A Conversation with TJ “Hollywood” Madore: A Four Cylinder Show-Stopper!

Speedway 660′s four cylinder division has become the fastest growing form of racing in the Geary Woods. In three short years the car count has gone from five to more than twenty. Wade Wilson chased down T.J. Madore to talk about racing these little units.

TJ “Hollywood” Madore is one of the top young up and coming drivers at Speedway 660. Madore will fire up his camo-coloured four cylinder this Saturday night when racing resumes in the Geary Woods.

Wade: First off, what does the T.J. stand for and why does everyone call you “Hollywood”?

TJ: TJ just stands for TJ and as for “Hollywood” well that’s what came about from being a new guy in a race crew and hanging around the Matheson shop. I was showing up at the shop with clean hands, good jeans and button up American Eagle shirts. The boys were all over that like I was stepping off a movie set or something – and oh yeah, I’ve got teeth!

Wade: You were one of the first guys to step up and run four cylinders at Speedway 660. What do you like about this division?

TJ: I like how competitive it is, which is mostly because the cars are so similar and even. It is also a good way to get into racing without spending a whole bunch of money. The other thing I like is how drivers and crews at Speedway 660 help out each other. Most of us are new to the racing scene so this type of thing is really helpful…although we don’t tell each other EVERYTHING.

Wade: Are you surprised this division has grown so quickly and become so competitive?

TJ: I’m not too surprised because it is very affordable and tons of fun, it’s nice to see more and more people become involved because it makes it much more exciting as a driver and probably for fans too. Drivers and crews are really catching onto ways to shave tenths of seconds off lap times and that is making it more and more competitive. These little front wheel drive cars take a whole different kind of set up, plus drivers are getting more confident with experience behind the wheel.

Wade: Speedway 660 has been exciting race fans for almost two decades and now there is a new form of excitement. Why do you think our fans get such a blast out of the four cylinders?

TJ: The fact that the racing is so close, the amount of cars makes racing very exciting and people can relate to these little cars because these are the cars people drive and see on the road every day. Maybe some of the fans relate to the four cylinder division because they can see themselves out at Speedway 660 racing someday too.

Wade: What’s with the camo-coloured Cavalier you race and the camo-t-shirts that you and your crew wear on race-day?

TJ: Well, we all know the song Camouflage by Brad Paisley, Camo cars, Camo shirts. How can you go wrong? Plus we’re from the country and that’s how we roll.

Wade: You’ve been coming to Speedway 660 since you were a young pup! Who are some of the drivers you liked when you were growing up?

TJ: Smoking Joe was always my childhood favorite, but Matt Matheson got me addicted to racing and I respect him a lot not just as a racer, but as a great guy. Rick Atkinson is another great guy who is really in it for the right reason, ‘cause he likes clean competitive fun.

Wade: Who is you favourite NASCAR driver and why?

TJ: That’s easy – Danika Patrick – she’s an underdog, races number 7 and is a good driver. Did I mention that she is easy on the eyes as well!

Wade: I know you are happy in your four cylinder car right now, but would you like to move-up to another division in the future?

TJ: Yes, we are hoping to move up in the next few years to the Martin’s Home Heating Sportsman division at Speedway 660. But it will depend on the finances, sponsors and all the other good stuff that gets a car around a track.

Wade: Getting back to your name, does the TJ stand for Thomas Jefferson or maybe Terry Jack?

TJ: Nope, just TJ!

Wade: Thanks a lot for doing this and good luck for the rest of the season. By the way, I’m not going to give up on finding out what the TJ stands for!

TJ: Thank you very much! Good luck on the name hunt!!

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