O’Blenis, Nott, Brake, McLaughlin and Boudreau Crowned on Night of Champions!

Fredericton N.B. – Burton’s, Glyn Nott is the 2012 Martin’s Home Heating Champion at Speedway 660. After thirteen years in the division Nott finally earned the title that has eluded him over the years. Nott trailed Sportsman point leader Randy Moore by 17 points heading into the Fan Appreciation Night of Champions. But Nott won his heat, dash and the feature to claim the championship.

“It took a hat trick to get the job done tonight and it is unbelievable that we finally got the Sportsman championship and you know what, this team and my family along with our sponsors made this happen” said a jubilant Nott in Speedway 660’s Victory Lane. “It took thirteen years to win this thing and we are going to celebrate this title in a big way.”

Nott took the checkered flag three times on the biggest point night of the year. Bradley Logan won the other heat. Matt Rodgers finished second in the feature and Jason Shannon came home third. Matt’s brother Andrew Rodgers was the Sportsman rookie of the year.

Shannon Brake upset Rick Cashol to win the RV World Street Stock title. Brake trailed the five time street stock champ by nine points heading into the final points race. Brake drove to a second place finish in the feature to win the title. Rob Pethick won the feature and his heat race, while Benji Ruff took the other heat race and the dash. Roger Slocum was third in the feature. Shane Russell was the RV World Street Stock rookie of the year.

Dave O’Blenis capped off a great season in the A.L. Gullison Disaster Kleenup Pro Stock Division by winning his third championship. O’Blenis drove to a second place finish in the feature to secure the title. Chris Duncan won his heat and the feature. Derek Christie who finished third in the feature won the other heat, while O’Blenis took the checkered flag in the dash. Kenny MacKenzie won the pro stock rookie of the year award.

Luc MacLaughlin won the Fredericton Jewellers four cylinder division championship. Heat races were won by Neil Miousse, Randy Campbell and Tyler Seveck. Seveck also finished second in the feature behind Ira Farnell, while Daniel Clark took third. Justin Cole was the rookie of the year winner.

Cole Boudreau capped off a great season in the Hanwell Village Mart Bandolero Division by finishing second in the feature and winning the championship. Ryan Messer won his heat race and the feature, while Braden Langille won the other heat. Cole Ogden was the Bando rookie of the year.

Next up at Speedway 660 is SpeedWeekend 2012. The Coastal Blending and Packaging Sportsman 150 will run next Saturday night at 7PM. Qualifying for the Auto Value 250 takes place at 2PM on Sunday, September 2nd before the biggest race of the season takes the green flag at 7PM. The Enduro 200 wraps up Speedway 660’s racing season at 2PM on Monday, September 3rd.

A.L.Gullison Disaster Kleen Up Pro Stock Feature (40 laps)
# Driver Hometown
1 97 Chris Duncan Hampton, NB
2 48 Dave OBlenis Boundary Creek, NB
3 9 Derek Christie Fredericton, NB
4 20 Greg Fahey St. Stephen, NB
5 17 Colter Wiggins Fredericton, NB
6 85 Ken MacKenzie Petitcodiac, NB
7 16 Jordan Gahan Lower St Marys, NB
8 69 Brian Gillespie Nackawic, NB
9 12 Michael Kyle Sussex, NB
10 29 Robert Tomlinson Arthurette, NB
11 24 Corey Little Rowley, NB
12 88 Kevin Moore Pepper Creek, NB

Martin’s Home Heating Sportsman Feature 30 laps)
# Driver Hometown
1 12 Glyn Nott Burton, NB
2 42 Matt Rodgers Smithtown, NB
3 16 Jason Shannon Hoyt, NB
4 34 Randy Moore Saint John, NB
5 26 Brent Roy Hanwell, NB
6 37B Bradley Logan Harvey Station, NB
7 70 Dave Biggar Lake George, NB
8 88 Shawn Warren Waasis, NB
9 79 Dana Duncan Rothesay, NB
10 20 Peter Gaddess Minto,
11 40 Richard Atkinson Geary, NB
12 14 Andrew Rodgers Smithtown, NB
13 61 Randy McCoy Fredericton, NB
14 96 George Jamieson Fredericton, NB
15 44S Steve Seveck Temperance Vale, NB
16 07 Robbie Fraser Riverview, NB
17 41 Robert Raynes North Summerville, NB
18 8 Brad Snow Lincoln, NB

RV World Street Stock Feature(20 laps)
# Driver Hometown
1 9 Rob Pethick Nackawic, NB
2 18 Shannon Brake Quispamsis, NB
3 15 Roger Slocum Quispamsis, NB
4 61 Josh Arbeau Burton, NB
5 54 Rick Cashol Saint John, NB
6 93 Chuck Morton ,
7 8 Benji Ruff Carlew,
8 44 Peter Martin Saint John, NB
9 13 Jack Lane Geary, NB
10 1 Heidi Cooper Fredericton, NB
11 85 Kenny MacKenzie Jr. Salisbury, NB
12 83 Shayne Russell ,
13 4 Richard Hartley Saint John, NB

Fredericton Jewellers 4 CYL Feature(15 laps)
Finish Car No Driver Hometown
1 77 Ira Farnell Lincoln, NB
2 71 Neil Miousse Mirimichi, NB
3 69 Daniel Clark Fredericton, NB
4 20 Mark Young Fredericton, NB
5 3 Kevin Peterson Hoyt, NB
6 11 Luc McLaughlin Geary, NB
7 7 T.J. Madore Geary, NB
8 27 Christine Chittick Saint John, NB
9 80 Leaha McNeil Fredericton, NB
10 8 Jeremy Doran Fredericton, NB
11 18 Gene Beatty ,
12 21B Courtney Barton ,
13 38 Justin Cole Harvey Station, NB
14 52 Randy Campbell Quispamsis, NB
15 2 Evan Morgan Fredericton, NB
16 09 Kim Longname Fredericton, NB
17 17 Scott Goodine Bear Island, NB
18 82 Clifford Biggart Fredericton, NB
19 95 Jessica Hawkins Minto, NB
20 70 Tyler Seveck Temperance Vale, NB
21 54 Greg Cashol Saint John, NB
22 00 Brad Moore ,
23 76 Nathalie Russell Saint John, NB

Hanwell Village Mart Bandoleros Feature (15 laps)
# Driver Hometown
1 1 Ryan Messer Harvey, NB
2 00 Cole Boudreau Chipman, NB
3 23 Drew Greenlaw Eastport, ME
4 33 Cole Tanner Shubenacadie, NS
5 3 Alicia Mowat Hardwood Ridge, NB
6 19 Dawson McIntee Moncton, NB
7 04 Cole Ogden Rusagonis, NB
8 24 Ben Pelletier Hampton, NB
9 55 Mackenzie Brewer Quispamsis, NB
10 48 Courtney OBlenis Boundary Creek, NB
11 46 Dana Hamm Cambridge, NB
12 14 Alexandra Oblenis Boundary Creek, NB
13 51 Brady Langille Shubenacadie, NS

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