Sommerville and Myles Harris take Checkers!!

Fredericton, NB – After an exciting weekend of racing last weekend, fans were looking forward to the big races this weekend, the Twin 100’s. The Martin’s Home Heating Sportsman 100 and Coast Tire Best of the Best Pro Stock 100 are now in the books at Speedway 660.  Unfortunately Mother Nature has been less than kind this summer.  The good news is, it was a gorgeous day for racing.

Today’s event featured regular points racing the in the Coast Tire Street Stock, Martin’s Home Heating division had their first big race of the 2009 season and the second and final race of the Best of the Best two race series sponsored by Coast Tire.

In the Coast Tire Street Stock division Brian Fox was the big winner of the afternoon picking up a win in dash and the 20-lap feature.  Fox took the lead late in the race. Trent Noble who was having a good run led a lot of the race but came up a little short.  Mike Francis finished a close second and Matt Matheson rounded out the top 3 for a podium Finish.

The Martins Home Heating Sportsman 100 was very exciting. The big battle all evening was between Michael Banks and Calvin Rankin. The two battled back and forth with many lead changes between the two.  Competition was fierce tonight. It looked like the race was between Banks and Rankin until Myles Harris sprinted into the picture. Most of the drivers favored the highside of the track until Myles to his # 31 to the bottom and got him in the top spot. Harris came in the scene much later but he was there in the end to take the win the Martin’s Home Heating Sportsman 100. Michael Banks crossed the finish lined second but then failed post race inspection.  That moved Matt Maillet to second and Derek Christie to 3rd.

There were 18 cars that started the Coast Tired Best of the Beat Pro Stock 100. When the green flag fell something broke on Chris Duncans car and caused the car to turn around infront of most of the field.  Several cars were done for the night.  After that Brian Gillespie sprinted into the early lead and soon after was challenged my Lonnie Sommerville. Lonnie was driver the #87 car for Matt Harris. Harris had won race 1 and was unable to race tonight. Lonnie challenged Brian for the lead and then moved the #87 to the top spot. The big race after that was for third between Brent Wiggins and Greg Fahey.  The two battled back and forth for many laps. Brian Gillespie finished in second and Brent Wiggins rounded out the top three. The Winner of the Best of the Best series was Greg Fahey.

Tune in next Saturday night for the Enduro 200. This is the first time an Enduro has been on a Saturday night in many years. The other weekly points divisions will not be racing.

Make sure you don’t miss another action packed weekend of racing at Speedway 660, it is sure to be WicKID!

Coast Tire Pro Stock 100 (100 laps)
#    Driver    Hometown
1    87    Lonnie Sommerville    Saint John, NB
2    69    Brian Gillespie    Nackawic, NB
3    17    Brent Wiggins    Fredericton, NB
4    20    Greg Fahey    St. Stephen, NB
5    18    Brian MacNaughton    Lwr Coverdale, NB
6    7    Wayne Chase    Lake George, NB
7    77    Jerry Curtis    Fredericton, NB
8    9    Leon Christie    Temperance Vale,
9    29    Robert Tomlinson    Arthurette, NB
10    21    Shawn Pierce    Bridgewater, NS
11    01    Dan Eddy    Lwr Sackville, NS
12    12    Michael Kyle    Berwick, NB
13    97    Chris Duncan    Kingston, NB
14    52    Shawn Tucker    Killarney Road, NB
15    88    Kevin Moore    Pepper Creek, NB
16    3    Brad Mann    Glenlevet, NB
17    66    Paul Gahan    Lwr St Mary’s, NB
18    81    Glenn Rasmussen    New Denmark, NB

Martin’s Home Heating Sportsman 100 (100 laps)
#    Driver    Hometown
1    31    Myles Harris    Nasonworth, NB
2    29    Matt Maillet    Burton, NB
3    9    Derek Christie    Fredericton, NB
4    12    Glyn Nott    Burton, NB
5    45    Calvin Rankin    Quispamsis, NB
6    80    Dan McNeil    Douglas, NB
7    5    Wade Harris    Canal, NB
8    26    Brent Roy    Hanwell, NB
9    07    Robbie Fraser    Riverview, NB
10    11    Cal Hatfield    Rothesay, NB
11    3    Doug Craswell    Flatlands, NB
12    54    Mark Price    Rothesay, NB
13    43    Shawn McLean    Lewis Mountain, NB
14    34    Randy Moore    Saint John, NB
15    70    Dave Biggar    Lake George, NB
16    42    Steven Rodgers    Smithtown, NB
17    03    Steve Halpin    Saint John, NB
18    33    Charlie Wilkins    Keswick, NB
19    7    Kirk Jardine    Oromocto, NB
20    0    Frank FraserJr    Shubenacadie, NS
21    88W    Jamie Weston    Bains Corner, NB
22    17    Joe Hoyt    Waasis, NB
23    28    John Rankin    St.Martins, NB
24    44    George Jamieson    Fredericton, NB
25    1    Micheal Banks    Lake George, NB (DQ)

Coast Tire Street Stock Feature (20 laps)
#    Driver    Hometown
1    88    Brian Fox    Burton, NB
2    23    Mike Francis    Saint John, NB
3    2    Matt Matheson    Geary, NB
4    83    Trent Noble    Tracy, NB
5    54    Rick Cashol    Saint John, NB
6    41    Robert Raynes    Nrth Summerville, NB
7    99    Shawn Hyslop    St. Stephen, NB
8    20    Jason Shannon    Hoyt, NB
9    04    Joe Albert    Minto, NB
10    7    Charles Gaddess    Minto, NB
11    15    Roger Slocum    Quispamsis, NB
12    11    Rodney Ness    Hanwell, NB
13    1    Heidi Cooper    Hanwell, NB
14    29    Kevin McKeen    Uppr Kinsclear, NB
15    13    Jack Lane    Geary, NB
16    4    Richard Hartley    Saint John, NB
17    40    Bill Belleville    Saint John, NB

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