Wade’s Weekly – Issue 6 – My Kind of Free-For-All

I believe in the power of positive-thinking, so I am predicting we will finally get back to racing at Speedway 660 this Saturday. After a week of rain and a week of less-than-accurate forecasts from the Weather Network, we all have a voracious appetite for some great racing.

Its Fan Fest 2009. No-one has ever seen anything like it, because everybody and I mean everybody will be admitted to the races free of charge. That’s right, fans, sponsors, drivers, crews and everyone else gets in for nothing. Heck, we might even see that family of rabbits who used to sneak in a few years ago over by the rhubarb in turn two!

Why let everyone in free? There are a couple of reasons I can think of. One: to say thanks to our loyal fans, sponsors and race teams who have made racing as great as it is at Speedway 660. And two: to attract new fans to the races. I encourage you to pick up free tickets at any of our great sponsors listed in the Fan Fest story on the main page of our web site. But if you can’t make it to one of these sponsors just make sure to come to see us on Saturday night because everyone will be let in for free.

Its unbelievable how many people tell me they have never been to the races. Many folks tell me they are Nascar fans and have been meaning to get down to Geary but for a variety of reasons have never made it.

Now they have no excuse because this Saturday everyone gets in free. Over the years I have talked to many first time visitors to our track. They can’t believe how great our racing is and they always say they will be back for more.

So this week I want to ask you to do me a favour. Please tell your family, friends, co-workers, school-mates, neighbours and anyone else you can think of about Fan Fest 2009. Become an ambassador for Speedway 660 and make sure to tell everyone they can get in for nothing.
We all want stock car racing to grow and in order for that to happen, we need to expand our fan base. We already have the best attendance, car count, sponsors and racing in Atlantic Canada and beyond, but we always want to make it better.

In my books, credit goes to Steve Burns and Chris Johnston. These two young guys and Steve’s Dad Tracey have worked hard to give our fans the very best racing in our region. And now this weekend, in the most exciting promotion of all time they are literally giving away a night at the races for everyone. This is really my kind of Free-For-All.

So work the phones, send e-mails, talk to everyone you know and encourage them to head out to the Geary Woods to see our Saturday Night Heroes!

This is just the kind of promotion my good friend the late Hughie Yorke would have liked. Speaking of Hughie, I was happy to hear he has been inducted to the New Brunswick Country Music Hall of Fame. Many of you knew Hughie as my side-kick at Speedway 660, but he also was a great musician and his 70’s band Saddle Tramp was one of the very best in the Maritimes!

See you at the races.

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