John Symonds is the Fastor Pastor!!!

Fredericton, NB – The sun couldn’t shine any brighter on a beautiful race day in the Geary woods at Speedway 660. Tonight’s feature event was the Fredericton Mitsubishi Points racing along with a first ever event at Speedway 660, the Fastor Pastor event. The Fastor Pastor event was a huge success with 14 drivers in attendance along with the help of seven Street Stock drivers, these clergymen got the same opportunity the ladies get once a season, to show the drivers how to drive. Aside from the Fastor Pastor event, there was some fantastic points racing in all three divisions with new faces taking home some feature win’s and some past champs showing they haven’t lost their touch.

In the Coast Tire Street Stock division Charles Gaddess in the #7 and Joe Albert in the #04 started out the event with heat wins. Next up in the dash Albert took home another win, making him most eligible for the Robin’s Inn Hat Trick award. All Albert had to do was win the feature and he could take home some extra cash for tonight’s racing. Unfortunately that wasn’t the plan in store for Albert. Tonight’s top three feature winners are familiars to victory lane, especially the first place team. Rick Cashol in the #54 made a second feature win tonight in the Coast Tire Street Stock event to make this his second winning week in a row after winning the Dent Daddy 75. Finishing in second was the #20 of Jason Shannon and rounding out the top three was the #88 of Brian Fox.

In the Martin’s Home Heating Sportsman division Mike Banks in the #1 and Dan McNeil in the #80, who has had a struggle this year from week to week, started the evening with heat wins. Banks went on to the dash to take home another first place finish and make him also for the same prize as Albert. However Banks would have to end his night with a podium finish, but unfortunately not in first place. The honour of feature winner tonight in this division goes to Randy Moore in the #34. Randy had been running well all night and finally made his first trip to victory lane for the 2008 season. Finishing in second was the #1 of Mike Banks and rounding out the top three was another driver who has had a fair amount of luck this year, Cal Hatfield in the #11.

In the Irving Lubricants Pro Stock division there was no repeat winners to make anyone eligible for the Hat Trick award, instead there were four different drivers taking home the heats, dash and feature tonight. Jim Sommerville in the #10 along with the #31 of Myles Harris took home some heat wins tonight while Brent Wiggins in the #17 added another notch to his victory belt with a dash win. Hal O’Neal in the #8 hasn’t had a feature win this season and tonight was due to take one home. Tonight would be the last opportunity for the Pro Stocks to gear up and prepare before next weekend’s big event, the Peterbilt 250 and O’Neal had the perfect set up. Hal O’Neal took home the first place win in tonight’s feature event while the #88 of Kevin Moore took second and Darren Sherwood in the #38 rounded out the top three.

Tonight’s Fastor Pastor event was one of a different sort of race but that made it all the more interesting. Tonight’s Fastor Pastor race consisted of two six lap heats and one ten lap feature. The winner of the overall race and driver that was titled the Fastor Pastor is John Symonds who drove the #15 Street Stock car of Roger Slocum. On behalf of all the staff at Speedway 660, officials would like to thank all the clergymen who took part in this event along with a special thanks going out to the seven Street Stock drivers who donated their cars for tonight’s event.

Keep it locked to your computer this week as we release more exciting news each and every day about Leisure Family RV Center’s SPEEDWEEKEND and the Peterbilt 250. We will update the camper count along with any other exciting news we have in store for fans and drivers alike. Make sure you keep a close eye out or you will miss one WicKID weekend!

Irving Lubricants Pro Stock – Feature
Finish Car No Driver Hometown
1 8 Hal O’Neal Aroostook, NB
2 88 Kevin Moore Pepper Creek, NB
3 38 Darren Sherwood Berry Mills, NB
4 87 Matt Harris Fredericton Jct., NB
5 92 Micheal Thorton Noonan, NB
6 29 Robert Tomlinson Arthurette, NB
7 20 Greg Fahey St. Stephen, NB
8 18 Brian MacNaughton Lower Coverdale, NB
9 31 Myles Harris Nasonworth, NB
10 17 Brent Wiggins Fredericton, NB
11 1 Vinnie Bonnar Quispamsis, NB
12 65 Gary Bursey
13 10 Jim Sommerville
14 66 Paul Gahan Lower St Mary’s, NB
15 79 Chris Duncan Kingston, NB

Martins Home Heating Sportsman – Feature
Finish Car No Driver Hometown
1 34 Randy Moore Saint John, NB
2 1 Micheal Banks Lake George, NB
3 11 Cal Hatfield Rothesay, NB
4 81 Cody Price Campbell Settlement, NB
5 44 George Jamieson Fredericton, NB
6 69 Brian Gillespie Nackawic, NB
7 40 Richard Atkinson Geary, NB
8 80 Dan McNeil Douglas, NB
9 12 Glyn Nott Burton, NB
10 12X Joey Rodgers ,
11 25 Jeremy Graham Jacksonville, NB
12 9 Derek Christie Fredericton, NB
13 70 Dave Biggar Lake George, NB
14 29 Matt Maillet Burton, NB
15 43 Shawn McLean Lewis Mountain, NB
16 26 Brent Roy Hanwell, NB
17 5 Wade Harris Canal, NB

Coast Tire Street Stock – Feature
Finish Car No Driver Hometown
1 54 Rick Cashol Saint John, NB
2 20 Jason Shannon Hoyt, NB
3 88 Brian Fox Burton, NB
4 04 Joe Albert Minto, NB
5 23 Mike Francis Saint John, NB
6 50 Ted Rankin St.Martins, NB
7 2 Matt Matheson Geary, NB
8 41 Robert Raynes North Summerville, NB
9 83 Trent Noble Tracy, NB
10 05 Dana Brooks Fredericton, NB
11 1 Heidi Cooper Hanwell, NB
12 5 Brad Slipp Saint John, NB
13 11 Rodney Ness Hanwell, NB
14 15 Roger Slocum Quispamsis, NB
15 7 Charles Gaddess ,
16 13 Jack Lane Geary, NB
17 99 Shawn Hyslop St. Stephen, NB

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