ENDURO action July 2014

Boys from Minto win ENDURO!

Jesse Madore won the ENDURO 200 Saturday night at Speedway 660. Madore and his capable pit crew took the win over Pat Sharpe, who won the first ENDURO of the season back in June. Roger Slocum and “Rocket” Rodney Ness, who shared the driving duties in car #29, finished third.

“We had a fast car tonight and I thought we were in real trouble when we blew a right front tire near the end of that first segment of the race” said Madore. “But the boys from Minto got me back out on the track and we had to continue working and digging hard to get to the Riverview Ford Victory Lane.”Jesse Madore ENDURO winner July 19, 2014The “Boys from Minto” came through on Saturday night. Jesse Madore (front right) drove a great race to take the second ENDURO 200 of the season.

Madore was the dominate car in the first 75 lap segment but pitted for a flat tire on lap 64. By the time he came back out on the track he was six laps down. In the second segment car #3 came from five laps down to over-take Sharpe for the lead. In the final 50 lap segment Madore continued his torrid pace to take the victory.

“Hats off to the boys from Minto, they had a fast car tonight, Jesse drove a great race and they deserved the win” said Pat Sharpe. “We ended up in the beach a few times and my crew from Woodstock did an awesome job getting me back out and they are the ones who deserve the credit for this second place finish.”Pat Sharpe ENDURO second place July 19, 2014Happy to get outta here with 2nd! Pat Sharpe, winner of our first ENDURO, drove to a solid second place finish on Saturday night.

Speedway 660 recently changed the rules in an effort to get more cars out the ENDUROs. Now drivers, from all of the other racing divisions, are allowed to race ENDUROs. Station wagons, which were previously banned from ENDURO racing are now allowed to compete.

“I had a blast out there tonight, it’s a totally different style of racing and I can’t wait to get out there again in an ENDURO car when SpeedWeekend rolls around” said Roger Slocum, the 2013 Street Stock champion. “I’m gonna talk to the other Street Stock, Sportsman and Pro Stock drivers and try to get some of them to come out for the next ENDURO because this is a blast.”Roger Slocum Rodney Ness 3rd ENDURO July 2014sWhere’s the front fenders and hood? “Rocket” Rodney Ness (left) and Roger Slocum had an awesome time driving the ENDURO race on Saturday night. Even though the car was in bad shape at the end this “dynamic duo” ended up third.

Next weekend Speedway 660 hosts the Best of the Best Pro Stock 150 and the DMR Auto Sales & Service Street Stock 50. Race fans will also see action in the Martin’s Home Heating Sportsman Division. The winner of the Best of the Best race will earn a guaranteed starting position in the Pro Stock 250 at Speedway 660 on SpeedWeekend.

ENDURO 200 Results – July 19th
1. #3 Jesse Madore; 2. #51 Pat Sharpe; 3. #29 Roger Slocum and “Rocket” Rodney Ness; 4. #21B Kim, Courtney and Kenny Barton; 5. #V8 Conrad Savoie; 6. #46 Steven Thibedeau; 7. #10 Carman McKeen; 8. #18 Nathan Gallant; 9. #30 Shelby Hughes; 10. #16 Dale Gilbert; 11. #20 Chris Moore.

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