Bent out of shape – Mercer Boys win Enduro!

Clifford and Chuck Mercer took the checkered flag in Speedway 660’s first Enduro 200 of the racing season. But it wasn’t easy for the boys from Norton. After building a huge lead after 150 laps, Chuck Mercer who drove the first and third segments of the race, got rear-ended and spent several laps in the pits. That allowed Brody Seveck to close within six laps of the leader. But somehow Team Mercer got their machine back on the track and held on for the win.

“That was a wild ride out there today and our car is pretty much used up, we’ve got a lot of work to do to get her ready for the next Enduro” said Chuck Mercer from the Riverview Ford Lincoln Victory Lane. “Its great to win the first Enduro of the year and we’ll find a way to make some repairs and get back to Speedway 660 in three weeks for the next wild ride.”

Chuck and Clifford Mercer rolled into the Riverview Ford Victory Lane with a flat tire and a used-up race car. The brothers from Norton won Speedway 660’s first Enduro of the season, but have got a lot of work to do on their car before the next event on Saturday, July 20th!

Seveck, from Temperence Vale, ended up in second spot, while Nathan Madore from Minto, driving in his first Enduro, came home third. Dale Gilbert, who is also from Minto, was fourth and Amie Harris from Tracy was fifth.

“That was a blast, it sure is a lot harder driving one of these things than it looks when your sitting in the stands” said Madore. “I can’t wait for the next Enduro and will be excited to get out on the track again.”

Minto’s Nathan Madore, driving in his very first Enduro 200, was all smiles after getting a podium finish. Nathan can’t wait to get back to Speedway 660 later this month for the 2nd Enduro of the season.

Pat Sharpe led the first 50 laps of the Enduro 200, before blowing a right front tire. Sharpe did return, but the winner of several Enduros over the years, was not able to make up the laps he lost while pitting under the green flag. When Sharpe did return he stirred things up on the track and picked up the $100 bonus for spinning out the most cars in the final 50 lap segment of Sunday’s Enduro.

Brody Seveck had a great run at Speedway 660 on Sunday. Brody, representing the Seveck racing family, finished 2nd in the Enduro 200. Brody’s Dad Steve is a Martins Home Heating Sportsman driver and brother Tyler is a Fredericton Jewelers 4 cylinder racer at Speedway 660.

The next Enduro is scheduled for Saturday, July 20th at 7PM. It is the only Enduro of the season to run under the lights. Next weekend, the Parts for Trucks Pro Stock Tour rolls into the Geary Woods. The Irving Blending and Packaging 100 is scheduled for Saturday night at 7PM.

Enduro Results June 30, 2013

1. 2 Mercer Brothers, Norton, NB

2. 44 Brody Seveck, Temperence Vale, NB

3. 3 Nathan Madore, Minto, NB

4. 16 Dale Gilbert, Minto, NB

5. 69R Amie Harris, Tracy, NB

6.10 Carman McKeen, Harvey, NB

7. 51 Pat Sharpe, Woodstock, NB

8.747 Greg Kennedy, Douglas Harbour, NB

9. 83 Brian Maillett, Fredericton, NB

10.Corey Fredericks, Belleville, NB

11. 19 Matthew Caissie, Minto, NB

12. 13 Greg Hopkins, Chipman, NB

13. Stephensons, Fredericton, NB

14. V8 Savoies, Saint John, NB

15. Justin Kenny, Wirral, NB

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