PASS the Excitement Please: Wade’s Weekly ’14 #5

Business is really starting to pick up at Speedway 660. Week Two of the 2014 racing season saw the sparks fly, a few tempers flare, fire and smoke in the Geary Woods and a lot of awesome racing. It’s only going to get better in Week Three when the Pro All Star Series rolls into town for the Super Late Model 150.


Some Serious Racin at 660!

If you missed the racing last Saturday night, shame on you because it was an incredible show. All five of our divisions were great and there was a lot of drama involved considering how early it is in the season.
We’ve previously documented how Courtney, Alexandra and Dave O’Blenis combined for an amazing six trips to the Riverview Ford Victory Lane!

And “Hollywood” Madore had everyone on their feet when he made a daring three-wide pass to win his DMR Auto Sales & Service Street Stock heat race to set himself up for a Jensen Financial Hat Trick Award later in the night.

By now you likely are aware that Randy Campbell and Jeremy Doran may not be on the best of speaking terms after their little Sharp Shooter “misunderstanding” led to worst wreck of the season!660_6881Where there’s smoke there’s fire! Jeremy Doran escaped unhurt from his Sharp Shooter machine after getting the worst of a “Shoot-out in the Geary Woods”.  Randy Campbell, the other participant in this little show-down, made his “exit – stage right” when Joe Barrieau flew the dreaded black flag! 

And then there was that incident involving the aforementioned Alexandra O’Blenis and Matt Rodgers coming out of turn four on the last lap of the Martins Home Heating Sportsman feature.660_6939Checkers or Wreckers?  This was the scene on Speedway 660’s front stretch last Saturday night when Joe waved the checkered flag at the end of our Sportsman feature. Alex O’Blenis (#74) and Matt Rodgers did the “Geary Woods Tango” as they crossed the stripe! 

Oh yeah and 15 year old Dawson McIntee became the youngest driver to win a Sportsman feature, as a matter of fact I think he’s the youngest to ever win a feature in any of our top three divisions.

All of that and more went down during Week Two at Speedway 660! I don’t know why we call it a Weekly Points Race. It’s the best show in Atlantic Canada with a dash of soap opera and a pinch of Atlantic Grand Prix Wrestling thrown in just to spice things up!

Super Late Mods are up next!

Everybody is all amped up for the Pro All Star Series which comes to Speedway 660 on Saturday night. Our PASS race got washed out last year and it’s been way too long since we last saw North America’s best short track touring series in our neck of the woods!

Just to refresh your memory Johnny Clark won the last PASS race here on June 10, 2012. As a matter of fact, Clark has won the last three SLM races here and four of his last five events at 660. In addition to his 2010, 11 & 12 Pro All Star Series wins, Johnny won the 2010 Auto Value 250. To say Clark likes Speedway 660 is a bit of an understatement. 2-dsc_1169Johnny Clark loves coming to Speedway 660. He’s won four of the last five times he’s come up to see us, including the 2010 Auto Value 250. Clark will try to end D.J. Shaw’s winning streak at three, on Saturday night when the PASS SLM race teams visit us.

Fast Forward to the present – Johnny Clark is second in the 2014 PASS North SLM point parade. He’s consistently been on or near the podium in every race this year – only problem is a little guy by the name of D.J. Shaw is pretty much unbeatable! D.J. won the PASS 150 Saturday night at White Mountain Motorsports Park in North Woodstock, New Hampshire. It was Shaw’s third straight PASS win of 2014!DJ Shaw has a firm grip on the PASS checkered flag these days. His latest win came in the White Mountains of New Hampshire last Saturday night. Johnny Clark (right) was runner-up and Joey Polewarczyk came home third.

D.J. will try to keep his streak going when he shows up in Geary this weekend. He’s never won here before and you can bet he’ll be focussed on a visit to the Riverview Ford Victory Lane on Saturday night. Shaw is the seventh PASS driver to win three straight races. By the way, no one has ever won four in a row. Will D.J. make history on Saturday night? There’s only one way to find out and that’s to make sure you are at Speedway 660 when the green flag flys!Richie Dearborn climbs the fence as the PASS Super Late Models go three-wide at White Mountain Motorsports Park last Saturday night. D.J. Shaw (#60) somehow misses the wreck and goes on to win yet again!

D.J. Shaw and Johnny Clark aren’t the only drivers we should be talkin about this week. How about the “ageless wonder” Mike Rowe? Mike is right up there in the PASS points and last year’s champ Cassius Clark is a threat too. Cassius knows how to get it done at Speedway 660, winning the 2012 Auto Value 250. Joey Doiron, Travis Benjamin and Ben Rowe all have had good runs here as well.

We’ll likely see some drivers out of Quebec and hopefully a few of the Maritime Pro Stockers will visit us as well. And we might even see one or two of our own Re/Max Group Four Realty Pro Stock drivers too. Word has it that rookie Cole Boudreau and veteran Kevin Moore may suit-up this weekend. Big Kevin had a respectable run in a PASS race at the Autodrome Chaudiere just a few weeks ago.Clark and Shaw had an amazing “State-side Showdown” last Saturday night. These two top guns and the rest of the PASS all-stars will bring their incredible racing series “North of the Border” this weekend.

The Pro All Star Series Super Late Model 150 is always a highlight of the Maritime short-track stock car racing season. Speedway 660 is proud to be the only track in our region to host a PASS race and we’re excited to have the opportunity to roll out the “red carpet” to welcome race fans, from all over eastern North America and the PASS teams to the Geary Woods!

We’ll forgive you and let you off the hook if you missed the excitement last Saturday night at Speedway 660, but there’s no excuse this weekend because the Pro All Star Series is headed our way. You better make plans to be at one of the biggest, most exciting events of the 2014 season.

We’ll see you at the races.

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