Wade’s Weekly Issue 8 – Enduros to Shake, Rattle and Roll!

Our street stocks, sportsmen and pro stocks are off this weekend, but there will still be action in the Geary Woods because the Enduro drivers will invade Speedway 660. This is the first time the Enduro division will ever run on a Saturday night. That’s because the first Triple Crown Pro Stock event is scheduled for Riverside International Speedway down in Antigonish.

Speedway 660 has teamed up with Riverside and Scotia Speedway, near Halifax, to establish the Tripe Crown for pro stock racers. The IWK 250 is this weekend in Antigonish, the Atlantic Cat 250 is scheduled for August 8th in Halifax and the third jewel, the Peterbilt 250 at Speedway 660, goes September 6th. Almost a quarter of a million dollars in prize money will be up for grabs in the three races. If one pro stock driver is able to win all three, there will be an additional bonus of fifty grand!

Last Saturday night the Twin 100s were front and centre at Speedway 660 and the Martin’s Home Heating Sportsman 100 was definitely the show-stopper. We expected a Rankin to be a contender, but it wasn’t John who drove to the front, it was Calvin. John who has won two features this season got caught up in a wreck and ended his night early.
But Calvin was at or near the front most of the evening in a great battle with Michael Banks.

It reminded me of the Pro All-Star Series race because everyone wanted to run the high side. Remember how Ben Rowe made it work down low to win that race? Myles Harris must have watched the PASS race closely because that’s exactly what he did too. Myles was up-on-the-wheel during the last 25 laps, coming from fifth or sixth to pass them all down low and claim the win. Calvin Rankin faded down the stretch and settled for fifth. Banks crossed the line 2nd, but failed tech, which gave Matt Maillet the runner-up spot in one of the most exciting races of the year.

The Coast Tire Pro Stock 100 was shaping up to be a great race too, that is until Chris Duncan’s number 97 came apart when the green flag dropped. Chris started near the front and whatever it was that broke caused him to go sideways ahead of the entire field. The ensuing wreck took out several cars including three of the favourites. Shawn Tucker, Glenn Rasmussen and Big Kevin Moore were among the casualties.

Lonnie Sommerville, who was pinch hitting for Matt Harris, avoided the early carnage and cruised to the win ahead of Brian Gillespie and Brent Wiggins. It was Gillespie’s best finish ever in a pro stock.

This weekend the Enduro drivers are all set to shake, rattle and roll at Speedway 660 and we hope to see you in the Geary Woods. If you are headed to Antigonish please drive carefully, enjoy the IWK 250 and invite everyone to SpeedWeekend. Don’t forget that a week from Saturday night the Carquest Maritime Pro Stock Tour comes to town.

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