Vallis and Leclair Take Home The Prize!!

Fredericton, NB - As Leisure Family RV Centers SPEEDWEEKEND winds down, the Enduro drivers take the excitement and action back up to the max in their final championship race of the 2008 season. Being the final race of the season for these drivers, they went all out and held nothing back.

Today’s event was held to be the most exciting and entertaining Enduro race of history. Never has Speedway 660 seen as many rolls and long red flag incidents as this afternoons race. The Enduro series is held out to be the class with no rules and bearings which results in a lot of smash ups, crashes, and damaged cars, which is exactly what these fans come to see four times a year. The show the drivers put on this afternoon put the WicKID in the Speedway’s saying WicKID Family fun.

Before today event the #8 team of Dale Hatheway and Benji Ruff were leading the points with a six point difference over the #38c of Ed Vallis. Vallis stayed close to the front of the field throughout the afternoon, going on and off the track in spurts to try and improve the car or to help his daughter in the #34c. By the halfway mark of the 200 laps, Pat Sharpe in the #51 continued to lead until technical difficulties put him farther back. When the door opened for the lead position, Todd Leclair in the #68 zoomed past the #51 to take the lead and continue to lead the remainder of the race. Todd Leclair took home today’s first place win in the race, while Steve Seveck in the #44 took home second and the #99 of Peter Verbugh took home third. Overall for the championship Ed Vallis in the #38c took home another championship trophy while Steve Seveck finished the season in second and Todd Leclair rounded out the top three.

SPEEDWEEKEND 2008 has officially come to end for another year and was another successful and fantastic weekend for fans and staff alike. Next weekend Speedway 660 will have its final off weekend for the season and will return on September 13th with a start time of 2pm to host the triple 50 header featuring the Coast Tire Street Stocks, the Martin’s Home Heating Sportsman and the Irving Lubricants Pro Stocks. Make sure you check out the Geary woods in a couple weeks for some WicKID stock car racing.

Enduro (200 laps)
# Driver
1 68 Todd Leclair
2 44 Steve Seveck
3 99 Peter Verburgh
4 38c Ed Vallis
5 51 Pat Sharpe
6 10 Carmen McKeen
7 86 Andrew Betts
8 88 Josh Vautour
9 21 Kenny Barton
10 53 Billy Storey
11 04 Peter Chase Jr.
12 22 Nathan Clingo
13 70 Tyler Seveck / Brad Lavigne
14 72 Rheal Kenny
15 69T Tavis Marr / R.J. Driscoll
16 33x Lydon Williams
17 82 Justin Kenny / Jason Donovan
18 56 Pat Alexander / Geoff Tugwell
19 69 Jamie Clark / Robert Saunders
20 34c Bud Vallis
21 8 Benji Ruff / Dale Hathaway
22 94 Ted Melanson

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