Sportsman Champ Jumps to Pro Stock

In 2012 Glyn Nott won the Speedway 660 Martin’s Home Heating Sportsman Championship. With that little bit of business finally taken care of, the popular driver from Burton now feels the time is right to get into a Pro Stock.



“We went into the 2012 Day of Champions sitting fourth in Sportsman points knowing that our only chance was to win our heat, dash and feature races and let the chips fall where they may” said Nott. “Well, after 14 years of trying to win this thing the Racing Gods looked down on our team and finally gave us that elusive Sportsman Championship.”


For almost a decade and a half Glyn Nott has been one of the top Sportsman drivers in the Geary Woods. He has won several of the 100 and 150 lap races and has regularly finished in the top five in points. But until Speedway 660′s Fan Appreciation/Day of Champions 2012, he had never earned the title the team so badly wanted.


Team Nott celebrates the 2012 Martin’s Home Heating Sportsman championship with

sponsor Richard Martin (center in black shirt).


“What a feeling of accomplishment to finally get my hands on that trophy after working so hard and coming so close so many times” Glyn said. “I really have to thank Dad and our entire team including Kirk, Roy, Stu, Peter and Sam who have been with us for many years as well as Curtis, Kat, Travis, Fred and Howard, our newest team members, for their endless hours of work and positive attitudes.”


The big news for Team Nott, during the off-season, is their decision to jump into Speedway 660’s Pro Stock Division. It’s something the team has considered for several years, but they weren’t comfortable making the move until wrapping up some unfinished business in Sportsman.


“We bought a Pro Stock car from Tucker Racing Products, and are going to run for the Rookie of the Year and hopefully be a strong contender every Saturday night at Speedway 660” said the 2012 Sportsman Champ. “Shawn Tucker has provided us with a very good car that has won two major events down in the Geary Woods.”


Although Glyn Nott is focused on living his dream of racing Pro Stock at Speedway 660, we may still see him strap into his Sportsman car a time or two in 2013. The 2012 Martin’s Home Heating Sportsman championship car is currently for sale, but if it is still in the Team Nott garage this summer we will likely see Glyn run those big Sportsman races. 


“We are looking forward to working with Speedway 660’s new owners and celebrating 20 years of racing at Atlantic Canada’s most exciting race track” Glyn said. “There is going to be a good, strong field of Pro Stocks this year and I think the increased car count will make this division just as exciting as Sportsman has been for the last several years.”


As we were wrapping up this story for the Speedway 660 website Glyn wanted to make a couple of additional comments.


“I would like to thank all of our long time sponsors for their continued support because we couldn’t go racing without them” Glyn said. “And most importantly, I really want to acknowledge the support and dedication of my wife Brenda who has been with me every step of the way and has inspired me to always be the best I can be.”

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