Cashol, Fahey and Biggar on Top!

Fredericton, NB-It was a beautiful night for racing in the Geary woods.  Fans not only got to enjoy the racing but they also got to enjoy the nice summer weather that was a little late coming.

It was definitely an action packed evening with racing regular racing in the Martin’s Home Heating Sportsman, Irving Lubricant’s Pro Stocks, the debut of the 4-cylinders and last but not least the Dent Daddy Street Stock 75.

First off, in the Martin’s Home Heating division, Dave Biggar took his yellow # 70 to the Auto Pride victory lane in the 30-lap feature. Bigger didnt waste any time moving up in the feature and passing Steve Halpin who started on the pole. Halpin quickly sprinted into the lead and led for quite a few laps until Dave Biggar challenged him. Once Biggar took the lead there was no looking back.  The championship contenders were boxed in mid field for most of the race.  Points leader Mike Banks did make it to a fifth place finish which will really help in the points. Steve Halpin had a good run finishing second and a strong run by Brent Roy who finished in third. This was a good night for the young guys.

In the Irving Lubricant’s Pro Stock division, the Nackawic Night Train Brian Gillespie took the early lead and was soon challenged by the Big Black Dodge of Glenn Rasmussen.  The two battled back and forth for many laps until Rasmussen took the lead.  Greg Fahey came into the picture and that is when the excitement started. The two, Rasmussen and Fahey battled back and forth for many laps and then Gillespie decide he wanted in on the action. The three spent the last 10 laps rubbing, making it three wide in a heavy exciting battle until the very end. Greg Fahey came across the finish line just inches in front of Rasmussen who finished in second and The Night Train in third. It was a very exciting race. After all rubbing is racing and these guys did just that and kept it clean at the same time.

In the Dent Daddy Street Stock 75 there was also a lot of action. It is a good thing for some of the drivers that this was not a point’s event.  Some of the point contenders had some mechanical problems tonight. Point leader Brian Fox had to retire from the race early as he had mechanical problems on lap 1.  Rick Cashol sprinted out to the early lead passing Charles Gaddess. Gaddess started on the pole and has been strong in the past couple of weeks.  Gaddess was not willing to give up first position without a fight. Matt Matheson also wanted to lead the race. Matheson and Cashol battled for most of the race.  Cashol took his # 54 to the Auto Pride Victory Lane, Matt Matheson finished a close second after a long battle with Cashol and rounding out the top three was Charles Gaddess.  Gaddess posted his first win last weekend and continues to be on a roll.  Shawn Hyslop came back from having to go in the pits due to mechanical problems and finished fourth.

It was the first night for the 4 cylinder cars at Speedway 660 and it was a big hit. We are hoping the division will grow and more people will get into driving 4 cylinders. The 4 cylinders can be seen again at Speedway 660 on August 29 for Fan Appreciation Day. Ira Farnell took the early lead in the 15-lap feature and went on to win. Finishing in second was the # 16 o of Kyle Dunster and rounding out the top three was Robert Flowers in his #2.  This division is a pretty inexpensive way to get into racing.  Hopefully this division will grow and people will build more cars for the next race.

All in all it was a very exciting evening of racing. There were a couple of lucky ladies who got a chance to ride in the speedway car with Pro Stock driver Glen Rasmussen as a special bonus for Ladies Night. The ladies seemed to really enjoy it.

Next weekend there will be more exciting racing coming up. So don’t miss it.

Dent Daddy Street Stock 75 Feature (75 laps)
#    Driver    Hometown
1    54    Rick Cashol    Saint John, NB
2    2    Matt Matheson    Geary, NB
3    7    Charles Gaddess    Minto, NB
4    99    Shawn Hyslop    St. Stephen, NB
5    29    Kevin McKeen    Upr Kingsclear, NB
6    04    Joe Albert    Minto, NB
7    40    Bill Belleville    Saint John, NB
8    15    Roger Slocum    Quispamsis, NB
9    4    Richard Hartley    Saint John, Nb
10    41    Robert Raynes    Nrth Summerville, NB
11    13    Jack Lane    Geary, NB
12    1    Heidi Cooper    Hanwell, NB
13    11    Rodney Ness    Hanwell, NB
14    83    Trent Noble    Tracy, NB
15    5    Steven Underhill    ,
16    18    Shannon Brake    Quispamsis, NB
17    23    Mike Francis    Saint John, NB
18    88    Brian Fox    Burton, NB
19    20    Jason Shannon    Hoyt, NB

Irving Lubricants Pro Stock Feature (40 laps)
#    Driver    Hometown
1    20    Greg Fahey    St. Stephen, NB
2    81    Glenn Rasmussen    New Denmark, NB
3    69    Brian Gillespie    Nackawic, NB
4    88    Kevin Moore    Pepper Creek, NB
5    97    Chris Duncan    Kingston, NB
6    18    Brian MacNaughton    Lwr Coverdale, NB
7    29    Robert Tomlinson    Arthurette, NB
8    7    Wayne Chase    Lake George, NB
9    3    Brad Mann    Glenlevet, NB
10    12    Michael Kyle    Berwick, NB
11    17    Brent Wiggins    Fredericton, NB

Martin’s Home Heating Sportsman Feature (30 laps)
#    Driver    Hometown
1    70    Dave Biggar    Lake George, NB
2    03    Steve Halpin    Saint John, NB
3    26    Brent Roy    Hanwell, NB
4    5    Wade Harris    Canal, NB
5    1    Micheal Banks    Lake George, NB
6    28    John Rankin    St.Martins, NB
7    31    Myles Harris    Nasonworth, NB
8    29    Matt Maillet    Burton, NB
9    40    Richard Atkinson    Geary, NB
10    80    Dan McNeil    Douglas, NB
11    88    Shawn Warren    Waasis, NB
12    83    Corey Little    Rowley, NB
13    12    Bradley Logan    Harvey Station, NB
14    54    George Jamieson    Fredericton, NB
15    07    Robbie Fraser    Riverview, NB
16    34    Randy Moore    Saint John, NB
17    81    Cody Price    Campbell Sett, NB
18    9    Derek Christie    Fredericton, NB

4 CYL Division Feature
#    Driver    Hometown
1    77    Ira Farnell    Fredericton, NB
2    16    Kyle Dunster    Haneytown, NB
3    2    Robert Flowers    Geary, NB
4    15    Sean Peters    Lincoln, NB
5    3    Kevin Peterson    Hoyt, NB

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