Speedway Spiff Up Days!

Starting Saturday morning anyone who is interested in helping out around the speedway with various tasks, such as painting and/or maintenance throughout the day, will receive a free ticket to the Peterbilt 250 in exchange for their hard work. If you are interested in taking part in both days, Saturday and Sunday, you will receive a weekend pass ticket covering the events of Leisure Family RV Centers SPEEDWEEKEND. “This is a great opportunity for the fans to get involved around the speedway aside of the racing action” said co-owner Steve Burns. “Everyone who takes part in the event will not only get the satisfaction of helping us out but will get the benefits of admission to weekend of the Peterbilt 250″. A meal will be provided for all workers who take part however if you would like to bring your own lunch, please fell free to do so.

If you are interested in taking part in the track clean up day(s) please e-mail us at info@nbisonline.com with your name and phone number or call the raceline for more details

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