senior Pro Stock drivers Matt Harris in the #87, and Vince Bonnar in the #1. It wasn’t until lap thirty three when Fahey met his hardest competition of the night. Brent Wiggins in the #17 made sure his presence was known by Fahey with persistent side by side racing for the remainder of the race. However only one driver can come out on top and win the feature and the honour goes to the #17 of Brent Wiggins in tonight’s Irving Lubricants Pro Stock feature. Greg Fahey had to settle for second while the #8 of Hal O’Neal snuck up to take third.

Tune in to Speedway 660 next weekend for the kick off of the “Best of the Best” series in the Pro Stock Division. The Geary woods will be roaring with pro stock engines from the New England states along with familiar Speedway 660 fan favourites. It’s a whole new era of racing and family entertainment so make sure you swing by the Geary woods for some WicKID Family Fun next Saturday night at 6pm.If you have any questions, please contact:

If you have any questions, please contact:

Miranda Carr, Office Manager

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Info: 506-454-RACE (7223)
Web: www.speedway660.com

Martin’s Home Heating Sportsman Feature (30 laps)
# Driver Hometown
1 37 Bradley Logan Harvey
2 12 Glyn Nott Burton
3 5 Wade Harris St. George
4 69 Brian Gillespie Nackawic
5 44 George Jamieson Fredericton
6 70 Dave Biggar Lake George
7 25 Jeremy Graham Jacksonville
8 26 Brent Roy Hanwell
9 07 Robbie Fraser ® Riverview
10 29 Matt Maillet Burton
11 9 Derek Christie ® Fredericton
12 1 Mike Banks Lake George
13 40 Richard Atkinson Geary
14 81 Cody Price ® Campbell Settlement
15 84 Derrick McKay Fredericton
16 42 Steve Rodgers Hampton
17 80 Dan McNeil Douglas
18 8 Joe Hoyt Geary
19 11 Cal Hatfield Rothesay
Irving Lubricants Pro Stock Feature (40 laps)
# Driver Hometown
1 17 Brent Wiggins Fredericton
2 20 Greg Fahey St. Stephen
3 8 Hal O’Neal Aroostook
4 29 Robert Tomlinson Arthurette
5 87 Matt Harris Fredericton Jct.
6 10 Jim Somerville ® Fredericton
7 18 Brian MacNaughton ® Lower Coverdale
8 12 Mike Kyle Berwick
9 31 Myles Harris Nasonworth
10 1 Vince Bonnar Quispamsis
Irving Lubricants Pro Stock Dash
# Driver Hometown
1 20 Greg Fahey St. Stephen
2 87 Matt Harris Fredericton Jct.
3 8 Hal O’Neal Aroostook
4 17 Brent Wiggins Fredericton
5 10 Jim Somerville ® Fredericton
6 29 Robert Tomlinson Arthurette
7 18 Brian MacNaughton ® Lower Coverdale
8 31 Myles Harris Nasonworth
9 1 Vince Bonnar Quispamsis
10 12 Mike Kyle ® Berwick
Martin’s Home Heating Sportsman Dash
# Driver Hometown
1 12 Glyn Nott Burton
2 5 Wade Harris St. George
3 69 Brian Gillespie Nackawic
4 37 Bradley Logan Harvey
5 07 Robbie Fraser ® Riverview
6 44 George Jamieson Fredericton
7 40 Richard Atkinson Geary
8 25 Jeremy Graham Jacksonville
9 26 Brent Roy Hanwell
10 11 Cal Hatfield Rothesay
Coast Tire Street Stock Feature (20 laps)
# Driver Hometown
1 23 Mike Francis Saint John
2 54 Rick Cashol Saint John
3 41 Robert Raynes Sommerville
4 15 Roger Slocum Youngs Cove
5 20 Jason Shannon Hoyt
6 88 Brian Fox Burton
7 11 Rodney Ness Hanwell
8 2 Matt Matheson Geary
9 7 Charles Gaddess ® Minto
10 18 John Feltmate Geary
11 83 Trent Noble ® Tracy
12 29 Kevin McKeen® Upper Kingsclear
13 13 Jack Lane Geary
14 40 Bill Belleville Saint John
15 1 Heidi Cooper Fredericton
16 05 Dana Brooks Fredericton
Coast Tire Street Stock Dash
# Driver Hometown
1 2 Matt Matheson Haneytown
2 23 Mike Francis Saint John
3 20 Jason Shannon Hoyt
4 18 John Feltmate Geary
5 54 Rick Cashol Saint John
6 41 Robert Raynes Summerville
7 13 Jack Lane Geary
8 15 Roger Slocum Youngs Cove
9 29 Kevin McKeen Upper Kingsclear
10 05 Dana Brooks Fredericton
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