Tucker wins the Auto Value 250!

Shawn Tucker dominated the 2013 Auto Value 250 on SpeedWeekend Sunday at Speedway 660. Tucker led 177 laps, including the Modern Electric Half Way Challenge Award, for the biggest pay day in his illustrious racing career. Tucker claimed over $25,000 of the more than $70,000 purse to become the first three-time Auto Value 250 winner.

“This is amazing, this is a team win, this is an incredible accomplishment for us and I am proud of everyone on our race team who has worked so hard to put us in the Riverview Ford Victory Lane tonight” said Shawn Tucker. “This car was awesome, it was really hooked up and to win our third Auto Value 250 in front of this great Speedway 660 crowd and against this quality field of cars is a huge thrill for all of us.”

Kirk Thibeau, the winner of the very first Auto Value 250, had a great run finishing second and Ben Rowe brought Hal’ONeal’s machine home in third place. Tucker, Dave O’Blenis and Brian Gillespie won the heat races, while Lonnie Sommerville and Kevin Moore took the Consolation races.

“We were second best tonight behind a strong car and a great driver and I just want to congratulate Shawn on becoming the first three time Auto Value 250 winner” said Thibeau. “This is a hard race to win, we won the very first 250 at Speedway 660 and have been trying hard to get number two, we were good tonight but not good enough, but you know what, we’ll be back next year.”

Shawn Tucker (center) celebrates his third Auto Value 250 win. Kirk Thibeau (left) and Ben Rowe (right) finished second and third. Tucker received the biggest pay day of his racing career! With first place, laps led and the Modern Electric Half Way Challenge Award Shawn pockets $25,400!

“What a terrific race tonight, I just love coming up here in front of these amazing Canadian fans and Hal’s group works so hard to give us car that can compete with these great pro stock drivers” said Ben Rowe. “Shawn Tucker showed us tonight that he is a true champion and we congratulate the 52 on his great accomplishment.”

The DMR Auto Sales & Service Street Stock drivers put on a great show for the big SpeedWeekend crowd on Sunday afternoon. Josh Arbeau took the win, Rob Raynes was second and Luc MacLaughlin finished third. Raynes and Geoff Tugwell won the heat races.

The Fredericton Gun Shop Sharp Shooters enjoyed their time in the SpeedWeekend spotlight. Randy Campbell won the heat and feature. Ira Farnell also won a heat race and was second in the feature, while Jeremy Doran was third in the feature.

Cole Tanner won the 25 lap Bando Blast. Drew Greenlaw was second, while Alicia Mowat finished third. Speedway 660 wraps up its 2013 racing season at 2PM Monday afternoon when the ENDURO 200 championship will be decided.

Auto Value 250 Results

Finish    Car No  Driver    Hometown

1              52           Shawn Tucker    Killarney Road, NB

2              28           Kirk Thibeau       Presque Isle, ME

3              8              Ben Rowe           Beechridge, ME

4              48           Dave O’Blenis    Boundary Creek, NB

5              23           Lonnie Sommerville        Saint John, NB

6              97F         John Flemming Willamwood, NS

7              13           Cassius Clark      Farmington, NB

8              66           Paul Gahan         Lower St Mary’s, NB

9              20           Greg Fahey         St. Stephen, NB

10           91           Dylan Gosbee    Cornwall, PEI

11           97           Chris Duncan      Hampton, NB

12           99           Craig Slaunwhite              Terence Bay, NS

13           9              Derek Christie   Fredericton, NB

14           46           Dana Hamm       Fredericton, NB

15           00           Cole Boudreau  Chipman, NB

16           55X         Jason Carnahan                Moncton, NB

17           72           Brad Eddy            Halifax, NS

18           12           Glyn Nott            Burton, NB

19           85           Ken MacKenzie Salisbury, NB

20           03           Steve Halpin       Saint John, NB

21           17           Colter Wiggins   Fredericton, NB

22           69           Brian Gillespie   Nackawic, NB

23           88           Kevin Moore      Fredericton, NB

24           07           Robbie Fraser    Riverview, NB

25           87           Matt Harris         Fredericton Jct., NB

DMR Auto Sales & Service 50 Lap Street Stock Feature Results

Finish    Car No  Driver    Hometown

1              61           Josh Arbeau       Burton, NB

2              41           Robert Raynes  Summerville, NB

3              11           Luc McLaughlin Geary, NB

4              7              T.J. Madore        Geary, NB

5              29T         Geoff Tugwell   Smithtown, NB

6              54           Rick Cashol          Saint John, NB

7              15           Roger Slocum    Chipman, NB

8              29           Kevin McKeen   Upper Kingsclear, NB

9              8              Benji Ruff            Carlow, NB

10           44           Peter Martin      Saint John, NB

11           85           Kenny MacKenzie Jr.      Salisbury, NB

12           38           Justin Cole          Harvey , NB

13           14           Alexandra O’Blenis          Boundary Creek, NB

14           9X           Andre Chamberlain         Hampton, NB

15           13           Heidi Cooper      Hanwell, NB

16           3              Keven Peterson               Fredericton,

17           51           Greg Cashol        Saint John, NB

18           52           Destiny Enkel     Saint John, NB

19           69           Matt Banks         Mazerolle Sett, NB

20           49           Gary Wade         Hampton,NB

Fredericton Gun Shop Sharp Shooter 20 Lap Feature Results

Finish    Car No  Driver    Hometown

1              52           Randy Campbell               Quispamsis, NB

2              77           Ira Farnell            Lincoln, NB

3              8              Jeremy Doran    Fredericton, NB

4              71           Neil Miousse      Fredericton, NB

5              00           Matt Crocker     Fredericton, NB

6              55           Mark Winchester             Oromocto, NB

7              38B         Buddy Munn Jr Fredericton,

8              29           Eldon Campbell Moncton, NB

9              21B         Courtney Barton              Minto, NB

10           51           Bryan Suttie       Keswick, NB

11           18           Darren Beatty    Lakeville Corner, NB

12           181         JR Lawson           Shubenacadie, NS

13           80           Leaha McNeill    Douglas, NB

West Wood Estate Apartments 25 Lap Bandolero Blast #2 Results

Finish    Car No  Driver    Hometown

1              33           Cole Tanner        Shubenacadie, NS

2              23           Drew Greenlaw                Eastport, ME

3              3              Alicia Mowat      Hardwood Ridge, NB

4              9              Craig MacDonald              Waverley, NS

5              68           Michael Cormier               Moncton, NB

6              32           Ashton Tucker   Lyttleton, NB

7              43           Hudson Weston               Saint John, NB

8              79           Kyle Orr                Saint John, NB

9              28           Evan Gallon        Saint John, NB

10           48           Courtney O’Blenis            Boundary Creek, NB

11           55           Mackenzie Brewer          Quispamsis, NB

12           19           Dawson McIntee             Moncton, NB

13           88           Nicholas Naugle                Dartmouth, NS

14           14           Alexandra O’Blenis          Boundary Creek, NB

15           51           Brady Langille    Shubenacadie, NS

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