Fireworks fly for O’Blenis

Dave O’Blenis rolled to an impressive win in the Firecracker 150 at Speedway 660 on Saturday night. O’Blenis drove his Irving Blending & Packaging Sportsman car to the Riverview Ford Lincoln Victory Lane in one of the biggest Sportsman races of the year.

“I am proud of this race team because they worked hard to give me a great car tonight and I also want to congratulate Brent Roy and John Rankin for running me hard and clean in this race” said O’Blenis. “It was great to get the win tonight, especially after having a strong car in the Martins’ Home Heating 100 back in June and not winning that race after breaking the transmission.”

Dave O’Blenis is the 2013 Firecracker 150 champion. O’Blenis held off stiff challenges for the victory and credited his race team and family for the big win at Speedway 660/

O’Blenis took the lead on lap 24 and although he led the rest of the race, he had to hold off strong challenges from Roy who finished second and Rankin who came home third. O’Blenis, Rankin and George Jamieson won the qualifying heats.

“I like these long races, we always seem to have good runs and usually have good finishes but we have never been able to close the deal and win one of these things” said Brent Roy, who finished third in the Martins Home Heating 100 back in June. “We’ve got a couple of important point races in the next two weeks, but we’re going to come back for the Irving Blending & Packaging Sportsman 100 on SpeedWeekend and try again.”

Race fans also saw some great racing action in three other Speedway 660 divisions on Saturday night. Peter Martin won the DMR Auto Sales & Service Street Stock feature, ahead of Geoff Tugwell and Robert Raynes. Justin Cole won his heat race and the dash, while rookie T.J. Madore won the other heat.

Darren Beatty had his best night ever in the Fredericton Gun Shop Sharp Shooter division. Beatty won his heat race and the feature. Malcolm Suley finished second in the feature and Daniel Clark ran third. Jeremy Doran won the other heat race.

Twelve year old Ashton Tucker came of age in the West Wood Estate Apartments Bandolero division on Saturday night. Young Ashton won his heat race and the feature. Points leader Drew Greenlaw ran second in the feature, while Alexandra O’Blenis finished third. Ryan Messer won the other heat race.

The second Enduro 200 of the 2013 racing season runs Sunday (today) at 2PM. Next Saturday night there will be point racing in all five divisions at Speedway 660.

Firecracker 150 Sportsman – Feature Results

Finish    Car No  Driver    Hometown

1              48           Dave O’Blenis    Boundary Creek, NB

2              26           Brent Roy            Hanwell, NB

3              28           John Rankin        St.Martins, NB

4              20           Greg Fahey         St. Stephen, NB

5              40           Richard Atkinson              Haneytown, NB

6              14           Andrew Rodgers              Smithtown, NB

7              42           Matt Rodgers    Smithtown, NB

8              34           Randy Moore    Saint John, NB

9              11           Cal Hatfield         Rothesay, NB

10           17           Cody Price           Campbell Settlement, NB

11           16           Jason Shannon  Hoyt, NB

12           7              Byron Bartlett    Quispamsis, NB

13           79           Dana Duncan     Rothesay, NB

14           44S         Steve Seveck     Temperance Vale, NB

15           91           Gary Tingley       Riverglade, NB

16           96           George Jamieson             Fredericton, NB

17           29           Matt Maillet       Burton, NB

18           83           Corey Little         Rowley, NB

19           07A        Al Snelgrove       Moncton, NB

20           10           Brady Creamer  Miramichi, NB

21           72X         Brandon Harris  Fredericton Jct, NB

22           27           Bill Sommerville                Barnesville, NB

DMR Auto Sales & Service Street Stock – Feature Results

Finish    Car No  Driver    Hometown

1              44           Peter Martin      Saint John, NB

2              29T         Geoff Tugwell   Moncton, NB

3              41           Robert Raynes  Summerville, NB

4              15           Roger Slocum    Chipman, NB

5              7              T.J. Madore        Geary, NB

6              54           Rick Cashol          Saint John, NB

7              11           Luc McLaughlin Geary, NB

8              85           Kenny MacKenzie Jr.      Salisbury, NB

9              38           Justin Cole          Harvey , NB

10           1              Heidi Cooper      Hanwell, NB

11           93           Chuck Morton   Lincoln, NB

12           3              Keven Peterson               Fredericton,

13           07           Kenny Hartley   Saint John, NB

14           51           Greg Cashol        Saint John, NB

15           52           Destiny Enkel     Saint John, NB

West Wood Estate Apartments Bandolero – Feature Results

Finish    Car No  Driver    Hometown

1              32           Ashton Tucker   Lyttleton, NB

2              23           Drew Greenlaw                Eastport, ME

3              14           Alexandra O’Blenis          Boundary Creek, NB

4              3              Alicia Mowat      Hardwood Ridge, NB

5              19           Dawson McIntee             Moncton, NB

6              48           Courtney O’Blenis            Boundary Creek, NB

7              55           Mackenzie Brewer          Quispamsis, NB

8              1              Ryan Messer      Harvey, NB

9              79           Kyle Orr                Saint John, NB

10           43           Hudson Weston               Saint John, NB

11           28           Evan Gallon        Saint John, NB

12           24           Ben Pelletier      Upperton, NB

Fredericton Gun Shop Sharp Shooter – Feature Results

Finish    Car No  Driver    Hometown

1              18           Darren Beatty    Lakeville Corner, NB

2              57           Malcolm Suley   Clarendon, NB

3              69           Daniel Clark        Fredericton, NB

4              26           James Courtney               Woodstock,

5              70           Tyler Seveck       Nackawic, NB

6              51           Bryan Suttie       Keswick, NB

7              52           Randy Campbell               Quispamsis, NB

8              71           Neil Miousse      Fredericton, NB

9              21B         Courtney Barton              Minto, NB

10           8              Jeremy Doran    Fredericton, NB

11           05           Brady Levesque                Fredericton,

12           07           Maxime Cantin Oromocto, NB

13           25           Brad Palmer       Maugerville, NB

14           95           Jessica Hawkins                Minto, NB

15           77           Ira Farnell            Lincoln, NB

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