Front Wheel Drive Enduro Rescheduled for Monday September 7th

Fredericton, NB – With any new venture it can take time to get things rolling.  This seems to be the case with the Front Wheel Drive Enduro.  Due to the fact that this Enduro featured a totally new division of cars and would be a stand alone event (without any other divisions present) officials at Speedway 660 were looking to have teams pre-register in advance of Sundays FWD Enduro 200.  To date there have not been enough drivers registered to hold an event.  “We have tried our best over the years to ensure that we provide the highest quality of product to our fans therefore if would not be fair to them to host an event with a very low car count as indicated by our registrations” said Co-owner Chris Johnston.  “We certainly do appreciate the teams that have built FWD Enduro cars and those who are working on them so we plan to host a FWD Enduro 100 in conjunction with our Big Car Enduro 200 on Labour Day Monday.  We feel this will give teams an extra few weeks to prepare and will be a great addition to our season finale event”.

We apologize for any inconvenience this may cause.   Teams that are working on FWD Enduro cars are encouraged to contact the office at or at 506-455-3181 to register their car and number for the September 7th event.

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