ENDURO action June 2014

Sharpe wins ENDURO 200!

Pat Sharpe returned to his winning ways at Speedway 660 on Sunday afternoon. The veteran Woodstock driver picked up the victory in the first ENDURO 200 of the season.

Sharpe took the lead on lap eleven and never looked back, leading the last 189 laps. But it wasn’t easy, because he was spun out a few times and on one occasion almost rolled over onto his roof. However, the driver of number 51 had a strong car and took top prize in the Speedway 660’s first ENDURO of the season.Pat Sharpe ENDURO 200 win June 29, 2014Pat Sharpe and his rugged team from Woodstock ended up in the Riverview Ford Victory Lane on Sunday afternoon. Pat’s team took the first of three ENDURO races at Speedway 660.

“That was a hot day inside the race car and these ENDURO competitors didn’t let up so we really had to work for this win” said an exhausted Pat Sharpe from the Riverview Ford Victory Lane. “We had a couple of big spins and thankfully the soft sand on the backstretch kept us from rolling over, so we had a little luck but I want to thank my crew, sponsors and all of the fans who came out here on the hottest day of the year to watch the ENDURO.”ENDURO action June 2014Pat Sharpe (#51) gets ruffed up by Matt Caissie during the first ENDURO race of the season.

Pat Sharpe drove all three segments of the ENDURO to win the race over Team Barton, from Minto, who finished second. Kim and Courtney each drove one of the first two 75 lap segments, while their Father Kenny piloted the “Holstein Express” in the last 50 laps. Nathan Gallant, who is also from Minto, drove to a third place finish.

“The girls were awesome and really stirred things up out there in the first two segments and then kinda ganged up on me and dared me to get into the car for the last 50 laps” said Kenny Barton. “These ENDURO races are a lot of fun for the fans but even more fun for the drivers and we can’t wait to get back to the Geary Woods later this month for round two.”Team Barton 2nd place ENDURO june 2014Kenny Barton shared the driving chores with daughters Kim (left) and Courtney (right). Team Barton drove the Holstein Express to a solid second place finish.

The second ENDURO 200 is scheduled for Saturday, July 19th at 7PM. It’s the only ENDURO of the season that runs under the lights at Speedway 660. The 2014 ENDURO championship race is scheduled for Monday, September 1st and wraps up SpeedWeekend.

Speedway 660 is getting ready to host the Parts for Trucks Maritime Pro Stock Tour next weekend. The Irving Oil Blending and Packaging 100 highlights action on Saturday, July 5th. Race fans will also see the DMR Auto Sales & Service Street Stock and Martin’s Home Heating Sportsman Division drivers.

ENDURO 200 Finishing Order – June 29th, 2014
1. Pat Sharpe (Woodstock), 2. Kim, Courtney & Kenny Barton (Minto), 3. Nathan Gallant (Minto), 4. Jesse Madore (Minto), 5. Steven Thibodeau (Chipman), 6. Dale Gilbert (Minto), 7.Conrad & Richard Savoie (Saint John), 8. Carman McKeen (Harvey), 9. Jeff Killam (Hanwell), 10. Shelby Hughes (Lincoln), 11. Matt Caissie (Minto) 12. Karl Shaeffer & Luke Dukeshire (Woodstock).


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