Peterbilt 250 Expected Entries List!

Its that time of year again folks.   “Who’s coming?” is the common question throughout the campground this week.   This years list of expected entries looks better than ever so as we’ve been saying all week “hold on t your hat folks” this is going to be another great Peterbilt 250……

0 Shawn Turple Enfield, NS
1w Randy Turner Freedon, ME
1 Vinnie Bonner Saint John, NB
8 Hal O’Neal Aroostock, NB
10 Jim Sommerville Fredericton, NB
11 Marty Prevost Halifax, NS
13 Rollie Macdonald Pictou, NS
17 Brent Wiggins Fredericton, NB
17b Travis Benjamin Belfast, ME
18 Brian MacNaughton Moncton, NB
20 Greg Fahey St Stephen, NB
23 Lonnie Sommerville Saint John, NB
23s Craig Slaunwhite Halifax, NS
26 Mike Stevens Moncton, NB
28 Kirk Thibeau Fort Fairfield, ME
29c Travis Kittleson Mooresville, NC
29 Robert Tomlinson Arthurette, NB
31 Myles Harris Fredericton Junction, NB
32 Chris Hughes Brackley Beach, PEI
33 Ron Hornaday Charlotte, NC
34 Graham Spinney Argyle, NS
35 Brad Mann Campbellton, NB
38 Lloyd Garnett Moncton, NB
40 Gary Bellefluer Stetson, ME
44 Wayne Smith Timberlea, NS
48 Dave O’Blenis Moncton, NB
52 Shawn Tucker Fredericton, NB
54me Johnny Clark Hallowell, ME
54 Andy Santerre Mooresville, NC
65 Gary Bursey Saint John, NB
66 Paul Gahan Fredericton, NB
75 Gary Smith Bangor, ME
77 Scott Chubbuck Brunswick, ME
79 Chris Duncan Saint John, NB
81 Glen Rasmussen New Denmark, NB
87 Matt Harris Fredericton Junction, NB
88 Kevin Moore Fredericton, NB
89 Donald Chisholm Antigonish, NS
92 Mike Thornton Fredericton, NB
97 John Flemming Halifax, NS

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