Faster Paster + Mascot Challenge in the Books!

Fredericton, NB -It was a beautiful night for racing in the Geary woods.  Earlier this week no one would have thought that there would have been any racing happening this weekend but luckily Hurricane Bill held off.  Race fans got to see some exciting racing in the Coast Tire Street Stock; Martin’s Home Heating and the Irving Lubricant’s Pro Stock divisions as the points battles are heating up.  That’s not all, fans also got to see racing in the AOW series as well as the Faster Pastor’s racing in the Street Stock cars.

Matt Matheson had an outstanding evening winning all his races to take home the Robin’s Inn Hat Trick award.  Matt finished first in front of Rick Cashol in their heat, dash and feature.  The two battle pretty hard in the feature for the top spot.  Jason Shannon was also battling hard along with them to try to take the lead.  When it was all settled it was Matheson, Cashol and Shannon finishing 1-2-3.  It wasn’t such a good day for Shawn Hylsop who had to retire to the pits after he broke a wheel early in the race. Points leader Brian Fox had a pretty good run finishing in forth to give him a decent day for points.

Twenty year old Steve Halpin had a very good day as he also took home the Robin’s Inn Hat Trick award.  Halpin has been running well in the last few races. Halpin and Robbie Fraser battle for most of the race back and forth for the lead until late in the race when Myles Harris who had trouble earlier in the day, came and took over second spot.  Myles was strong all day until he was in a wreck in the dash and brought out the red flag.  He was very lucky to get back out for the finish and have a podium finish.  Another surprise late in the race was George Jamieson coming through the field to take third place. Jamieson has had a lot of mechanical problems this summer and this was his first week back in a couple of months. Some of the championship contenders ran out of laps and were not able to make it the front. This will shake up the points a little for next weekend’s event.

Brent Wiggins was back this weekend after having rear end problems last week and was having a good night winning his heat and dash.  In the feature Wiggins took the early lead. Brian Gillespie and Kevin Moore soon came up to challenge a tightly bunched pack for the lead. Late in the race there was a huge wreck involving most of the field.  Brent Wiggins was unable to finish the event after having such a strong run all day.  Greg Fahey seemed to stay out of trouble and was able to win the race.  The Nackawic Night Train Brian Gillespie has been having a lot of success in the past couple of weeks.  Gillespie took home a strong second as Brad Mann come home in third.  Points contender Kevin Moore had some bad luck and was not able to come back from that big wreck to finish the race.

Mark Price took the 30-lap AOW feature.  Price led most of the race.  Byron Bartlett and Paul Whittaker were also right there battling hard for the lead but ended up a bit short taking home a second and third place finishes.

A last but not least of the racing for the evening was the Faster Pastor race.  It was Pastor Greg Sparks of Geary Baptist Church that took the win driving the feature winning car or Matt Matheson’s.  Finishing in second in Brian Fox’s car was Pastor Larry Goguen of the Marysville Baptist Church Rounding out the top three was Pastor Mark Noel of the Geary Pentecostal Church. It was really nice to see all the support that all the fans gave to the Pastors and the Street Stock drivers for lending their cars.

We cannot forget the Mascot Challenge. During intermission the mascots were on track along with some young race fans helping them with the competitions that they had to do.  The big winner was the A&W Root Bear from A&W Prospect St. All were entertained, especially the young race fans that acted as chaperones for the mascots.

Next week will be the last point’s event of the season.  It will be a week you won’t want to miss.

Irving Lubricants Pro Stock Feature
Pos No. Name
1 20 Greg Fahey
2 69 Brian Gillespie
3 3 Brad Mann
4 81 Glenn Rasmussen
5 29 Robert Tomlinson
6 9 Leon Christie
7 7 Wayne Chase
8 12 Michael Kyle
9 18 Brian MacNaughton
10 17 Brent Wiggins
11 97 Chris Duncan
12 88 Kevin Moore

Martins Home Heating Sportsman Feature
Pos No. Name
1 03 Steve Halpin
2 31 Myles Harris
3 44 George Jamieson
4 07 Robbie Fraser
5 80 Dan McNeil
6 40 Richard Atkinson
7 12 Glyn Nott
8 28 John Rankin
9 26 Brent Roy
10 1 Micheal Banks
11 29 Matt Maillet
12 5 Wade Harris
13 9 Derek Christie
14 45 Calvin Rankin
15 43 Shawn MacLean
16 42 Matt Rodgers
17 34 Randy Moore
18 83 Rob Halpin
19 81 Cody Price
20 54 Kyle Carr
21 70 Dave Biggar

Coast Tire Street Stock Feature
Pos No. Name

1 2 Matt Matheson
2 54 Rick Cashol
3 20 Jason Shannon
4 88 Brian Fox
5 29 Kevin McKeen
6 18 Shannon Brake
7 83 Trent Noble
8 7 Charles Gaddess
9 15 Roger Slocum
10 41 Robert Raynes
11 13 Jack Lane
12 11 Rodney Ness
13 04 Joe Albert
14 4 Richard Hartley
15 5 Brad Slipp
16 99 Shawn Hyslop
17 1 Heidi Cooper

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